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Posted: 12 years ago
I know many will join us over the duration and so this is a summary of the episodes from the start.. :D
(None of this so far belongs to me. This has been taken from the NDTV Imagine Website.. however I will be editing it..)

!!...Story So Far...!!

The drama begins with Sandhya's wedding who is the youngest of Shamrao Savratkar's five daughters. Shamrao is a teacher in a Government school. His five daughters are introduced along with their husbands. Sandhya gets married to Yuvraj Jagirdar, who belongs to a very rich family from Gwalior. Sandhya is blind - she lost her eyesight as well as her mother in an accident when she was just 4 yrs old. At the end of the wedding, when everyone is waiting for Shamrao to give his blessings to the newlyweds, it comes as a shock that Shamrao Savratkar has committed suicide by hanging himself!

Shamrao Savratkar's 12th day death rituals are being performed. Nobody believes that there could be any reason so strong for Shamrao Savratkar to commit suicide and that too on his daughter's wedding day. But one has to move on' so all five sisters and their families decide to leave for their respective homes. Inspector Bhonsle, who is in charge of this suicide case, comes and shocks everyone by telling them that Shamrao did not commit suicide, but was murdered. The handwriting of the suicide note didn't match Shamrao's, it was of some Maruti Kamble who was present at the marriage hall. Inspector shows his photo to all the people and asks whether they knew him. No one recognizes him, except Mohan, Shamrao's fourth daughter, Shreya's husband. Mohan, even though denies in front of the police, it is clear that he knows the man and even tries calling him.

All five sisters leave for their respective homes, Sandhya along with Yuvraj and his family, reaches Gwalior. At the Jagirdar house, she is welcomed by the family, everyone is very warm towards her, even more so as they know that she has just lost her father, they try to make her feel completely at home. On the other hand, Mohan, Shreya's husband is seen as a suspicious character ' he meets the cameraman who shot Sandhya's wedding video and he asks him to delete all visuals of him from the wedding video where he was seen with a particular man. Little does he know that the inspector has presumed that he would do this and had already fixed a deal with the cameraman ' he asks the cameraman to give the edited footage to Mohan and to never let him know that the police has a copy of the unedited footage. Jayesh, Savita's husband, meets a man whom he owes money to who had earlier suggested that he kill Shamrao to be able to get money from a policy of Shamrao for which Jayesh is the nominee. Rohit, Shreya's husband, at the last minute decides to stay back in Mumbai on the pretext of work ' it is clear that he is lying. At the end of the episode, there is a suspicion on Jayesh, Mohan and Rohit ' all there seem to have a mystery/ motive attached to related to Shamrao's murder.

Sandhya is trying to put her pain aside for the sake of everyone else as they're trying os hard to make her feel comfortable. Neeraj is introduced, son of Ramesh Pradhan, who was Jagirdar's loyal accountant. When Neeraj was 7 years old he lost his parents in a car accident and since then the Jagirdars have brought him up as their own son. Co-incidentally, Neeraj had seen Sandhya once in Kolhapur when she was on tour with her father at Shraddha's place and had fallen in love at first sight. He had even taken her photographs but couldn't find her ever later. He is shocked to learn that Sandhya is Yuvraj's wife

Neeraj is trying to cover up his shock of seeing Sandhya as Yuvraj's wife. All the family members notice a change in Neeraj because he is known to be a jolly person. Neeraj decides to get over his love for Sandhya and is convinced that she is happy with Yuvraj. He deletes all her photos from his laptop so as to not create any misunderstanding. Meanwhile Mohan, along with his friend, is able to trace Maruti Kamble on his phone and find out where he has been staying since Shamrao's murder. Maruti tells them that he didn't do anything, but someone had asked him to write the suicide note and in return had promised him money. But when he found out that Shamrao was killed, the same people had asked him to stay away and made him stay in a lodge so that no one gets in touch with him. Mohan and his friend go straight to Inspector Bhonsle and inform him about Maruti Kamble and the lodge he is staying. All of them go to the lodge but find Maruti Kamble dead, hanging from a tree.

Inspector Bhonsale carries out his investigation. Rohit gives Shraddha some papers wherein it is mentioned that Shamrao's house will be transferred on his name. He asks Shraddha to get all her sister's no objection signature on it and also warns her that she better not return home without getting the signature. At Jagirdar's house, a party is being planned to celebrate Yuvraj and Sandhya's marriage. Everyone thinks it's a bad idea as Sandhya has just lost her father, but Sandhya asks them to go ahead with their plans. Later, by mistake, Sandhya enters a store room where she bumps into a woman who and tied to a chair. Sandhya tries to ask her who she is, but the woman is gagged and can't speak. Just then DK comes there and lies to Sandhya, saying there was no one in the room.

All the Jagirdar family members try to convince Sandhya that there was no one in the store room and when Yuvraj also tells her the same, she gets convinced. The Jagirdars organize a party at their residence. Even Neeraj accepts the situation that it's his fate that Sandhya has married Yuvraj and he should not think about her anymore. In the party, Sunita, DK's wife is introduced and she turns out to be the same woman who was tied up in the store room. She acts very normal in the party. When Sandhya holds her hand, she recognizes the touch and is sure that it is the same woman who was tied in the store room. Sunita is shocked because she had thought that Sandhya would never be able to recognize her. Sunita goes away from there and Sandhya is left there puzzled.

