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Posted: 12 years ago
Yo, Rakt Sambandhans

Since the serial is going to end in April,
once the serial is over, people are likely to stop visiting, and the forum itself is likely to be frozen and archived.  Therefore, we've decided to kick off this tributes thread where we can share memories related to the show, the actors, the forum and anything else.  Feel free to discuss your favorite moments, favorite clips, favorite episodes and what you liked about the show, what you'd have liked to see better, the shortcomings/pitfalls, and so on.

Make the last few days you're watching this serial enjoyable, and hope the serial has a happy ending that leaves us largely w/ fond memories.  Also, in the poll above, multiple choices are allowed - just interested in seeing which actors you plan to follow to whichever new shows they may be headed

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Posted: 12 years ago
The way it all started:

RS had a beginning that showed happiness in light and the trap that was awaiting Sandhya in the dark. She thought she is the most luckiest girl in the world who though is not able to see the world through her own eyes but has got a husband who would show her the good and the beauty that the world possess through his eyes...Sandhya a blind girl had the same kind of feelings and dreams that any girl getting married would have. She was not aware of the struggle that was hidden in the dark and that her husband also had a dark side...

The Struggle of a woman in the helpless state of mind:

RS though was a story about 5 sisters and their relationships but in fact it was a story where in all the 5 sisters did go through problems and tried solving it in the best mode they could...Sandhya was betrayed by her in laws and by her husband plus was always beaten up black and blue because she was not agreeing to what Yuvraj wanted her to do...

In the middle Neeraj was in the most helpless state because he did not know what to do whether to agree with what the people who raised him asked him to do or to help the love of his life Sandhya who was now married to Yuvraj...

The Woman Power:

Sandhya came back after the deathly accident that she had and was back in full form to avenge the family that  took the advantage of her blindness and killed her father who was her ideal...She gave the best example of someone who was hit badly can attack back in a much better way and rather in the most unexpected way...The power of mental strength was her friend and enabled her to get the best out of the situation which lead Jagirdars to the entrance of Jail...

She then finally got married to Neeraj and was happily ever after in the end...

Over all RS was an emotional journey of several people but Sandhya as a lead showing some drastic changes in her character and the way she started looking at people and observing things before coming to an conclusion....RS showed that woman power is the ultimate power and that woman can either make a home or destroy it with their strength and agony...

I love the fact that Sriti performed excellently and she definitely deserves an award for the role of Sandhya...I am amazed at that fact that she played the role of the blind girl so perfectly,..Hats off to her and I would personally miss coming to this forum and RS a lot...

Thanks for reading my post


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Posted: 12 years ago
obviously Sriti JhaThumbs Up no doubts on that coz i simply love herHug 

i followed sriti from jyoti to RS. & i hope to see her soon. will miss her completely. it's not just the character that she enacted in jyoti or RS. it was her performance that had won my heart in jyoti that i decided to follow her in RS. whether it's being sudha or devika in jyoti or sandhya or vrinda in RS...she has done full justice to her rolesThumbs Up

talking about the memorable moments... well, i loved yuvi being sweet to sandhya when his real face wasn't shown yet to the audiences. he seemed to be a very good husband at firstEmbarrassed

i really loved it when sandhya though being visually impaired used her brains & was able to find out about yuvi's truth by putting her mobile in his pocket & calling her mobile through the land line phone. i can never forget this track coz that was seriously impressiveThumbs Upthough i was shattered to see sandhya getting beaten up after yuvi found out about it.

i loved it when sandhya as vrinda made the lives hell for the jagirdar family. it was alwasy fun to see her win all the time. the only thing that irritated me is...that i've always mentioned previously - the way she used to keep all the door open for anybody to enter while she's having her private emotional moments in her roomAngry 

sandhya/vrinda Vs jagirdar family was the best thing shown in this serial. yuvi supporting vrinda all the time & going against his family was something that i lovedThumbs Up

had this serial been made by some other people, then maybe sandhya would be shown sacrificing & fulfilling all the needs of the jagirdar family & maybe forgiving them after what they've done to her. but thanx to the CVs of RS coz RS was different from the other shows...& that's what makes RS so special & memorableHug 

however i didn't like the idea of introducing a family for neeraj when it wasn't needed at allThumbs Down instead they could have just showed the other sisters of sandhya & neerdhya's life after marriage...Ermm

this is what i remember now...if i remember anything else then i'll post againEmbarrassed
anyway as the serial hasn't ended yet...let's see how the story proceeds further.
Posted: 12 years ago

Thanks - agree w/ every word you said.  One thing more - I loved the bonds b/w the sisters whenever they showed them (particularly the episode when Sandhya returned to Mumbai), and also, the kiddie moments of Savita's & Sakshi's kids - particularly on Rakshabandan.  Also, the Gokul-Ashthami episode of Neeraj battling Yuvraj over the handi. 

