Shooting Star (Edward and Bella) pg.1

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I couldn't believe I got to keep Edward all to myself, for the rest of forever. The wedding was arranged beautifully, by Alice, it couldn't have been better! Everyone was there: Mike Newton with Jessica Stanley,--They seemed like they were back together--Ben and Angela, and nearly the whole town was invited.
The ceremony was simple, short, and perfect! I couldn't help but be mesmerized by Edward's perfect skin, the texture of his perfect, velvet voice, when he said, "I do" at the altar. He was smiling my favorite crooked smile.
Jacob didn't come, I hoped he would, but he didn't show. I guess I don't have a right to force him to the one thing that is killing him. It killed me just to think of him in pain, but I wasn't going to let that ruin my finally alone time with Edward, with the one thing I'd wanted being human.
Edward and I reached Isle Esme; a small island at the coast of Brazil. I was hugging Edward from the back while he rowed the boat. The island had belonged to Esme and Carlisle, they had bought it just after their wedding, and often visited here, when they wanted some alone time.
Edward gently pulled me with the cool touch of his fingers on my arms, and cradled me in his arms when we reached the island.
Not too far away, was the little house, it seemed very cosy and welcoming. The luggage disappeared from my sight and so did Edward, for just quick two seconds. Suddenly, I was swept off my feet and he was carrying me into the house, I didn't have time to comment; his lips found mine before we had stepped inside.
It was hard to think when he kissed me so intensly. I didn't want to stop, but had to remind myself to keep breathing.
Suddenly, he put me down, very gently, onto the soft bed. He looked at me with warm, sparkling, topaz eyes. I blushed and lowered my face, not knowing how else to react. One cool finger brushed my cheek.
"You look very beautiful today.. very irresistable." he told me, in his soft, velvet voice.
I couldn't help but look up, and he was flashing my favorite crooked smile, again.
The blood rushed into my cheeks, I guessed turning them bright red. I looked down again, and smiled a little. I played with my fingers and blushed some more.
"What're you thinking?" he asked me, softly. I saw him crouch to the floor, in front of me.
"I can't believe we're already this far. I realize I get to keep you for my self for forever." I whispered, smiling.
"I was always yours," he smiled, and reached up to kiss me.
I tried to make my breathing even as he kissed my neck, moving to my shoulders, and my arms. His hands trailed down the silky soft wedding dress Alice had bought for me. His lips found my neck again, as I tangled my hands in his hair, pulling him tighter and found his lips. I reached for his perfect black tux, but his hands beat me to it, and threw off his coat and shirt to the floor, too fast for me to concentrate on. His lips found the back of my neck, as he pulled the bun in my hair lose; my hair fell and tickled my neck a bit. I shuddered just a bit, hard for him to notice.
I touched his perfect pale and hard chest with the tips of my fingers. He caught my wrists, and pulled them to the back of his neck. I found his lips, as he pushed himself on me.
"Irresistable this is," he whispered softly. His hand trailing down my waist and down my thigh. I wrapped my legs around his waist.
I sighed. He looked up at me with a quizzing expression.
"What?" he asked.
"Nothing, I-I need just a short human moment," I chuckled shyly.
He chuckled with me and brushed my cheek with his cool hands.
"Don't be too long," he almost mouthed and pulled me off the bed with him.
I nodded, still blushing.
Edward had handed me my bag of toileteries, which Alice had packed for me. I searched through the bag for a damp towel. The make-up felt too sticky on my face, I knew she had put on too much.
I gave myself a quick glance in the mirror and groaned. Edward was there, then, holding me in his arms, before I could comment on myself. I breathed in the sweet scent of his skin.
"What's wrong?" he said, curious.
"Alice put too much make-up on me. I look like a clown," I whispered, glancing at myself in the mirror again.
He chuckled. "You looked more than fine, Bella. You always do." He hugged me tighter.
I moved my hands up his bare back, and reached for his shoulders. He kissed my hair.
"You always say that," I whispered, similing a little.
"That's because it's true. Here, do you want me to help you wash it off?" He reached for the damp towel I had taken out.