Yuvraj gets angry with Sandhya for the first time on the issue of Sunita, saying Sunita must have gone away from the party because of Sandhya saying these strange things to Sunita. Sandhya apologetically promises to Yuvraj that she won't bring up that woman's topic again. Sandhya apologises to Sunita as well. Sunita comes to know that Sandhya's father had died on the wedding day. She asks DK if that is true. DK confirms this and says that it's all because of her, because of her madness. She is the one responsible for all this and that whole family is somehow trying to come out of it all. He warns her to stay away Sandhya so that she does not find out the truth'


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Posted: 12 years ago

Mohan gets succeed in convincing the police that he didn't write the suicide note but it was maruti kamble who had done that. He also tells the same to shreya as well where shreya tells him that she has complete faith on him. DK asks sunita how did sandhya recognize her even though she is blind on which sunita replies him that she recognized her by touching her bracelet, he then tells her to keep her mouth shut and do not tell anything to sandhya. Sandhya in her room wonders on what yuvraj said about sunita's presence in her maayka and she wasn't in the storeroom tied up; so then hearing all that sandhya apologizes to him. Later neeraj takes sandhya to the kitchen where sunichachi is working. Sunichachi then asks sandhya about her father and family when she comes to know that sandhya's father is dead and it was probably a murder. She then gets suspicious and asks DK about the matter when he tells her that she herself is responsible for it. He tells her how sandhya's baba heard them all talking when sunita was trying to reveal everything to him. He tells her to keep her mouth shut if she wants to be alive.

Everyone is playing antakshari and sunichachi is looking from balcony. DK then again warns her to forget about what had happened and to keep her mouth shut. Puru asks neeraj to shift in the room next to sandhya for her convenience. Apu and swati falls sick due pizza they ate last night, savita comes to know about it and she gets angry on jayesh but later when apu asks for apology she melts. From the backdoor sunita goes to meet some old people when DK catch her on the way and he as usual threatens her. Sunita hears pankaj giving a bundle of money to sarla which she keeps in the cupboard. She then finds the right time and steals the money out which sandhya feels it but before she could do anything sunichachi takes them all and leaves. Everyone is tensed over  the money fiasco. sandhya doesn't take sunita's name. Later when she encounters sunita alone; she asks her about the money on which  sunita reveals that she has stolen the money for her parents. Later Sandhya goes in the temple along with yuvraj where Dr pushpa nigam sees yuvraj with sandhya and is shocked to see him married. jayesh goes to meet a woman in the slum area. Yuvraj sees Dr pushpa nigam in the temple when he gets tensed and rushes home. He is then starts getting severe attacks as on now his truth will come out. Dr pushpa nigam comes to meet the jagirdar family where she encounters sandhya and is surprised by her sensing ability. Prabha calls pushpa in her room where Dr pushpa reveals that yuvraj is 'eunuch' and what was the need to lie to sandhya on which everyone says her that they don't want her permission to handle their personal matters.

Prabha tells pushpa that she will do anything for her son's happiness. Sharadha comes to visit savita's house when she gets a call from rohit. He asks her whether she has taken her sisters' signatures on the papers or no on which shraddha replies him that neither she will sign the papers nor will her sisters. Yuvraj comes to his room where he clears sandhya's doubts over the morning fiasco. Later puru and pankaj decide to go to neeraj that ever night, so that he could get enough time to make up his mind.Pankaj and puru tells neeraj about what they want from him on which he is stunned. DK is not happy as on why neeraj has been given so much importance. Later Neeraj's behavior starts changing with sandhya. He keeps neglecting her. Eventually neeraj gets agreed to jagirdars demand and goes to shimla where sandhya and yuvraj have gone for their honeymoon. Yuvraj books a double suit where in one of the rooms neeraj lives and in the other yuvraj and sandhya. Later yuvraj decorates his room and calls neeraj there to give justice for their plan. But it goes in vain when sandhya feels neeraj's presence in the room. Neeraj gets upset as on what was he trying to do and later tells yuvraj as well on which yuvraj reveals as on why he got married to sandhya; he says that he came to know about neeraj's feelings for sandhya and he saw her photo previously in his room. He also tells him why he chose sandhya to marry coz that won't be a problem for neeraj to come close to her as he loves her. Hearing all their preplanned neeraj gets shattered and leaves the hotel. Yuvraj and sandhya too leaves the hotel later.After coming from shimla, neeraj asks sunita about the real matter when he comes to know that sandhya's dad has been murdered by the jagirdars. Savita come across Inspector bhosle when she comes to know that her dads murder case has been closed. And Inspector has been given the duty of the traffic police. Jagirdars come to know about sandhya's ability to feel everyone's presence around her. DK then suggest everyone how they will fool sandhya that she will start doubting her sensing abilities. All of them try ample times to fool her and they get succeed to some extent but their plan goes in vain when neeraj breaks his silence and reveals that everyone is fooling her around and she is perfect with her abilities. On one side sandhya is facing problems and on the other side her sisters as well. Savita gets suspicious over her husband; she then follows her husband and comes to know that he is visiting a woman who is pregnant. Later her husband reveals to her that the brother of the woman whom he to go visit said that the girl is pregnant with Mr savratkar and because Mr savratkar wont get more humiliated after his death, he has given Rs 2 lakh sto the person. Later both husband and wife come to know that it's completely fake and the person is trying gather money from them by blackmailing them. They then try to reveal his truth. Aditya and sakshi have a fight over the 'palna ghar' because sakdhi doesn't have time to look after the house and adi's promotion too gets canceled due to her negligence. At jagirdar mansion sandhya gets suspicious about what neeraj revealed. She then tries to call her sisters and to tell them. She makes a plan to visit savita's house on the occasion of gokulashtami but the jagirdars get scared that sandhya wouldn't reveal the happenings to her sisters. They sent yuvraj along with sandhya. Neeraj gets threaten by the jagirdars that if he will reveal anything to sandhya they will kill her. So to clear the doubts which sandhya gets after his revelation to her he also goes to Mumbai. Their sandhya doesn't meet savita but in her abscense sakshi takes care of house as savita is admitted in to the hospital but sandhya is unaware of it. Sandhya tries to tell sakshi about the unusual things happening with her in the haveli. But sakshi doesn't listen to her and she is indulged in looking at yuvraj who is trying to break the 'matki'. Neeraj comes at the location and tells sandhya that he just made a joke that day and it wasn't true. Sandhya agrees to him but the next day prabha calls yuvraj and asks him whether everything is perfect where yuvraj tells her that he is fine there and no need to worry which sandhya overhears and gets suspicious again. Later both of them return back to gwalior; sandhya then tries to find out about the truth when she gets a call from savita. Savita tells her that she was unaware of her visit to Mumbai; telling this she keeps the phone which remains connected when sandhya hears form the other side that savita was admitted in to the hospital. She then gets a plan about how to find out the truth. She keeps her mobile ON which is connected to her room in yuvraj's coat so that wherever he will go she could hear him. yuvraj comes out after bathing and wears that coat and leaves. Neeraj gets irritated by the jagirdars and tries to reveal everything to sandhya when yuvraj and neeraj get into an argument and neeraj reveals that he is a 'eunuch'. Sandhya hears it from the other side and is shattered. Later yuvraj finds sandhya's mobile in his coat and finds out that sandhya has heard everything. He then tortures sandhya each day. After few days DK and yuvraj are having drinks where sandhya comes and overhears that they have killed her baba as well. She then goes to meet suni chachi in the night and asks her about what had taken place with her baba. Sunita reveals everything to her. DK takes the permission from yuvraj if neeraj is not agreeing to their demand then he himself will give justice to their plan. DK goes in sandhya's room and tries to rape her but in the mean time sarla calls neeraj and he gives left and right to DK and elopes with sandhya. DK and yuvraj tries to find out about sandhya and neeraj but couldn't get succeed for sometime.