One of my fav episodes - which I sometimes forget to mention - was that only episode that prominently featured Mohan - the one that had him going thru Jagdish and helping the police get to Maruti Kamble, except that it was too late.  But it was a real action packed, exciting episode - too bad we didn't see much more of him, or that the entire serial didn't take that pace.

One thing I didn't like about the serial was the way they very illogically changed Sarla's character.  It was logical when she helped Sandhya & Neeraj, tried to frame Yuvraj and tried kicking Yuvraj out of the house.  But everything she did as Sandhya's enemy - including today's episode of abusing her father - was totally out of character for one of the few family members not involved in the murder.

Other things I didn't like was the Rohya track, and also how whenever they showed Adi & Sakshi, it was in context of a fight over her working.  They could easily have made Jayita, Adisa & Mohreya (I hated how they never showed them) as a light hearted sideshow to the main story.

Looks like since Armano ka Balidan Arakshan didn't focus on the reservation issue, 3 people have reserved their posts here LOL  Look forward to their views later as well Smile

Speaking of which, I hope Sriti doesn't return to ImagineTV.  Two serials, and in both cases, she was given the shaft.  In Jyoti, they deep-sixed her b'cos she was more likable than Jyoti, and in RS, they never did justice to the show - fewest promos of any Imagine show - and so they don't deserve someone like her.  I hope Sriti comes on Colors or another channel.

Others, please feel free to weigh in on your views as well.  Also, on the pictures thread, I've posted all the pics I had - feel free to reference or use them.
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Posted: 12 years ago
looks like everyone has disappeared like the main lead guy of Aarakshan after the reservationLOL so seems everyone will post their comments only after the serial ends i guessEmbarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by vik rocks

looks like everyone has disappeared like the main lead guy of Aarakshan after the reservationLOL so seems everyone will post their comments only after the serial ends i guessEmbarrassed

Yes you are right Vik...I had decided to give my tribute to RS only after the show ends because tribute is given when something has ended once and for all...I will give an over all about RS on the day of last episode....Anyway the main lead of Aarakshan was killed and not disappeared!
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Posted: 12 years ago
RS was the most interesting show i have ever seen..... the only show where both the antagonists and protagonists are shown as smart Thumbs Up..... IQ was high throughout the show Thumbs Up.. ,among the episodes which depicted the intelligence quotient of characters my favourite one was how dk along with yuvraj enacted a plan within a few tense seconds and managed to escape making sandhya beleive the whole unexpected arrival of inspector bhosle and him suspecting jagirdars on shyamrao's murder was actually a charade by jagirdar themselves to test sandhya Clap.... i rate it as no.1 Thumbs Up

apart from that, the set up they used for jagirdar haveli was good and the characters here were stylish especially prabhavati ,her costume and make-up was good compared to mils of most other shows Thumbs Up....sandhya's also she looked good in transparent sarees Big smile which they usually give for vamps in other shows LOL ...
Most importantly , yuvraj character ..unlike other shows and films where they usually show eunuchs in  female attires with feminine body language,  here yuvraj except his sexuality was manly Thumbs UpClapClapClap *kudos to creatives Approve* ....and dhruv did a fabulous job as yuvraj Clap ..it was for his cute face and superb acting i watched this show Blushing ...
& the chemistry between yuvraj/dhruv and sandhya/sriti was also good Embarrassed  ... i liked every yuvsa cute moment ..my favourite one among those is sandhya as vrinda faking pregnancy with fake bulge on her stomach for the first time and her diaglogues stating how she feels and yuvraj's utmost care for his preg wife..that entire scene was just priceless Day Dreaming

then the vrinda track which came as the lifeline for drowning RS was so entertaining Clap.....all vrinda-dk fights were enjoyable Big smile ..& sriti did a wonderful job as tapori girl Clap ... again kudos to cvs for showing the female lead as a very strong character Clap ....

