Final episode - Happy ending!

Posted: 2009-09-07T03:36:42Z

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Posted: 2009-09-07T20:22:25Z
Thanks Meli. For a long time, I have been watching this incredibly silly serial without commenting - actually I stopped watching - I read the updates and if I am in the sitting room surfing whilst the serial is on, I  get up and walk away.

This episode is no better. Kaveri slapping her dad is disgusting. Who  is she to slap him? He may have been a tricky fox but he always pampered her. If anybody deserves slapping, it's her. She has been a spoilt thoughtless selfish mercenary brat since she was a child - when she went out to GJ and his mistress, that Yo-yo's sister. Then she becomes a teenager and she has to be the Teenager From Hell - the way she behaved with her mother, her grandmother, joining some kind of organisation to learn to shoot so that she can kill her grandma (!!!!). Then she discovers that her dad is a nasty person and apologises to her mum. After that she comes back, and what do you know - she thinks the sun shines out of her dad's posterior. What kind of loyalty is that? I really hope she shoots herself.

But knowing the stupid serial, GJ will repent and everyone will live happily ever after.
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Posted: 2009-09-07T20:24:04Z
Sorry, she wants to kill GJ, does she? I hope Arase shoots both of them!!
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Posted: 2009-09-07T20:53:02Z
 GJ beaten by his own daughter Shocked... Oh burn...Approve... i guess he deserved it for all the evil acts he had committed...and most of all for escaping most of the time Angry.... however, it is unlikely that Kaveri will shoot him... since Arasi may come there and give both of them a piece of her mind Confused.... so much that GJ will accept Jegan and Kaveri will apologize for her behavior towards her father ...

thanks daa for the kalakkal update melz kutty ClapClapClap
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Posted: 2009-09-07T21:29:10Z
Meli thanks for the updates and reservation...
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Posted: 2009-09-07T21:50:20Z
Thanks for the super updates, Meli
yeah, u r right.... today super semma scene....
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Posted: 2009-09-07T22:08:11Z
Thanks Meli for the update. Looks like a semma scene to watch..
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Posted: 2009-09-07T22:49:04Z
Thanks for the udpates meli..

GJ very good acting.. He was shattered when his daughter shouted at him..
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