Sandhya's baba's shradh day arrives where the sisters invite sandhya to attend the shradh but as neeraj and sandhya both elope; so the jagirdars unwillingly had to attend the shradh. Sandhya and neeraj head for MUMBAI.  There she doesn't go inside savita's house as the jagirdars remain present for the shradh but prays for her baba from outside the house. Both of them then leaves when yuvraj comes across and follows them, again neeraj and sandhya had to hide somewhere. So then they feel to find a shelter where they can stay but neeraj had no money; so then sandhya removes her anklates and handover it to neeraj so that he can sell it and get some money out of it. They then live in a hotel. Next day neeraj takes sandhya to a temple and on the other side neeraj's photo which is published in the newspaper has been seen by the receptionist which has a reward. On the otherhand shreya see yuvraj in pune. She calls savita and informs her about yuvraj's presence in pune. Savita gets shocked because she had been informed that yuvraj-sandhya went Switzerland for sandhya's eye operation. Savita then calls prabha to know about the matter on which prabha replies her that yuvraj and sandhya have already arrived in India, they are coming via road to gwalior. So then the receptionist who see neeraj and sandhya's photo calls DK and informs him about the two, so then the chach-bhatija arrive in the hotel and finds sandhya's cloths. Neeraj who is coming back from the temple see yuvraj standing nearby a window and gets shocked and runs with sandhya. they both run and DK- yuvraj follows them when both DK and yuvraj come across Gayatri devi- who is not in good relationship with the jagirdars. She then become suspicious what these jagirdars are doing here in pune. She too follows the chacha-bhatija, sandhya and neeraj hides in the jungle when some adivasi recognize them. So then the informer informs DK that some adivasi had seen sandhy-neeraj in the jungle. DK-yuvraj come there and catch sandhya but couldn't find neeraj when they keep screaming for neeraj to come out. Neeraj who had went to bring some water for sandhya sees yuvraj slapping her and couldn't tolerate it and comes out when yuvraj reveals that neeraj used to love sandhya. sandhya becomes aware of neeraj's feelings. 

So then yuvraj starts blackmailing sandhya to agree for their demand or else they will kill neeraj on which sandhya gets agreed. DK keeps neeraj with himself and sent yuvraj along with sandhya. savita wanted to see sandhya as she didn't see her during her baba's 'shradh'; so then yuvraj takes her to savita's house where sandhya tries to tell savita through giving her some hints on which savita gets suspicious and insist sandhya to stay for few days but sandhya refuse to stay and leaves. In the midway yuvraj stops his car and calls DK and orders him to kill neeraj, sandhya gets shocked and pleads towards yuvraj not to kill neeraj on which yuvraj pretends that he will not kill neeraj but still they do what they want to do!!!!!!!!! DK asks the goons to throw neeraj into the valley. Later sandhya comes to know that neeraj has been killed. She then feels to give up her life as well; when yuvraj and sandhya are heading towards gwalior, she comes to know that there is khandala ghat ahead; by taking the advantage of the situation she starts turning the steering wheel when the car goes and meet with an accident. The car lands below the hill but yuvraj manage to jump out of the car. Gayatri devi who is following them goes to help sandhya and brings her out when the car blast and yuvraj thought that may be sandhya got killed.

