No life without wife says Arvind Patil

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Posted: 12 years ago

No life without wife says Arvind Patil

As Wife Bina Life gets set for its finale episode we catch up with one of the finalists, Arvind Patil. The most daring of them all, Arvind Patil became a finalist on the show, without any assistance from a domestic help [maid]. He tells us he had full faith in himself and the work cut out for him. Talking candidly, Patil relives his journey with us.


How did you implement your systematic approach to life theory while managing home and kids?
Everything requires planning and so for managing home and kids, I made a plan which worked out fine. I didn't want any problems due to mismanagement and so I used to get up at 5.30 am and finish most of my kitchen work by 7.30 am. Then I had enough time to devote to other things in the day.

Would you say you were able to complete most jobs perfectly, as is your nature?
I believe in perfection and whatever I do has no error, especially tackling the house and kids without any other support. I think I was 100% successful in that.

You are obsessed with time and like to be punctual, were you able to keep up and deliver on time?
I am not at all obsessed with being punctual but I also don't want things to be delayed. Whatever work is allotted to you, you need to wrap it up in time. I don't like making others wait.

Mrs. Patil was worried that you would do such a good job that the kids won't need her after the show ends as they will be very happy with you. Do you concur?
Earlier, the kids were close to their mother and now I would say we are all closer to each other. In fact she is happy that we all have such a great emotional bonding. We are a complete, happy family.

What have you learnt from the Wife Bina Life experience?
Before entering the show, like all married men, I used to depend on my wife for everything at home. But during the show, I really missed my wife and experienced a vacuum in my life. I have learnt that a wife's job is very demanding and one should always be grateful to wives who work nonstop, 24x7.

What does the concept Wife Bina Life mean to you now?
It means that life won't exist without a wife. To run a family, wife is very important as nothing is normal in life without a wife.

What is better: a 9-5 job or being a housewife?
Both are different things. While a 9 to 5 job has its own stress, it can't be compared with the job of a housewife. I think both are linked together and essential for a house to run smoothly. In a family one person needs to earn and one person has to look after the household responsibilities. It is very difficult to choose one over the other.

What were your high and low points in the show?
I felt really good about myself as I didn't take any help from a maid to run or clean the house. It was my high point in the entire experience. I wanted to experience everything on my own. I think I managed pretty well. As for any low point, I don't think I had any.

What have you learnt – regarding household work through this show?
I have learnt how to manage a house properly and how to focus on the minute details. Many minor things in house add up to loads of work but keep the house functioning well. We might neglect them sometimes but on the show, I learnt to keep track of every detail in the house like grocery in the kitchen, cleaning up after cooking, etc.

What changes do you see in yourself post this experience?
Now I plan to help my wife in the morning when she is most busy. We will get the kids ready in the morning - from bathing to feeding them to their clothes. We can divide that work or I can manage that on my own too as Sheetal would be busy preparing breakfast for them. Then I would drop them to their schools and go for my work. I have decided to make such changes in my life after this show.

Toughest task was …
Cooking different dishes like the Punjabi meal. I made Dal Makhani, Harabhara Kabab which I had eaten earlier. We didn't have recipes to refer so it was tough.

Easiest task was….
To keep the house clean. It was the easiest task as I love cleanliness.

What do you appreciate the most in your wife now?
The way she works and manages us all. I am really happy to get a wife like her.

What did you miss the most about your wife?
I missed her presence and I find that very difficult to express in words.

What did you learn about your kids that you didn't already know earlier?
I was always very close to my kids so there was nothing new that I learnt during the show. But I will say one thing that my younger son troubled me a lot, which I didn't expect.

How do you feel to be in the finals?
I am lucky to be in the finale and it feels great. I am looking forward to the end result.

Did you expect to come this far?
Yes. I had expected that after all the hard work, I would be in the finale because I managed two kids without any house help which is very tough and every housewife will tell you that.

Who is your toughest competitor?
I don't believe in competition as everyone has their good and bad sides. I have done my job well and I am happy with myself. So I will be happy with the result of the show as well.

Don't forget to catch the exciting finale of Wife Bina Life on Sat, March 12 only on STAR Plus


Posted: 12 years ago
I hope Mr. Strict has learnt his lesson...n will not take a U turn after the show
Posted: 12 years ago

thanks 4 the article...i hope abbhas wins....patil is worser then dutta

Posted: 12 years ago
And what is the issue being strict. One of the parent needs to be strict. if one needs to avoid bringing up brat. A disciplined kid is far better for society than a spoiled kid. As a parent it is our responsiblty towards our society to have our kids be good citizen and brining kids needs both carrot and stick approach.

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