as every show has its shortcomings RS too had its own.....
----> honestly i never liked the very concept of this show Thumbs Down and their portrayal of eunuch character,yuvraj Thumbs Down..... unlike most of the other shows and films where they convey only a positive message whenever they take up any social issues RS conveyed a negative message Thumbs Down ..from what they showed it seemed like eunuchs dont deserve to be pampered Thumbs Down ,they dont deserve to be educated in a common institution along with other people Thumbs Down ,they dont deserve to lead a normal life Thumbs Down,  they are the most creepy creatures of this world Thumbs Down ...they exaggregated the very nature of family giving extra importance to their disabled child and making him not feel inferior Ouch .....i wonder what will the cvs of this show say if they are asked to tell the moral of their serial LOL if it is about how one should not take advantage of blindness of anybody then the eunuch character was not at all needed LOL .... may be if they have roped in a real eunuch to play yuvraj's character many might have raised their concerns like what they are doing for bharti character of bavd LOL

----> showing the female lead as a strong character was good but after a certain extent she seemed to have too much grudge and vindictiveness Thumbs Down more than reasonable...

----> the title of this show was never justified except the "rakt sambandh" of jagirdars LOL as opposed to what they show in their montage ,the five sisters LOL ...they could have better predicted the viewers' disinterest on insipid sisters' bonding and had a different title for this show LOL Cool

But overall RS was a good entertainment Thumbs Up ..we never know whether we ever get to see a nice show like RS in future on any channel Disapprove...

(throughout my post i didnt included feb and march episodes of RS (i dnt consider it as part of RS LOL *horrendous* ) and other sisters' stories LOL )
Posted: 12 years ago

I agree w/ a lot you wrote above.  Watching this was rarely like watching a saas-bahu soap (until they had that deranged idea of introducing a family for Neeraj, just when he was united w/ Sandhya and least needed it) Instead, it was quite fast paced, and packed w/ action.

The episode where DK & Yuvraj managed to save themselves from Sandhya revealing anything to Bhosle was an act of genius.  I however despised DK's other tricks, like trying to make Sandhya lose faith in her other senses.  At the end, when DK was reformed and turned in the family, I was hoping that Sandhya would bail him out - certainly b4 Sarla.  I didn't like their making him go mental, and end up in an asylum, and that too on the basis of a ghost.  Since he had cleaned up his act - even if it was self-preservation - I wish he had received justice.  Incidentally, his being committed didn't spring Prabha out of jail, as she had hoped.

Like I mentioned earlier, there were some action packed scenes that I loved - like the only episode that prominently featured Mohan helping the police close in on Maruti Kamble.  Others, like Yuvraj escaping jail, or chasing Neerdhya were too filmy.

On the shortcomings, I think the title of the show would have been justified had they showed all the sisters throughout the serial, instead of forgetting them when Vrinda arrived.  Like yesterday's episode was sweet, although a distraction from the story when Sarla's been murdered.  But like the other serial, I think they'd have done fine w/ 5 lead jodis - only thing they could have left the Shradhya track as it was, but made the Savita & Sakshi families fun to watch - particularly w/ kids - and also shown some of Mohreya.  In every episode, had they shown a few minutes of one sister or another while keeping the main story focussed on Sandhya, they'd have done better.  Instead, they subjected people to fights b/w Adi & Sakshi over things like her working, his boss being entertained, etc.  And on Shradhya, I wish they had broken up their marriage at least after Sandhya's return to Mumbai - Shradhya could have taken a page out of her book and turned on Rohit, instead of waiting until today.

One shortcoming I thought was there was leaving loose ends, or having illogical character changes.  Sarla was a sweet MIL for much of the show, until Sandhya turned on her by trying to loot the entire family, and leaving nothing for her.  Or else, in the episode where Sarla treid to kick Yuvraj & Prabhavati out, had Sandhya simply let her, she'd have had her revenge.  Sarla's change didn't make sense at all.  Also unexplained were some other things, like Adi's enemity w/ Jayesh, Damodar just appearing, and in the latest edition, GB just suddenly disappearing.

I accept that we 2 are going to have disagreements about Sandhya, Yuvraj and whether her sisters deserved prominence or not.  But I do think that the show to an extent did justice to Yuvraj, as well as injustice.  Just b'cos he's a eunuch doesn't mean that he deserves to be pampered @ the expense of other people - be it Neeraj, Jyoti & Priya, DK, Sarla, et al.  All the murders he did were enough to ensure that he deserved his death, although I'd have preferred had he disappeared after the arrests.  OTOH, Yuvraj was a far better human being than Rohit, and if Rohit is reconciled w/ Shradhya just b'cos he can knock her up, there ain't a greater travesty of justice.

Since this show has done well in Telegu, from what I understand, it might be nice in future to have other language re-makes of it, just like the Hindi version, where they can correct some of the shortcomings.  Hopefully, they'll be hits in their own vernacular markets than they were allowed to be in Hindi on Imagine TV.

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