yuvraj calls prabha and informs her about the incident. Prabha calls DK and tells about the situation took place with yuvraj. DK arrives at the location and finds out that sandhya's body is missing. Yuvraj doesn't understand how to tackle with this problem; so then he finds a rock and hurt himself there so that nobody will be suspicious over him. he gets hurt too much onwhich everyone admits him into the hospital. Sandhya's sisters comes to know about the accident they go in the hospital along with Inspector bhosle and make a case against yuvraj that he is responsible for sandhya's death. Inspector orders yuvraj to be shifted in govt. hospital so that the copes can keep their hawks eye on him. on the other side Gayatri devi removes sandhya out of the car when the car accident took place and admits her into the hospital. Doctor informs gayatri that sandhya has got hurt on that nerve which was responsible to take her eye sight. So then they operate sandhya and after few days sandhya gets her eyesight back. She then finds about gayatri devi and how jagirdar tortured her previously. So then gayatri explains her how she will enter in jagirdar family to take the revenge. Next day when pankaj was in some market sandhya comes in a tapori avatar and bumps on him. he gets shocked to see her and follows her to find whether she is sandhya or somebody else. Sandhya then follows him; he come at a location which is a slum area and couldn't find sandhya anywhere. So then some thieves come along with sandhya and they start beating pankaj and asks him to give whatever he has. Pankaj gives her the money and other things which he had. He then goes in the hotel where prabha and DK are staying. He narrates them the story on which DK along with pankaj goes in search of that girl when they meet her and asks her to help them out. She asks them to come in her 'kholi' where a mother and a sick father lives. They asks her to help them out and she will be receiving huge amount in return. So then the girl who tells her name as 'vrinda' arrives in the hotel and start her mission to irritate everyone over there. 

And on the day of yuvraj's case vrinda  goes  missing on which all of them get worried as on where she went on which  all of them go in search of vrinda. They fail to find her and return in court back . Vrinda is with Gayatri discussing about how to give justice to their plan. Gayatri then drops vrinda out of the court and go; so then vrinda does a thrilling entry into the court and tells the judge that yuvraj is innocent and they went out for some rituals and so she came back on that day. The judge frees yuvraj from sandhya's case on which everyone thanks vrinda but when her sisters comes to know about the fact they try to meet her on which the jagirdars doesn't give her sisters to meet sandhya and instead they  leave for gwalior. There on returning back to the mansion they throw a party in which vrinda mixes some drug in to DK's drink and takes him into her room where she pretends that DK tried to rape her. Vrinda then gives him a punishment to do all the house work; DK tries to give explanation that he  didn't do anything like that last night but nobody hears him. After few days vrinda's sisters arrive, they asks her some questions and also tells her if she is not lying than she should take her baba's promise that she was present during his shradh day on which vrinda takes his fake promise on which  her sisters get shattered and comes to the conclusion that she is fake and is not their real sister 'sandhya'.



Still to come......

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Following this, everybody was relieved @  what Sandhya  did, except  DK, who was  suspicious  of  several things that he saw about Sandhya.  So he played a trick by which he made an anonymous call to Sandhya, telling her that Sakshi  &  Savita were injured.  When Vrinda, being Sandhya, turned up there to see what had happened, DK confronted her, but Sandhya, instead of being rattled, told DK that he had nothing to prove that she was Sandhya, even if she admitted that she was, and that she was there to bring him & his family to justice and bring justice to her father & Neeraj and all innocent people the Jagirdars had murdered.

The next day was Yuvraj's birthday,  and DK had a challenge for Sandhya that he'd expose &  evict her.  But that morning, Sandhya turned up @ the haveli w/ a bunch of eunuchs to celebrate Yuvraj's birthday, which totally freaked him out.  When the  Jagirdars were pissed @ her, Vrinda laid the blame for this @ DK's end, telling them that he instigated her to bring them in.  After this  confrontation, she told DK that she  had given them just a small taste of what they had subjected her to by marrying her to a eunuch just like the ones they  didn't like here.

Later, @  Yuvraj's party, Purushottam had Savita & Sakshi over as guests.  Taking advantage of their presence,  DK tried to expose Sandhya by stealing a ring worth Rs25 lakhs & framing it on Savita.  When the ring was  found  missing, he  suggested that Savita be searched, but the ring wasn't on her nor Sakshi.  Purushottam then searched Pankaj & DK, and found it on DK.  The sisters left in disgust, and Vrinda told DK privately later that she had noticed his trick and made a switch to make him look like the culprit.  Later, DK tried bringing in Vrinda's fake parents and get  them to allege that Vrinda wasn't their daughter, but they turned this trick against him, sabotaging him.

After this party, Vrinda continued planning w/ Gayatri.  DK was still determined to find a way to expose her, and Gayatri  called him and asked him to come to a warehouse w/ Rs25 lakhs and some secret about Yuvraj, in return for evidence that Vrinda didn't exist and was actually Sandhya.  Vrinda in the meantime showed Yuvraj notice DK make his parents unconscious and steal Rs25 lakhs  from the safe, and then go to that warehouse, where they followed him.  A  woman set up by  Gayatri asked DK for Yuvraj's secret, & DK balked.  The  woman was about to walk out on him, when DK told her that Yuvraj was a eunuch.

B4 DK could get anything about Vrinda, Yuvraj exploded and started chasing him, and the other woman disappeared w/ Gayatri's help.  Yuvraj & DK returned home, and Yuvraj started beating up DK, shocking his family members.  When asked why, he told them what DK had done, & Prabhavati too slapped him.  The next day, the Jagirdars  got a CD w/ a recording of what DK &  the unknown woman had said, along w/ a threat to put it live on all TV stations & channels.  This made the Jagirdars extremely tense on what to do about this threat.