He pulled away, just a little, and softly moved the towel around my cheeks and chin.
I closed my eyes, as he got the eye-shadow off, and kissed my eyes after he was done cleaning my face for me.
"There," he murmured. "Perfect." he added, with a hint of smile in his voice.
I opened my eyes and looked at him with a shy smile on my face.
"Shall we continue?" he muttered. I could notice his blushing tone, even though his cheeks didn't turn rose.
I chuckled and pulled myself closer. His lips found mine, in a instance. We kissed the way to the bedroom, not to mention, bumping into walls along the way.
I felt the hot sun on my bare back. My arms wrapped around Edward's neck. I snuggled in closer to him, keeping my eyes closed. I was still a little tired, but a smile broke across my face.
"Good Morning," he said in his soft, velvet voice.
"Mmm," I sighed.
He kissed my hair and tightened his grip on my waist, pulling me closer.
He waited patiently for me to be awake completely. His cool finger trailing on my bare back, where the sun burned. His cool skin felt perfect with the mixed heat.
I slowly managed to open my eyes, and kissed his jaw.
I twisted on the bed, stretching and yawning.
"Oh!" I gasped, feeling a strange pain.
Edward groaned, which sounded like a pained groan.
I pulled myself up on an elbow, and looked at him with curious eyes.
"What?" I whispered, rubbing his chest.
His expression looked pained as he got up and walked across the room.
"Edward," I said. "What is it?"
He didn't turn.
"I will never forgive myself for this," he murmured. It was hard to understand at first, until he repeated the words.
"Oh, Bella, I'm so sorry." his voice had a pained tone to it.
"What are you talking about, Edward?" I said, following him.
I reached to touch his shoulder, when he turned with his head bowed down. He was frowning.
"What's wrong? What happened?" I pleaded.
He looked at me then, with softer eyes. I could still see the pain in his eyes, though.
"Edward," I reached for him. He backed away.
"Edward, what's wrong?" I pleaded, moisture collecting in my eyes.
He turned away again, facing his back to me.
"What is it?" my voice broke. Tears streamed down my cheeks.
He turned then, with a shocked expression.
He wiped my tears and kissed me on my forehead. I sniffed.
"Please don't cry, I know you're hurt. I'm sorry." he whispered.
I pulled away, looking into his eyes.
"Hurt?" I asked, confused.
"You were screaming an awful lot last night. You even cried a bit! Bella, I'm so sorry. I will never hurt you again." He hugged me.
I pulled away, slightly pushing him.
"Hurt me again? What do you mean? Edward, you have no amazing last night was,"
"I don't understand? You were screaming a lot."
"Edward, I may be screaming, but it wasn't in pain. I may have even cried, but it wasn't because you hurt me. I didn't even pay attention to my reactions. Last night was perfect."
He gave me a puzzled look. He cocked his head to the side.
"You weren't hurt? Not even a little bit? Then why did you groan just now?"
"I worked on my muscles I never used last night. Edward, you didn't hurt me at all. You gave me the best night of my life!" I hugged him.
He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my hair again.
"Are you sure? You're not just making that up to make me feel better, are you?"
"Yes, I'm sure, Edward. It was perfect; thank you." I kissed his shoulder.
He sighed a relieved sigh.
"Then why were you crying just now?" he suddenly asked.
"It hurt to see you in pain. I didn't know what it was about." I said, my voice breaking. "I can't stand to see you in pain, Edward. I Can't!" And now, the sobs began.
"Shh," he shushed me, cradling me and humming my lullaby until I calmed down.
"I love you so much," he whispered in my ear, and kissed it.
"I love you, too." I whispered back.
As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom, I could smell the bacon and eggs with orange juice at the side. I sniffed, walking toward the kitchen, finding him flipping the eggs in the pan. He seemed to enjoy it.
I walked and sat on the table with a plate filled already. I wondered why he was making so much?
I stomach grumbled loudly, reacting to the smell. I heard Edward chuckle to himself.
"Mmm," I sighed taking a bite of the eggs on my plate.
He pulled me on his lap as I ate, and watched me with a smile. The food was hot and it burned my throat, but I swallowed it down, not being able to stop. I was starved.
