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Posted: 9 years ago
'Ammaji Ki Galli'. The  show is based in Amritsar and captures the tale of various families residing in a galli with one common central point, Ammaji. With this show, SAB TV is set to further strengthen its presence in 1mn+towns. The show features veteran actress Farida Jalal in a pivotal role and marks the return of Rakshanda Khan to fiction after a long hiatus.

The Protagonist, Ammaji is the eldest member of this galli and has been paralysed since a long time. Everyone in the neighbourhood empathizes with her and often pour their hearts out to Ammaji who can do nothing beyond offering silent empathy. However, there is a twist to the tale. Later on the audience will discover how in her own ways Ammaji plays the invisible hand of god for the residents of this galli.

In another first Rakshanda Khan will be seen essaying the character of  a vivacious  Punjabi housewife who has a fetish for cleanliness. She is  paired with Abir Goswami who is essaying the character of Surjeet Singh, a  simple, quiet & intellegent man who is extremly good with numbers.
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Posted: 9 years ago

Ammaji is an extremely intelligent woman and the oldest member of the Galli. She knows everyone like her own children. Everyone in the galli pours their heart out to Ammaji believing that she will never respond  as she had been paralysed couple of years back.But there is a twist to the tale.Ammaji in her own way plays the invisible hand of god for residents of this galli.She is the narrator of the story and it's the story of its residents through her eyes.

Bacchittar is Parminder's 8 year old son. He is a very curious kid and amazes his mother with his innocent questions. He loves flying kites but doesn't know that he has inherited this trait from his mother. They secretly fly kites without an inkling that they are competing against each other. 

Kalavati is Sheetal's mother-in-law and her support system. Her equation with Sheetal is very endearing. Kalawati's flowery language always needs an interpreter. When no one understands what Kalawati means, all turn to Sheetal who clearly understands what her mom in law is trying to say and easily interprets it for everyone's understanding.

Parminder Kaur
A beautiful ,young, lovable Punjabi housewife who is obsessed with Cleanliness. She is an educated woman.She loves to fly kites and does so even today but, only when she is alone.She doesnot want her son Bacchitar or anyone else to know this secret of hers.

She is a 20 year old girl and Parminder's immediate neighbour.She lost her mother at a very tender age and since then Parminder has been a motherly figure and her support system. She is careless like any other girl in her age group and needs to be nurtured. She is too innocent for her age and that's what worries Parminder. Priyanka's father is a workaholic and mostly absent from her life.
An educated young lady, Roshni is married to Surinder Sharma for seven years now. She married him against her family's wishes. She is the 'teekhi mirchi' of the neighborhood and likes to get her way in most situations. She has a full nursery of plants and treats them like her children. She even has names for them.

Sardar Surjeet Singh
Surjeet is Parminder's husband. He's around 35 years old and is a clerk at a government office. He is intelligent and his peculiar trait is that he is excellent with numbers and obsessed with them. In fact sometimes he doesn't remember people by their names, but by their telephone numbers or car numbers.He adores Parminder and often gets amused by her obsession for cleanliness.

All of 23, Sheetal lives in the neighbourhood with her mother-in-law and her adorable twin daughters while her husband is away in Canada working. Sheetal is always positive about everything! Even if it is a difficult, tense or serious situation, trust Sheetal to come up with a solution because of her positive outlook in life.Her catch phrase is ' har cheez mein good hota hai ji'.

Surinder Sharma
Surinder fell in love with Roshni and married her against her family's wishes. He knows that she has nowhere else to go to and so he keeps her comforted as much as he can. He knows her obsession with her plants is a way to satisfy her maternal instincts and he doesn't come in her way. Surinder likes to fix stuff. He keeps opening up appliances and can never put them back again. Roshni secretly calls the plumber and electrician and gets the stuff fixed, leaving Surinder to believe that it was he who has repaired them.

The Twins

No two individuals have anything in common, not even twins. Apart from their identical looks, the twins will be seen dressed alike and talk in chorus. Adding to their sweetness quotient the show will portray them in cute and ultimately mischievous avatar. Portraying the perfect naughty grandchildren of their grandmother, they are sure to leave the viewers with a happy feeling.


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