On Purushottam's suggestion, Prabhavati decided to take Vrinda's help.  Vrinda suggested that they announce that Yuvraj is about to  become a father, and throw a big party where they'd make  this announcement.  The plan would be that Vrinda would pretend  to be pregnant, and when the time comes, she'll bring in a baby that resembles Yuvraj, so that his masculinity is proved, and the CD would be worthless.

However, Vrinda insisted that this would  be only for a price, and insisted that half the Jagirdar estate be transferred in her name.  Yuvraj & Prabhavati reluctantly agreed, but Sarla & DK were strongly against that.  Prabhavati overruled them and signed it anyway, and this made  Sarla & DK bitter & they decided to form an alliance against Prabhavati & Yuvraj,  so that they end up w/ the entire property.

However, the next day,  DK disappeared, and  Yuvraj took Vrinda to an abandoned famhouse, where he had imprisoned him.  He gave her a hunter and asked her to do whatever she  liked w/ him.  In private, Sandhya whipped DK really badly, listing every  crime he was  guilty of as she went about it.  Back @ the haveli, everyone was wondering about where he had disappeared, and whether he was even alive.  After this, Sarla decided to start plotting against Yuvraj.  She overheard a conversation that Sandhya had w/ Gayatri Devi & visited her @ a temple.

Sandhya met w/ Gayatri Devi privately and asked her what was the cause of her enemity w/ Yuvraj.  Gayatri told her the story of her own daughter Priya, who was a very lively &  friendly girl, and who made the mistake of making friends w/ Yuvraj.  One day, she witnessed Yuvraj being questioned about his sexuality by a professor, who he ended up murdering after freaking out totally @ his secret being known.  When Yuvraj saw that Priya had witnessed what he had done, he murdered her as well to cover it up.  Gayatri told Sandhya that after this event, when she tried to get justice for her daughter, she discovered how corrupt the entire law enforcement machinery was, totally  bribed by them.  Sarla had alleged that Priya was having an illicit affair w/ the professor & was pregnant from that, and as a result of that, Gayatri's hubby went into a coma.  Gayatri was ordered to leave the city of Gwalior, which is why she met Sandhya here secretly, but would now leave.  Sandhya promised her that she'd get her back here legally & honorably.

In the meantime, Neeraj had been in a coma, and brought to a govt hospital, where a corrupt orderly removed him from the ICU on being bribed by another patient's relative, and left him in the streets.  Neeraj recovered, but he had lost both his voice & his memory.  A street vendor would feed Neeraj every day whenever he turned up.  One day, some goons vandalized the street vendor, but Neeraj beat them all up & saved him.  The gang leader - someone named Raghu - was impressed, and took Neeraj under his care.  He started a plan where he'd feed Neeraj daily lavishly, and in return, Neeraj would be his muscle-man.  After some weeks, everybody in the gang was satisfied  about Neeraj's reliability.   Oh, and  since Neeraj couldn't speak & they didn't know his name, they named him Gunga.  In the meantime, Sandhya, w/ Sunita's help, gets possession of all of Neeraj's personal items  that Pankaj had returned from Kolkata.

Sandhya's next round of battles began w/ Sarla.  Sandhya revealed her  identity to Sarla, and Sarla in  turn  revealed to her that the reason she helped her & Neeraj escape was to get rid of her, so that she could implicate Yuvraj in her disappearance.  This turned Sandhya against Sarla, and she told Sarla that from now on, it was all out open war on her.  Sarla tried plotting w/ Manik to get the entire haveli in her name, even tricking Puru, Prabhavati & Yuvraj to sign a document transferring everything over to her.  However, Manik sabotaged that attempt, and Sarla was punished by being made a servant in the house.  On another occasion, Sarla tried to drug Vrinda @ a party, but ended up being drugged herself, and exposing Prabhavati's uncharitable comments about just about every dignitary visiting them, causing a number of them to terminate relations w/ the Jagirdars.

After this, the search for DK resumed, and Sarla overheard  Yuvraj telling DK's captors to finish him.  However, DK returned to the havli unscathed, in a new avatar, where he decided to be nice to everybody.  He however told Sarla that he was there w/ a new plan to expose Sandhya by causing a chasm b/w her & Sunita.  He apologizes to both Vrinda & Sunita: Vrinda rejects his apology, telling him that there's nothing he can do to bring back her dad, while Sunita accepts it, and they start romancing for the first time in their marriage.  This also resulted in Sunita having a rift w/ Sandhya, and the end of their friendship.

One day, a prisoner & his accomplice are released from jail.  The prisoner is Damodar, Prabhavati's brother, who is also a debtor of Raghu to the tune of Rs 3 crore, & a pickpocket.  He had contrived to get into jail to escape Raghu.  On coming out of jail, he contacted Prabha and told her that he had just returned from America.  Raghu found out about Damodar's release, and set his top aide, along w/ Gunga, to capture Damodar.

In the meantime, the Savratkars decided that Shreya should  be the next one to go and find out about these suspicious events w/ Sandhya.  So she decided to go.  Sarla secretly sends them a message hinting that Sandhya is in fact Vrinda, and that the real Sandhya had been killed by Yuvraj in Khandala.  This makes all the sisters suspicious.

