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Posted: 12 years ago

The show starts with rasal telling MS that I thought you have changed but I was wrong these four years I though you have changed but you have not at all you act front of everyone to yell at rukmi but behind close door you are asking her for forgiveness and MS says she is my daughter this family has never given her happiness if this father of her doesn't stand by her who will and rasal says you never had those feeling toward me and MS says if you would understand me then only you will understand how I am always with you and beside I never had differences between you only you think I do and rasal says I already seen it I am shame to even call you my father and rukmi says to rasal why are you saying that father never had any partiality and rasal says if I start counting it will never end so its better I keep my mouth shut and do as am I told to as rasal leaves rukmi cries and ranveer comes and asks what happen and MS says rasal came and ranveer says oh now I know and tells her just wait few more days once deeps truth comes out she will know until then you have to listen to her tantrums and ranveer asks if MS remembers the plan to exposes deep and MS nods and tells them we need to be careful and we have to play our parts and he leaves as rasal was feeling govind he says no I will only eat from my mothers hand and rasal says I am your mother and he says no rukmi mom and rukmi comes in and he hugs her and she feeds him and gives her kiss and when she asks govind to give it to rasal he goes by her but leaves before she can give him kiss rukmi apologize to her but rasal says you wanted all this to happen I didn't think about it then when you promised me you will not have child of your own because I didn't want govind to have a step mother but you have made me his step mother you have bought us very apart but not anymore your time has come I believe in God and he will give me justice and rukmi says to her I do too and I believe he will give justice just wait and watch I pray that day comes soon and rasal is surprise and ranveer hears the whole conversation and leaves before rukmi leaves ranveer cant sleep and remembers how he has caught rukmi taking medicine but she always had excuse about it and how she had excuse for not going to doctor also he goes to rukmis room and tells her how can you betray me like this and rukmi says I would of not taken this step if I was not sure you would be oaky with this because you had told me if we have not child of our own I am happy with govind and I had to do it for everyone happiness as rasal was very stubborn at that time and ranveer says but you let everyone called you baanj (a woman who cant become mother)and rukmi says for your happiness  I will do anything and who care of people they say things in good and bad times and ranveer says you are a goddess you have done so much I wish rasal can see this in you and she tells him as soon as deeps truth comes she will understand but don't ever say I betrayed you because of that word we have been separated and ranveer apologizes and they hug mamasa and deep are drinking and ranveer comes and asks if he can talk to deep and deep sends mamasa away and asks ranveer whats wrong and ranveer says if I drink it will be easy for me to think and deep pours him glass and ranveer says I was thinking I will send govind to rasal because rukmi will find way to meet me because of govind so I think its best if he goes with rasal and deep is happy to hear this and says good choice and stay strong for this and I always with you and ranveer gets up and says but what bothers me is the dreams I been having and deep ask what kind and he says that we got into fight and deep gets worried and asks what kind of fight ranveer looks around and says this room it was in this room and padma SIL was stopping us and deep remembers ranveer beating deep up and rasal and padama stopped him and deep thinks did ranveer gains his memory and show ends on ranveers evil smirk (o0o0o0o I loved the smirk he was looking soo good)

Tomorrow: ranveer says I remember everything I was thrown out the cliff and deep is scared while he is on the bed)


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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks a lot for your superb update.
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Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the lovely updates
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Thanks for the lovely update...!!!!!!
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oooh exciting .. see only when the show is ending then the truth comes out .. but none the less .. exciting times ahead -  I hope that the truth about Deep being impotent comes out too ...
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Wow , tht a mind boggling episode n what a fantastic detailed update . Ziddi u rock, our KBAHD is finally rockkking towards the end n our RukVeer is the best couple ever . Very excited for the next one . Akash n Jaya should b paired opposite each oder very soon as leads of another serial. They r great as actors n share such sizzling chemistry.