In defence of the CV's

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Posted: 12 years ago
So, I've read loads of posts saying htat this episode was a drag, and a filler and out of character.
With regards to the drag/filler episode-- I'd ask everyone to remember that every story is finite-- if we want Geet to be on our screens for a while, then we have to accept the odd filler episode, where the story doesn't advance.  If we complain too much then we'll end up either with a situation like DMG, where I'd happily put the show out of it's misery because its been dragged on for too long due to twists that make no sense, or a situation like every K serial, where everytime the couple get together, they have to break up least this episode had some cracking dialogue, and actually some pretty good cmedic skills from both Gurmeet and Dhrashti. I imagine it must get very boring to cnstantly have only one facial expression (Maan) or constantly have to have tears pouring from on'es eyes.  At least it was just one night, and all in all I think the story did advance-- it showed Geet softening towards Maan, and it actually developed Maan a bit.
with regards to the character assassination accusations-- I think Maan was actuallypretty much in character:
I don't think I'm quite ready to accuse the CVs of character-slaughter-- not yet.  If Maan (meri jaan) starts behaving that way with anyone except Geet-- or if he starts behaving that way at the office, then maybe.
But here I think we have a very over-controlled ,repressed man, with his inner walls finally breaing down in the middle of the night, triggered by the one person who can break through his barriers.
On this night- he's had a trying couple of days-- he argued with Geet, felt guilty, then was seeing her everywhere, then felt like everyone was reminding him of her-- he's sleep deprived, he's had a long journey too and from the jungle (or he's been driving around aimlessly for hours, ever since he stormed out of the office), he probably hasn't eaten much-- and then he gets home
And there at home-- there she is-- to torment him.  I wonder if he really even believed she was there, or whether it was all a dream/nightmare.  He reacted madly, and uncharacteristically for him.  If it was anyone but Geet, do you think he wouldn't have just thrown them out repeatedly.
, or called the police, or done whatever was necessary.  In fact, he would have probably just been so scary that no one except Geet would even behave that way around him.
But it is Geet-- only Geet that he reacts that way to.  And since the dhaaba episode-- we've seen that he doesn't behave the same way around her, certainly not the way he behaves around other people.
If he starts behaving this way around everyone, then I'll call it character slaughter, but lets trust the CV's for a bit-- they've come this far without putting too many steps wrong.
Its all part of the evolution of MSK...........and its also the evolution of Geet,  Many people have mentioned that htey were a bit shocked by the way she insisted on staying with MSK overnight,  But she has a point too-- in her head, she's been pushed from pillar to post, MSK has sacked her unfairly, then turned up at her house to taunt her, then she's had to leave her uncles' house-- then to add to that misery, her nice new safe place of living and working is being threatened by DD. Of course she refuses to leave, and then I think his reaction triggers her.
in the depths of her OTT reaction-- doesn't it show how much she trusts him-- she knows she can sleep in the same room as him and she'll be safe (after all she's slept with him twice before-- once after he saved her from Brij, once at the office)-- and I think that subconsciously, she knows that she's safe with him; it doesn't even occur to her that he's serious about her leaving at 3am-- after all this is the guy who went slightly beserk when he thought she wa slate getting home from Chandni Chowk.
And I think the two of them trust each other enough (even if only subconsciously so far) to show the deep hidden children inside themselves.  don't you think that we all have a child hidden inside us, that only comes out in front of people we love/trust.  Thats why he could fall asleep in front of her, and she could pour water on the bed and accept that he wouldn't beat her up for it.
I'll admit that I've probably put a hell of a lot of thought into writing the CVs out of the hole they wrote themselves into, certainly probably a lot more than they wrote into this 22minute episode-- I don't hink that they have the time to really think about deep characterisation.  But I think that despite that, as long as it stays this far and goes not too much further, it can all be written up as character development rather than assassination.
I'll be intersted in what everyone else thinks
and to be honest, if nothing else, it was a very funny episode-- as long as it doesn't happen too many times, it's jsut a good little standalone comedic episode.
Lets not get too demanding, otherwise we'll end up in a situation like every other serial-- the CV's will try and give us what we want, and we'll end up with DMG or RKAB or any of the other hundreds od serials that have broken my heart.
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Posted: 12 years ago
Agree with you...though I found the episode a filler, I dont blame CVs. Actually today was just a continuation of the night before....

It was weekend for us but not for themWink

Posted: 12 years ago

this is all what i wanted to say!!!  I completely agree with you. 

This episode is just getting us ready for the changed Maan(i.e. only towards geet) that we all want to see. Embarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
i am new here so have nt written much on forum
but i realy appreciate yur effort for mentioning all these beautiful n valid points.
2days episode was good have to develop everything slowly and impact fully .. i hav tht patience to see maneet going thru each essential phase of life ..infact i wud luv to see it Embarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
Totally agree with u, its only Geet who can bring Maan out in this form!  Like I have stated before, she has more trust in him then anyone else.  Even when Maan thought she left, his exact words, did she leave, but where would she go.  They know each other quite well, very well I must say!   

R u one of the CV's Wink
Posted: 12 years ago
completely agree with you!
today's eps was nothing but a step forward to Maaneet real relationship together.. im sure MSK would remember this night forever, its probably important for the couple after Dev gets in the picture.. and it wasnt boring at all.. both actors were damn good!
Posted: 12 years ago
excellent post!Thumbs Up
u sed everythin perfectly---
i  completely agree wid u.
i think we all are hafin realli high expectations from CVZ---and ofc wen ur expectations arent ful-filled--ur left unsatisfied!
we needa keep our expectations low--and as far as maan's character is concerned---i dont think his character is being butchered!
we jus got to see another shade of his character-it waz different, interesting and above all we loved watchin it!
wat else to ask fer?
Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you for this post dear friend.....
It was much needed....
I think we need to cut some slack to the CV's here for today's episode. Agreed that it wasn't "upto the mark" of other previous episodes but I don't think it was that bad....
Sometimes it's ok to have a filler episode...I am sure the CV's know what they are doing. They have done brillantly so far & I am sure they wouldn't want the TRP's dropping so they will be back with a bang.
We need to give them a break & not jump all over just for one episode not being up to the mark.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better...
The precap sure has everyone drooling &
Thanks again to the topic starter for this Post.

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