On Christmas, the Jagirdars visited an old friend of theirs called Gonzalves, who was a senior official who Prabhavati wanted to curry favor w/.  Damodar was also w/ them, and so Raghu's men infiltrated that party as well in search of him.  During the party, Neeraj spotted Sandhya, and @ the same time, Gayatri called her and informed her that Neeraj was still alive.  Sandhya spotted Neeraj but he escaped from her, and she couldn't recognize him.  Later that night, during the dances, Neeraj accidentally ended up as Sandhya's dance partner, and escaped after.  In the meantime, Prabhavati lost Gonzalves' kid, and ended up losing face in front of him.  Also, Shreya showed up @ the party drunk (DK had spiked her drink), and Sandhya, Sarla & Puru got her out of there.  In the meantime, Raghu's men found Damodar, & captured them and took them back to Raghu.

The next day, the Jagirdars asked Vrinda why she was so bothered about Shreya, and she pointed out that had she not been, everybody would have wondered whether she really was Sandhya or  not.  Sarla privately meets Shreya and tells her the secret about Sandhya being Vrinda.  The next day, when Sandhya is having a private conversation w/ Gayatri, DK has left a cell-phone to secretly record it.  This turns the tables against Vrinda, and she's forced to confess to Prabhavati  that she had made false charges against DK.  As a result, she's sentenced to the same job of being a servant.  Shreya notices & records this.  The next day, Sarla  tells Shreya that Mohan, Jayesh & his 2 kids had been abducted, and  that they'd only be released once she was on the next flight home.  Sakshi too told her to return, so Shreya reluctantly returned.

DK then tried exposing Vrinda, but fortunately, Vrinda had discovered  the taped evidence and swithced it w/ the help of a mimicry artist, making it look like DK was blackmailing her by threatening to kill her fake parents.  Yuvraj exploded & apologized to Vrinda, who agreed to stay.  Later, Vrinda overheard a conversation b/w DK & Sarla, & realized that Sarla was not on her side.

DK continued to try his attempts to expose Vrinda - he tried to make her spill alcohol on Savratkar's portrait, but Puru stopped them.  He then had Prabhavati impersonate Gayatri and ask Sandhya to meet her @ a park, but Sandhya brought Yuvraj along & sabotaged this exposure.  Finally, Sarla gave DK the idea of subjecting Sandhya to a narcotest, where she's be forced to tell the truth.  In the meantime, Damodar managed to get a reprieve from Raghu in return for a promise to get the money from his sister, and returned to Prabhavati.  Prabhavati sent him to Mumbai to find out the secret about Vrinda.

Accordingly, Vrinda was abducted, and taken to a clinic where first DK, in order to prove to Prabha that it works, subjected himself to the test.  After that, although Vrinda recovered, she was sedated again and subjected to it.  In it, she spilt all the beans - that she was Sandhya, that she was out for revenge, that Gayatri Devi helped her, etc.  So they decided to show this to Yuvraj.

Next day, Pankaj returns, w/ the news that he's arranged for the marriages of both his daughters Jyoti & Priya, and that Yuvraj marrying the blind Sandhya gave their would-be in-laws the impression that they were a very large hearted family and worth having.  Sandhya called DK & tells him that she's got her hands on the CD of his narcotest, and threatens to send it to the police.  This scared DK, since the only person whose guilt was admitted in the tests was his own, and he agreed to do anything Sandhya asked.  Sandhya asked him to support her in getting the remaining part of the property in his name.  He reluctantly agreed.  Sandhya also demanded that Yuvraj hand him the remainder property if he wants her to continue to show up pregnant.

Accordingly, Yuvraj demanded that the property be turned over to him, but Prabhavati refused.  So on the day of the engagement, in front of everybody, Yuvraj came in w/ the registrar and asked Prabhavati to sign everything over, and this demand was backed by the Mittals - the would be sasural of Jyoti & Priya.  Prabhavati was compelled to sign.

As a result, a desperate Prabhavati decided that the only way out was to kill Sandhya the day of the bidais of the 2 daughters, or else she'd ruin them instantly.  The plot was to poison her, get a baby from somewhere, claim that Sandhya died of childbirth and that way  repossess the property.  On the day of the wedding, DK tried to trick Sandhya into drinking a glass that he had spiked w/ rat poison, but Sandhya, using a trick her father had taught her, puked it out.  DK, thinking her unconscious, attempted to rape her again, but this time, Sandhya kicked him in the groin hard and threatened to expose him unless he turned on Prabhavati openly and in front of the entire family.  Accordingly, DK slapped Prabhavati andgave her a litany of all the crimes she made him do, and how she made him a criminal.  At the end, Prabhavati was left reeling while the 2 brides were sent off.

Sandhya then told Manik that she'd expose them 2 days later, on the first death anniversary of her father.  When Sunita tried confronting her, Sandhya showed her the narcotest results of DK where he confessed to not loving her, and just pretending to.  This was the last straw for Sunita.  She went to her room, packed her suitcase, and when DK tried to stop her, she confronted him telling him that she now knew everything about his tricks.  She told him that he was completely self-centered and incapable of loving anyone else, and after slapping him, just left.

Two days later, officials arrived @ the haveli to auction off the haveli.  When Pankaj asked who authorized it, Sandhya told them that she did.  Prabhavati tried to protest that this was their ancestrial home, and Sandhya  confronted them w/ a litany of  all their crimes against her & her father, and told them that she'd auction it in order to torture their ancestors, and bring peace to her father's soul on the anniversary of his death.

Yuvraj overheard this and tried to strangle her, but police arrived just in time and arrested him.  Prabhavati tried to talk her way out of it, but the police told her that they now had evidence for several murders that the family committed, including that of Shyamrao, Neeraj & Gayatri's daughter Priya.  Sandhya revealed to them that DK had turned witness for the state, and the Jagirdars were all shell shocked.  The police also told them that Purushottam had surrendered earlier and admitted everything, making their  case impossible.  Sandhya told DK that he had done the right thing the first time in his life, and would get a lesser sentence than everybody.

