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AMAZING update Ayesha Smileglad they celebrated NEW YEAR yaar yeh Jeh jab tak marega nahin tabtak pecha nahin chodega LOL  thanx for pm n



Jeh ki marna granted.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 U Big smile
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Hey Ayesha, first n foremost Happy New Year dear Hug  Jeh is back to scew their happiness Angry  Hey u had promised us a hot update in this SS Wink  BTW it was awesome that  Salman suggested a workout regime Big smileLOL If not Abhay then Vivian surely needs it LOL Looks like he's out there to give Vahbz company ROFL U know so that she doesn feel low abt wt issues. I was so shocked on seeing his recent pics Ouch 
Back to SS, I loved Abhiya's New Year celebrations Embarrassed Jeh came in to ruin it Angry Feel like wringing his neck Angry Fab update Ayesha. Please update soon. Ur FFs leave me wanting for more n more Smile
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 U 2Big smile Hot Update U will get with ABHIYA'S marriage yaar. They are virtuous couple and not as besharam as my FF ETERNALLY WAITING FOR U. Here ABHIYA R PURE in their love. The BESHARMI will only start from their wedding nightLOL Even i am shocked at VIVIAN'S health he is scaring me.
MANDY i only want to keep my READERS happyEmbarrassed
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great update
wish u very Happy New Year
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lovely dovely updt ayesha...Starsuperb!!!!!!! lovd abhiya interactn...Embarrassedso ds jeh s bk...Angryhope abhay n pia evade hm successfully or finish hm off for good...Winklookng 4wrd to wt happns nxt...n abhiya marriage s on cards as well...Big smilelovely new year updt...do cont asap...n happy new year...Embarrassed
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thnx for d pm
awesome gr8t
cont soon
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:Chapter 13::Set me Free::

In Dehradun Abhay left Pia with Misha to catch up on lost time. Abhay knew Pia would be safe for now. Misha knew the drill so he went to visit his folks to make sure they were fine but what he'd learnt had shaken him to the very core. His Mom and Dad were held prisoner so the vampires could exchange it for his soul. Abhay knew the vampires would keep his patrents shackled without any blood drying them to their deaths. Abhay for the first time saw the sacrifices his own parents had to endure so he could live happily with Pia. No way was he going to let them suffer another say. Abhay had to devise a way of freeing his family and there was one person who could help him de-power these vampire leaders. They would pay for crossing the Raichands. Abhay knowing the vampires wouldn't be able to tell the difference between him and a human through the window warned Chand of his comeback and to remain fighting with hope. Abhay had to find Alina and fast.

Abhay travelled back to Alina's place risking the off chance of bumping into Jeh. He had hoped Alina would be present wishing he could call her up but with Jeh he couldn't take this chance. Alina was up in her room with her doggie bodyguards waiting outside her bedroom waiting for her. These bodyguards were more like guard dogs. Alina sensed Abhay was somewhere nearby. How did she evade these idiots without getting caught? She had to go meet up with Misha as well. Alina left the shower running and headed out of the window landing on her feet with agility. Alina tried to use her heightened ability to smell to find Abhay. Her new powers were great at sneaking out of anywhere. Alina spotted an aura of grey from the woods running in that direction with heels which was a terrible idea. 

Alina ran hugging Abhay and gave him a kiss on his cheek-U came??? (Then her happy face was reduced to worry for her friend) U can't be here Abhay. Jeh is up to his old tricks again. He is looking for U. U have to leave Abhay. If Jeh saw U he'd flip.
Abhay reassured Alina of Jeh's whereabouts sounding rather placid-Your rancid brother sorry he is or was in Mumbai last we checked. This should give us one day at least. I need to free my parents from the vampires. I need your help Alina. U can help me with your powers. I can't face the vampires on their own. I need to spike their blood with the potion and then i can start doing my thing.
Alina was up for it. She'd do anything for Abhay-I have the potion on me right now. I will help U Abhay. I owe U my life. So are U ready?

Abhay took hold of Alina while she sprinkled the potion on her so she could go undetected by the vampires with Abhay taking a small dose just to be on the safe side. Both sneak from the back. Abhay knew the place inside out and grabbed hold of his mother while Alina got hold of Chand. Abhay ventured into the holding place where the blood was kept and sprinkled some potion into it while Alina cast a spell over it making all the vampires in this place human. They'd be so weak none of them would have a chance against them. 

They got out of there without getting caught Alina took Chand and Haseena with her to safety while Abhay remained behind just to be sure the vampires were eliminated from their lives for good. After a few hours later the vampires brought the polluted blood laced with potion in it and fed well while Abhay saw the entire thing with his own eyes smirking at how fast his brain worked. Their powers would dwindle fast on this day working faster with them being alive it would paralyse them slowly but surely.

Abhay saw the vampires enter the room where his parents were held captive and decided it was time he bolted out of there now he knew they were on the fast track to becoming humans themselves. Abhay headed back to the Dobrial place covering his tracks so they'd remain hidden to find his Mother and Father were busy with Pia chatting away with them about her time with Abhay and Mumbai. Abhay loved how Pia's nose crinkled up whenever she spoke about him with those lovestruck eyes of hers. 

As soon as Pia saw Abhay back she ran straight into his arms and kissed his lips hitting his chest playfulyy-This is for endagering yourself again. Mom U have no idea the hell he puts me through! He scares the life out of me when he hides away without telling me. I have to stalk him everywhere.
Abhay teased Pia stroking her back-Everywhere? Even the mens room?
Pia admitted-Even the mens room!!!!! (She clicked on later what Abhay was on about blushing red) It was his fault. He was ... (Damn she was making out with him in the mens room in Mumbai at his club and some men came in so he had to rush her into a cubicle so nobody would catch her she'd recalled from memory. Pia rushes out of there) Oh U are gonna pay!!!
Haseena scolds Abhay-U really shouldn't tease her so much Abhay. Us women have a way of getting back big time. U shouldn't have risked your life for us Abhay! It wasn't the practical thing to do.
Abhay strode to his mother holding her in his arms now-Mom U gave me life U think a son would ever forget this and let U rot! Its Alina we have to thank she came good. Where is she?
Haseena mused-Back to her bodyguards so they don't catch her out. I missed U Abhay. Maybe this is what us vampires can relate to humans now. U have become so big and so in control of your own destiny now son.
Abhay smirked-Mom i haven't changed much in 5 months i'm still Abhay Raichand. Nothing will change this and how can i not grow? I had your blessings with me. I missed U too.
Haseena plants a kiss on Abhay's forehead-Now i can't wait for your wedding to Pia. She's filled us all in about your plans but here Abhay! Jeh is still on the loose.
Abhay dared back-Let him come this time i'm ready to fight back maybe not with brawns but with brains. I am sharper and wittier than he'll ever be.
Chand had finished off his blood bag-This U are son. Now we have our energies up we can face the biggest moment ever to come in your life. We will celebrate in grand style. 
Misha mused with a devilish mind already working into a higher gear-Oh leave this all down to me. I know how to party people and U know Jeh won't even know what hit him? (Misha embraced Abhay feeling a little senti) This is for bringing Pia and yourself back to us. (Then slaps him) And this is for making Pia worry! I'll love being your saali Jiju.

Abhay should have seen this coming he thought to himself.

Meanwhile Jeh was sat waiting in the train waiting to make his next move. In the game of chess the best player had to be one step ahead of the game. Abhay had been here but the trail had gone cold. Jeh would have the last laugh soon enough. 
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Lovely update...chandeena r free yipee...waiting for jeh to die... Edited by strawberryrashu - 2012-01-04T22:58:25Z
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great update love it!!!!!! :)
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