Stop the hate guys!

Posted: 2011-09-09T11:23:08Z
Hi everybody!
As some of you might know, I'm Roshni, a silent member of the forum.
Basically I'll come to the point, since past few days i'm seeing lots and lots of hate topics on Swaron!
And honestly i don't really like all this mess in this forum!
D3 forum is supposed to be a fun forum, a forum where you can relax, no drama, only masti.
I agree we've been getting a lot of Swaron scenes these days but that is because Shakti wasn't shooting for D3 during these days and obviously the team of D3 couldn't only give us filler episodes the whole week! So they basically moved on with Swaron's track...
Ugghh this forum is becoming like St-louis college! Its like we are the dazzlers, we want Kriyaansh so we HAVE TO get Kriyaansh, We don't like Swaron (i.e. the weaklings of the forum) so Swaron SHOULD NOT have any screen space!
Yeah i know I am exagerating but still guys! Stop the hate!
And now that Shakti a.k.a Kria is back we can be sure to have loaaads of Kriyaansh ka dose now!
Stop the hate, spread the love!
Live like a D3ian WinkLOL
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Posted: 2011-09-09T11:29:57Z
but wt if they still cont the same way??
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Posted: 2011-09-09T11:38:25Z
^ They won't! Cv's always tend to look stupid but they aren't! They know that we are getting anxious to get a Kriyaansh scene, and they know if they give us the much awaited scene of Rey and Kria the TRP's will go up! And that is exactly what they want! Right now I guess they are just trying to show how strong the character of Sharon and Swayum are for D3!
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Posted: 2011-09-09T12:05:26Z
ur explanation reminds me of the dialogue vicky said to rey once. tere paer kahan hai rey. Sant Reyansh ban gaya hai tu.. remember that??

Just kidding dude. no hard feelings.. but in the process they might loose some impatient fans..
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Posted: 2011-09-09T12:07:08Z you saying  if we demand  Kriyaansh Scene, thats a wrong thing to do, right?
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Posted: 2011-09-09T12:22:28Z
Ok i'll explain it this way
i guess u were a dmg kajen/AR lover
so those 9months when cv's kept showing SR
didn't u hate it
the same way we r feeling about swaron
i remember how there were hundreds of petitions for AR n not only cv's themselves also came up wid 2 polls regarding this only

i found ur comparison of dazzlers n us a bit harsh
Coz i don't remember if i myself or any1 of us bashed any swaron lover
we express n let them express theirs

so thats all frm my side

n no hard feelings dear
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Posted: 2011-09-09T12:22:54Z
Thanx a lot...atleast thers one positive post...

This is the first time m replyin over ya hv been a reguler member...

I hate all dis hate post for swaron...coz I like them...

I cumpltly agree wid the topic maker...reg showin swaron scenes...Since Shakti was not there...obviously they hv to focus on dat they showed boys scene...and ofcourse then they hv to show the other ya they showed Swaron ...reg complain of ppl of nt showin Viha ...see..I feel That Viha lovestory is still not begin cumpltly...jabki swaron story has begin  same goes to kriyaanshh...

Viha still need time sum base to start their story...on the contrary for Swaron they hv got a base in the orm of CS & Asst CS...hence they hv loads of scenes wiuch they can show on Swaron...

I am sure they'll develop a gud base for Viha...infact  i guess they hv started wid it...

See I t totally hurts me...wen i see ppl cursing Swaron...

I am sure now since Shakti is back...Kriyaansh will be shown full-fledged...

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Posted: 2011-09-09T12:25:00Z
THANK YOU! It seems like nobody ever listens to other people here anymore, and I'm NOT kidding. I haven't been on this forum for 2 days now, because I KNEW that there would be all these hate topics against SwaRon. I just KNEW it. And when I did come today, oh-my-gosh, what do I see?! -____- SO SURPRISING! :@ :@ :@ :@ :@
I thank you, for making this topic! At least there is someone else who feels the same way I do, and just thanks. :)

@Preety - We are NOT saying that you shouldn't ask for a KriYansh scene, BUT the topics made on this forum against a couple are NOT ACCEPTABLE! JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE. How would you like it where there is a forum where EVERY SECOND topic is about hating KriYansh. Can you please tell me how that would feel? 
Look Preety, I LOVE KriYansh and I WANT THEIR love story to move forward, I REALLY do, but give it some time? Do you really expect Shakti to shoot from Norway? Seriously? She's back now and I'm PRETTY sure there are more KriYansh scenes coming up and I'M PRETTY sure that SwaRon will be forgotten by the CVs. That would make you guys happy right? 

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