Sandhya returned home to Mumbai and managed to convince her sisters that she  was Sandhya, not Vrinda.  In the meantime, Damodar returned and found  Yuvraj  in jail, and decided to convince Raghu to bump off Sandhya.  He promised Raghu the entire Jagirdar property if Raghu could eliminate Sandhya, and Neeraj was picked  for the job.  In the meantime, Sandhya's sisters suggest that she re-marry, & she tells them about Neeraj.  She then goes to Pune & joins Gayatri, who now receives a 'pardon'  and is free to return to Gwalior.  She decides to help Sandhya look  for Neeraj.

In the meantime, Gunge has infiltrated Gayatri as a servent, and rigs the mains so that Sandhya gets electrocuted, but as luck would have it, it's Gunge's accomplice  Kailash who gets electrocuted but survives.  Later, Sandhya remembers that Gunge was the same thief that she had seen in the Gonzales party, and decides to spy on him, and finds out that they are plotting to kill her.  Sakshi then calls her & reminds her about the reward on Neeraj that the Jagirdars had posted, and Manik, after checking several paper archives, identifies the picture of Neeraj as identical to Gunge.  They  then find out from Kailash about Raghu's plot, and in the meantime, Gunge  has  escaped to Lonavala in a car whose brakes had been rigged to fail.

In the meantime, Yuvraj  breaks  out of  jail, and is on the hunt for Sandhya.  Sandhya & Manik drive to Lonavala, and spot Neeraj's car right next to the ledge, w/ Neeraj badly hurt.  They pull  him out, when Yuvraj appears from nowhere & attacks them.  He has the upper hand on Sandhya, when Neeraj on seeing them fight regains his voice & memory.  Neeraj then joins the fight  w/ Yuvraj and gains the upper hand.  In the end, Yuvraj is about  to fall off the cliff, when Neeraj catches him & Sandhya  catches Neeraj, and both of them try to persuade Yuvraj to come up.  Yuvraj  decides that his time has come, and so he'll settle his scores  w/ God, but asks them to forgive him.  He then lets go and falls to his death.  His father gets a heart  attack & is hospitalized, while the rest of his  family come for his funeral.  Prabhavati totally goes mental on DK & threatens Sandhya w/ revenge b4 being escorted  back to  jail.

Thus ended the  chapter of Yuvraj

Coming up...

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Following these events, Raghu-da brings an elderly gentleman over to Neeraj, who introduces himself to Neeraj as his paternal grandfather.  He explains to Neeraj that he had previously expelled his father from his life after he married Neeraj's mother, and had genuine regrets about it and wanted him back.  Initially, Neeraj refused, but Sandhya tried to persuade him to accept his apologies and return to his family w/ him.

In the meantime, Sandhya's sisters were all interested in seeing her get married again, and started broaching the subject w/ her.  They noticed how chummy she was w/ Neeraj, but Sandhya was reluctant to entertain the topic, given everything she had been thru.  In the meantime, Sandhya had persuaded Neeraj to return w/ Dadaji, but Neeraj made it conditional on Sandhya coming w/ him.  Dadaji too supported the idea, while Shreya & Savita were very happy to see Sandhya go w/ Neeraj, hoping that they'd not have to periodically stay w/ her in her father's home.

So Sandhya and Neeraj went w/ Dadaji to his home, and got introduced to various members of the family.  They were
  1. Baa - Dadaji's wife
  2. Hashmukh - Dadaji's eldest son
  3. Sarita - Hashmukh's wife
  4. Gayatri - Dadaji's daughter (GB)
  5. Raj - Hashmukh's 1st son
  6. Purvi - Raj's wife
  7. Anmol - Hashmukh's 2nd son
  8. Reena - Jignesh's daughter (Jignesh is Dadaji's 2nd son, based in Kenya) 
Of the above, Baa, Anmol & Purvi were very friendly to Sandhya, while GB hated her from first sight.  Sarita & Purvi were somewhat ambivalent.  Hashmukh and Raj seemed devoid of any drive.  Anmol was a class X drop-out, who simply did chores around the house.

Initially, Neeraj didn't like his new environment and had awkward moments, since they were all about fun & food all the time.  However, Sandhya was much more understanding of their ways, and helped him adjust to the environment, and soon enough, Neeraj became really close w/ Anmol & Reena.  Also, Sandhya started treating the home as her own and doing chores around the house like it was her own family.  She became dear to both Dadaji & Baa, who sympathized w/ everything she had been thru.  Baa particularly liked her religious devotion.  Also, periodically, Shreya would call her to tease her & find out about her relationship w/ Neeraj.

One day, Purvi's younger sister Anjali came to their house on a visit, since she was an MBA student on vacation to see her sister.  She accidentally met Neeraj and got smitten.  In the meantime, Neeraj was wanting to propose to Sandhya and took Anmol & Reena into confidence, while Anjali started fantasizing about Neeraj.  Also, Shreya was encouraging Sandhya to tell Neeraj about her feelings.  Neeraj ultimately decided to write a letter to Sandhya, and gave it to Reena to deliver to her.