"So, I was wondering," I said, taking a sip of the orange juice after I finished both plates.
"And what was that?" he asked, smiling.
I turned and looked at his dazzling expression.
"Hmm," I said wrapping my arms around his neck.
"How long can we stay here?" I asked.
"As long as you want, Bella." He kissed my arm.
"Well...," I struggled for words.
"Well...?" he demanded.
I yawned loudly. That was funny...I had just gotten up.
My head fell against his chest.
"Bella?" he asked curious. I felt woozy.
"Bella!" he said a bit louder, when I didn't respond.
Everything went black.

I heard Edward talk softly in the kitchen. He was probably on the phone.
"I don't know Carlisle....It's been four hours, I'm worried. What could've happened? ...No, she yawned first...We were talking...Normally, just a conversation....she said, "Well," and then fainted....I don't know....Yes, I checked her temprature, it's normal....I'm not sure....Okay....Bye."
I walked out of the bed, but lost my balance, and stumbled into the dressor. I heard a loud thud; something had fallen off the dresser.
Edwards hands wrapped around my waist in an instant. He gave me a worried expresion, his eyes wide with shock.
I put one hand over Edwards wrapped arms around me, and the other on my head, as I moaned.
"Bella," Edward whispered. "Bella, are you alright?" he asked me.
"I-" I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. I was still woozy--I got up too quickly. Major head rush.
He sat on the bed, with me on his lap, his shoulder supporting my head. I had closed my eyes.
Finally, after a while, I sighed and slowly rose my head and turned to look at him. His expression was demanding an explanation. I didn't know what to say to him.
"What...happened?" I managed to get out.
"You were talking, then you yawned and suddenly fainted. I called for you many times, but you didn't respond. You've been our for four hours, Bella." He was worried.
"Four hours?!" I nearly shouted, shocked.
"What happened? Are you alright?" he repeated. Again with the demanding-an-explanation expression.
"I-I don't know. I felt tired and woozy, then everything went black." I tried to remember more, but nothing else came to me.
"How are you feeling?" He touched my forehead with his cool hand. That felt good.
"I'm fine," I said. Usually when I say 'I'm fine,' it's exaggerating. This time, it was the truth.
"Bella-" he tried to disagree.
"No, really, seriously, Edward. Maybe I was just tired earlier. Trust me, I'm fine now. Perfectly fine." I smiled.
He nodded. He seemed to believe me. That made me happy.
"What were you saying to Carlisle on the phone?" I asked, wanting a straight-forward answer.
"Alice saw you fainting, she called a while after I put you on the bed. I spoke with Carlisle ten thousand times about you. Carlisle said you must be tired after the long trip and the...long...night. I didn't want to believe it was just that." he answered me.
"Oh," I muttered. "Well, Carlisle was right. It was probably just that."
He kissed my cheek with the gentlest touch.
"Would you like to kill time?" I asked, grinning.
He chuckled. "What do you have in mind?" There was the happy expression i'd been looking for. Him smiling happily at me. I grinned widely.
"Would you like to watch a movie? Go outside? Or..." I kissed him, letting him know the third option.
"How about outside? I wanted to take you swimming, but you passed out on me." he teased.
"Alright," I sighed, a little dissapointed.
I hopped down, he still held me with worry.
"Edward, I'm fine, really. I won't stumble again." I smiled a little.
"Just in case," he said, tightening his grip on my waist.
I sighed an annoyed sigh. He tried to hold back a smile, but failed.
Please comment guys, or I won't continue. Thanks!!:)
Love you all,<3
Hope you like it.---*pardon any typo's.:D
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no comments?
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Posted: 2009-01-14T18:40:40Z
lol i love your ff!!!
its wicked amazing...
i clicked on it as soon as i saw it was a twilight ff...
and i love how edward and bella are portrayed similarly to the book..
its absolutely amazing!
keep up the great work
love always
sukhi :)
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Posted: 2009-01-14T19:20:40Z
thanks so much sukhi.:D yeah, i'm addicted to twilight, so decided to write something on it.:)
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