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Hi everyone! I decided to write a FF because I'm in love with Maaneet. I tried my best and hope you all like it. Its mostly in Maan and Geets perspective because I understand them better. I kept the same stroy line because I think the storyline on the show is great. My FF is sort of a continuation from where the series is now. I wrote the first two parts and decided to put it up here. I know its really long but I had a lot to write. LOL., Anyways let me know what you think and leave comments. If you guys like it, I will continue writing.


Parts 1 & 2: Page 1

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Part 1

     Geet sat at her desk thinking about how that dusht dhanav always looked for excuses to yell at her. To him she was utterly incapable of doing anything right. She wondered what in the world did she ever do to him that made him hate her so much. For gods sake Adi laughs like a hyena and is always bumping into Maan and he never says anything to Adi. "Ugghhh men are the worst", Geet thought out loud. Maan completely baffled Geet. She didn't understand how sometimes he would give her great advice and console her when she needed it and yet at other times he could be so harsh. She didn't forget all the times he had saved her, but his attitude towards her made it hard to appreciate him. Maan was a good guy but his hard exterior gave him an intimidating image.

     The phone began to ring; Of course it was Maan asking her to come to his office. She walked to his office dreading their meeting because he was bound to get angry with her.

      There was a knock on the door and Maan looked up to see Geet standing in the doorway. She was wearing a red kurta today. The color really suited her. Geet was unique in every way. She wasn't like any other girl he ever met. For one, she spoke up to him, which was rare because no one ever dared to argue with Maan Singh Khurana. Geet was also beautiful'wait! What was he thinking? How can he think of Geet like that? Before he went crazy he decided to tell her to give her work to do and leave his office. "Take these files and review them and do it fast!" he said with his usual cold tone. He didn't mean to say it like that but when Geet was in front of him everything went wrong. Maan was confused as to why this girl made him feel so out of place. Before Geet came into his life everything went the way he planned it. Now everything was upside down. Every time he saw he couldn't help but gawk at her.

        He knew that he acted a bit irrational when he was with her. He felt that if he were nice to her it would give away the fact that she constantly occupied his thoughts. But, why? Why did this Geet Handa constantly occupy his thoughts?

          Maan and Geet pondered away about each other. One thing was definite; they both mystified each other beyond comprehension. Somehow they were always bound together.

Part 2

       Geet has been working for Maan for about three months now. For some weird reason he didn't yell at her much anymore. Sometimes he even smiled. She had admit he had a nice smile. They had become friends, well sort of. They talked of other things besides work. She would tell him about her childhood and he would tell her about all the things he had learned from the world. From what Geet heard from him, she could tell he was lonely. He didn't give much information on the people in his life. He spoke of his grandmother mostly. She had raised him to be the man he is today. Maan was very reserved. He didn't like taking about his feelings. He always kept this calm and stern composure. Geet enjoyed talking to him. She got the feeling that he understood her. She still irritated him though. When she did something wrong he still yelled. "I guess that would never change", Geet thought.
        But what was up with him? There was without doubt something different about him these days. From time to time she felt him looking at her. There was something there in his eyes but she couldn't place what it was. It was just something else to add to the long list of mysteries behind Maan Singh Khurana.

        Geet was lying in bed thinking about her baby. She was four months along now but she still didn't begin to show yet. There was a very slight bump. Though it was barely visible. She went to the doctor that day. The doctor had told her not to worry and that every women was different and begin to show at different times. Geet was kind of glad she didn't show yet. What would she tell everyone? What would she tell Maan? She didn't know why but it mattered to her what Maan thought of her. She didn't want him to see her in the wrong light. She didn't want the whole world to now about her horrible past. Geet wanted to forget everything and move on. However she knew she couldn't escape her past because her baby would always tie her to it. Despite this she loved her baby more than anything. Her baby was the only family she had. Thinking of these things made her feel very lonely and she cried herself to sleep.

        That same night Maan lay awake in his bed thinking of the things his dadi had said to him that day. "Maan, I think its about time you got married" dadi had declared. Maan's thoughts went right to Geet, he snapped out of it and asked "And why exactly do you think that dadima?" he made sure that his face was blank so dadi didn't get any hints of what he was thinking. Dadi replied with a smile "Well I would like to see my great grandchildren and I have to find you a bride before your hair goes white." "You don't have to find me a bride" Maan said sourly. "Why not, did you find one for your self?" Dadi asked deviously. Of course she already knew the answer. Maan tried his best in answering this question honestly, he cleared his throat and said "I don't go around looking for girls to marry! Besides I don't have time for any girl in my life." Dadi laughed at his answer. She thought "So Maan Singh Khurana had finally learned how to lie."
      Her grandson was in love with Geet. But he was a hard headed fool so he would never admit it. She had seen them together a few times and instantly saw something there. Maan complained about Geet all the time but Dadi saw through his act. She raised the boy and knew him better than anyone else. There was a fire in his eyes when he talked about Geet. She only waited for the day he would finally see for himself that he was in love. Lucky for her, that day would come very soon.

