Request SP to not close this show!!

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Posted: 14 years ago

hey Guys ...

Since I obviously have too much time on my hands,I wrote this email to Star Plus requesting them to not close the show ..You can also help my sending an email to Star Plus.I don know if it going to make any effect or not but one should always try.
Please Go to this link

Copy Paste the message below and click submit.(You can put ur own thoughts if you want)
Hello StarPlus,

I am writing this email because I am very very disappointed because of cancelling BBHBBH and I do not understand the reason of cancellation of this show.

It is real, fresh and entertaining and different but obviously you do not believe in it otherwise you would not have cancelled the show.

But I am writing this email so that I can explain in a language where it makes sense to you... Ratings ...

On Youtube

the last uploaded episode of BBHBBH had 593 view counts.

the Last uploaded episode of Mitwa had 364 view counts

The last uploaded episode of Chehra has 333 view count

Obviously you can see BBHBBH is above all of these shows inspite of the fact that you ignore BBHBBH on every platform like star parivaar.Every screen couple had an item to present but not JaiKrishna .. There are some very loyal fans who love this serial .Please for their sake do not cancel this show .

Thank You,

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Posted: 14 years ago
Bringing it to page 1! You have the time to read, you have the time to post it ji! It takes 1 min of your life, so please do sign it
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Posted: 14 years ago

u guyz should nt end up this showw.....y  r u ending cauz of  oney???how bad...if people r being entertain so wat is with the moneyy......or they r nt entertainig whoo shyaa they r nt...this is ur misuderstanding if u guyz r thinking that!.....n if bbhbbh will end i will leave to watch starplus

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Posted: 14 years ago
its very late to request now as we all know...... i think we must email or somehow send msg to JD Majethia ( or email to hatts off production but i cldnt find its email id if anyone has plz post here )   to cast Ashutosh (jay) in his any of the forthcoming show. may be in the second season of BBB .......join the group of BBHBBH on facebook...its an official page created by the managing director of BBHBBH ...this is the best place to put our msg Edited by minnie.reet - 14 years ago
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Posted: 14 years ago
hai please start this show again and continue story of this show i will wait