However, given that Neeraj didn't address Sandhya by name, the letter in Reena's hands accidentally fell into the hands of Anjali.  In the letter, Neeraj asked Sandhya to wear a red sari if she said yes to him, and Anjali wore it in response.  GB who hates her family b'cos she holds Dadaji responsible for her failed marriage wants to wreck Neeraj as well, so she let it known to everyone that Neeraj was in love w/ Anjali.  Dadaji got this message by accident as well and read the letter, and told Sandhya that he wanted Neeraj to marry Anjali so that the family financial future could be secure as a result of the relationship w/ the Viranis (Purvi's & Anjali's parents)

So when Neeraj went to Sandhya to clarify things w/ her, she explained what Dadaji had told her and forced him to agree to marry Anjali.  She also held Baa to the same promise and prevented them from telling Dadaji anything.  As a result, Dadaji called Anjali's parents to tell them that Neeraj & Anjali were in love, and he'd like them married.  They came in, and at a party, Dadaji announced their engagement.

Neeraj was in a tight spot, since he hated being forced into this, but Sandhya would have none of it.  He got engaged.  However, on the engagement day, he told Sandhya that it was impossible for him to live w/o her, and Sandhya admitted that it was difficult for her as well.  This was spotted by Purvi, GB, Sarita & Anjali's mom, and they read Sandhya the riot act and asked her to leave.  Sandhya left, leaving a message for Neeraj so that he doesn't jilt Anjali at the alter.

Neeraj threw this letter away, but accidentally, Dadaji got hold of it and realized that it was Sandhya, not Anjali that Neeraj was in love w/.  After reading the Valentines letter, he realized that it was all a misunderstanding gone horribly wrong.  Dadaji & Neeraj then went to Savratkar's home, where Dadaji told her that in no way is he going to tolerate 3 people being unhappy, and he took Sakshi & Shreya's permission in taking Sandhya w/ him to marry Neeraj.

Dadaji then went to the Virani's and explained the situation, and there was understandable resentment.  The Viranis were angry that Anjali would be left high & dry, and GB suggested that she marry Anmol.  Despite Purvi's objections, Anjali agreed to marry Anmol, planning to herself to use this as an opportunity for revenge.

Following this, Anjali married Anmol & Neeraj married Sandhya

Coming up...

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In the meantime, Shradhya had been living her miserable existance, and the Godman once again got Rohit's father to send Shradhya to him for a special puja.  However, Shradhya reminded him of a previous occasion where she beat him up, and he didn't try any tricks.  After that, one day, Rohit fell down the stairs and Shradhya nursed him.  After this, Rohit fell for Shradhya, but still maintained the charade of abusing her in front of his father.  A lot of things happened, like the guy who had stolen Shradhya's mangal sutra returning it and Shradhya being beaten by Rohit over it.  The last straw came one day when Shradhya discovered that she was pregnant as a result of the affairs she had been having w/ her husband.  However, Rohit denied parentage claiming that he maintained his vrath, and ordered Shradhya to leave.  Finally, Shradhya had enough, and walked out on the family, snapping all ties w/ them.

After the marriages of Neeraj-Sandhya & Anmol-Anjali however, GB played a trick by which she prevented Neeraj & Sandhya from enjoying their wedding night, and instead had the family priest manipulate things so that Neeraj & Sandhya had to stay chaste for a month despite being married.  Despite their disappointment, both accepted it.

While Dadaji, Baa and most family members were okay w/ Sandhya, GB hated her while Purvi & Sarita resented her.  Sandhya quickly won the hearts of everyone w/ her cooking, and that made others even more jealous.  This was highlighted by Anjali being totally incapable of doing such chores.  GB, Sarita and Purvi sometimes tried to sabotage Sandhya's efforts, but failed.

Anjali in the meantime tried to make use of this situation in manipulating events her way.  She first rebuffed Anmol and treated him shabbily, forcing him to sleep on the floor, remove her sandals and so on.  While in public, Anmol was rewarded by Anjali's parents w/ a share in a company, while Sarita was doting on Anjali, privately, the marriage was a sham.

Anjali next tried making moves on Neeraj, which he rebuffed.  After finding him stubborn, Anjali one night tried drugging him and taking some photos of him in compromising positions.  Sandhya however believed otherwise and raised this issue w/ Purvi.  Purvi confronted Anjali, and Anjali confessed to what she did, which Sandhya recorded and showed her.  Anjali's attempt to kick Sandhya out backfired.

Anjali next did some background search into Sandhya, and discovered Sarla, who was out on bail.  They plotted, and soon Sarla managed to manipulate events so that Neeraj sheltered her in their house, over the objections of Sandhya.  Anjali & Sarla plotted to get Sandhya kicked out, and Neeraj in w/ Anjali.  This plot went a good distance, and bickering started b/w Neeraj & Sandhya over Sarla.

Finally, one day, Sarla in the living room privately taunted Sandhya, provoking an attack, so that when Sarla called for help, everyone saw Sandhya attempting to strangulate Anjali.  Neeraj slapped Sandhya and read her the riot act, threatening to expel her if this happened again.

Later that day, Sarla was discovered dead.  Later, Anjali confessed to everyone about how she had brought in Sarla and was plotting to separate Neeraj & Sandhya, when one day, she discovered that Sarla's real intention was to murder Sandhya, and to fulfil her desire for Neeraj, murder Anmol as well.  Anjali tried to talk her out of it and threatened to expose her, when Sarla attacked her.  Anjali hit her, and Sarla's head hit the wall and she died.  Anjali was arrested, but the family forgave her and promised her that they'd get her out of jail since the death was accidental.

Following this, Neeraj got reconciled w/ Sandhya, and the entire family promised Anmol their support.  Presumably, they lived happily ever after.


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