       Dadi told Maan, "I have found the perfect girl for you, you know Mr. Mehta's daughter Chandini? I think she'd make a great pair with you." "What??? That girl is the most shallow person I have ever met. I wouldn't marry her if you threaten to kill me!!!" Maan spat. "Well Maan, who do you want to marry?", Dadi asked in a knowing tone. "I'I don't want to get married to anyone", He lied. "Maan, let me tell you something, if you love someone tell them before its too late.", dadi told him wisely. Maan stared at her a few seconds, totally taken aback. Why did she just say that to him? It was so random. Maan asked "What made you say that?" , " Just think about it Maan, and think rationally and try to keep that ego of yours out of the way and you will understand", dadi retorted and walked away with a perplexed looking Maan staring after her like she had four legs.
        So Maan thought and thought about it that night. When dadi asked who he wanted to marry his thoughts went right to Geet. Could that mean that he'No it's not possible. Geet annoyed him a lot. But she was really beautiful. Her innocence always compelled him. What was it about her that kept moving him towards her. No matter how much he tried to avoid her he couldn't. What was dadi talking about today? Everything she said seemed cryptic. Women were so hard to get no matter if they were your grandmother or your secretary.

        The next day Maan came into the office and the first thing he did was look to see if Geet was here. Geet sat in her chair doing some paper work and looked through the glass wall that divided their offices and saw Maan had just came in. She quickly got up and walked into his office to see if he needed her to do anything. "Bring me a cup of coffee and remember to put only one cube of sugar", Maan said. Geet smiled at his remark while she went to get his coffee. When she returned he told her that they had to finish the Raichand project today because the clients were becoming impatient. So they began their work. Maan always liked Geet's ideas. She was very creative and understood people really well. He usually asked her to help him with the projects because of this.
        While they both stole glances at each other while working. When Geet talked, Maan enjoyed watching the expressions on her face. At moments she would go from complete seriousness to ranting about useless things. Geet radiated happiness and ease. She made his tense nature soften. He tried really hard to keep his cool. He yelled at her a few times just to make sure that she didn't get any idea of what effect she was having on him. It was six o'clock and everyone began to leave. The Raichand project was not finished. That meant she would have to stay behind and help Maan finish it. The idea of them two alone intimidated Geet a little.

        An hour later the entire office was empty. Maan looked up from his work and saw that Geet looked a little tired. "Why don't you go home, I'll finish the rest", Maan told Geet. "No sir, there too much work for you to finish on your own. We'll finish it together." Geet replied. "Ok, as long as your sure." "I'm sure sir", Geet said with a soft smile. God that smile blew his mind. Maan wanted that smile to always stay on her pretty face. "Why did she always stay behind to help me?" Maan wondered. He knew that sometimes he was harsh to her. But Geet always came though for him despite that. He admired her hard work.

        "I think were done now", Maan declared a few hours later "Get your bag, I'll drop you off." "No sir, thank you, but I can go home on my own. There's no need for the trouble." Geet told him. Maan's was beginning to get angry, "Geet, why do I always have to go through this with you?? It's really late and I don't want you going home by yourself!!" Geet could tell this wasn't going to go well so she tried her best in giving a calm answer "Sir, you don't have to drop me off, I'm a big girl I can take care of myself." "Oh really? Are you sure about that? Because since the day I've met you your either your falling of off things or knocking something down or doing something stupid!!!!!!" Maan roared, his nostrils flared and his features became cold. "If you think I'm so stupid, just fire me!" Geet retorted. "Why can't you just listen to what I tell you???" Maan asked loudly. "Why can't you just let me be? You don't own me! You can tell me to do what ever you want when it comes to work, but outside of work I do what ever I want." Geet said furiously. Maan grabbed Geet's hand and pulled her close to him and said "You listen carefully, I'm taking you home and there is nothing you say that will stop me!!" Geet pushed him away with all her might and "Fine, I'll go with you under one condition. If you tell me why you always find it necessary that I do what ever you ask? Because you never act like his with anyone else besides me. Tell me and I will go with you", Geet said. Maan looked at her with anger and frustration. He thought of the answer to her question.

        At that moment it began to dawn on Maan Singh Khurana that he was in love with Geet Handa.

        Maan became quiet for a moment. His stern face became soft and there was a sense of realization in his eyes. He decided to answer her question, "Because I'm in love with you."

Next Part: What will Geet's reaction to Maan's revelation be?

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cute!!! it was awesome!!!!
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that was soo cutee..
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WOW! I'm speechless! What an amazing FF! Clap
I swear there is sooo much talent on this forum and your one of them! Wink
The whole transaction was entertaining, it didn't seemed rushed, it was just right, with a perfect flow. You have some skill! Gotta commend you for it! Wink
Do carry on with the FF and if you have a pm list then add me please!  Thanks!
Once again hun excellent job, it really was a treat to read! Wink
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Clap gr8!awesome....if u have p.m list than add me pls..
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can u plz add me to ur pm lisT!!
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talent ka khazana hai aap.
bohut achhaaaa :)
please continue
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