~*Happy Birthday Pulkit Samrat*~

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The constant ringing of an alarm is surely to leave you ticked in the morning. After all, alarms are the first thing you hear when you wake up.

Pulkit covered his face with his velvety blanket, unprepared for another morning and another sunrise. He groaned in his sleep, shifting constantly because of the most annoying sound of the day.

"Pulkit, shut the alarm and get up!" Lena shouted in the midst of making breakfast. She wiped the drop of sweat that was trickling down her forehead.

"Who am I kidding? He'll never get up." She sighed and turned down the fire from the stove; then put the spoon down on the table. If she is ever planning to wake him up, Lena would have to do it herself.

"Pulkit, I'm coming up! Prepare for you sweetest nightmare!" She called from downstairs. Lena wrapped her dupatta around herself and grabbed a cup of water so she could wake him up. Up the stairs she went, her feet thumping hardly against the staircase.

Pulkit, on the other hand, was way to busy sleeping to care. The sound of the alarm did not bother him now, not after its massive amount of ringing. The deadliest noise had become a loud lullaby for him, in order to sleep soundlessly. Of course, what did he know about deadly? The deadliest medicine for waking up was coming up the stairs and entering the room'.just about now.

"Wake up brother!" Lena called to him musically, jumping on the bed. The cup of water was about ready to fall, and unfortunately it was right on top of Pulkit's face!

"If I jump, you're wrath will be milliseconds away!!" She warned harmoniously again.

The groan left Pulkit's throat once again, and he rid the blanket from his body. His eyes opened the slightest bit to see the bottom of a cup. His mouth fell open in shock.

"Oh no, you are so not doing that!" He got up instantly, jumping out of the bed. Half of the water in the cup was missing, the bed soaked up in wetness.

"Yeah I thought so." She grinned at him. "Now, don't you want to know the reason behind why your alarm rang so early today?"

"No I don't. I just need to sleep." He muttered. Rolling her eyes, she ignored his comment.

"Rise to the Big Day!!" Her hands rose up, hanging in the air to be waved dramatically.

"What?" Pulkit rubbed his eyes, pouting unconsciously.

"Silly, silly brother. Come on, freshen up. Your dearest sister made you a fresh batch of blueberry pancakes." She patted his head and got off his bed.

"I'm waiting for you downstairs. Mother and father won't be coming back from California today, because their plane was delayed. They called this morning, and they also told me to give you a long apology speech. I think they know me enough, that they should realize I won't be giving you a stupid speech. Coming back to point, get ready and come down as soon as you get ready. Okay?" She smiled at him cheerfully before she shut the door.

When the door was safely shut, she turned around and danced down the stairs, thinking about his surprise party. She was going to hold it at noon, knowing holding the party at nighttime would only lead to chaos, because the main star of the party would be sleeping lazily in his room.

"Lena! Where are you?!" She heard the call from her best friend from the porch.

"Coming!" Lena said, walking to the door. She opened it just a bit, only to find the door slammed open by another force. Struck by her best friend's perkiness, she jumped back from the door.

"Wow, watch it Pari!" She shook her head at Pari who obviously looked like she was about to die from happiness.

Pari didn't realize this. Who would realize how happy they are; when they are too busy enjoying their moment in happiness? She looked around, her heels lifted up so she balanced on her tippy toes.

"Who you looking for?"

The answer was obvious but worth asking to hear the answer come from Pari's lips. Lena knew very well that Pari had a sweet crush on her brother. Lena was happy for it, knowing that they really did make a perfect match. Every time Pari would talk about Pulkit, Lena had the verge to go have a talk with her brother... to tell him about her friend's crush...on him.
"Pulkit, duh! Where is he? Don't tell me he is still sleep. If he is, I'm going go up to his room, jump on top him, and start yelling on the top of my lungs. Did he like forget such a Big Day?" Pari rested her crossed arms over her chest.

"No, I woke him up. The thing is he has no idea what today is." Lena smiled up at Pari, knowing she would be happy about it.

She came closer to Lena, and whispered, "He doesn't know? Wait, he doesn't know about the surprise party or that today's a Big Day?"

"Um'I believe, both." Lena replied, looking up at the ceiling as if the answer was somewhere there.  

"That's just great!" Pari squealed happily, jumping with Lena.

"Are the twins coming?" Lena asked. "I need help, you know."

"Yeah, just in a few minutes. Where is Aaliyah?" Pari looked around again.

"Oh, she went out to get the groceries and everything. Is Angel bringing the decorations?"

Pari nodded.

Both shared another conversation together, while they made the remaining breakfast together. Soon the twins, Rani and Rani, joined in preparing the breakfast on the table. By the time the breakfast was made and served, Aaliyah and Angel were there too.

"What's with all this gathering? People are coming in one after another." Pulkit said while he ate his pancakes, obviously enjoying it.

"They are here for me, duh! What, did you think they came for you?" Lena chuckled nervously, while the rest joined in.

"You guys are definitely acting weird." Pulkit swallowed his pancake, taking the syrup bottle to pour some on to his pancake.

"Well, whatever. Can you guys eat with me? I feel lonely." He mumbled the last lines unwillingly. They all nodded and joined in the food. They ate quickly, eating as fast as they can. Why? They had a party to arrange!!

"Pulkit, are you're friends coming today?" Aaliyah asked after a long silence. Pulkit nodded, smiled cheerfully.

"Oh, that's great! When are they coming?" The outgoing twin asked. The other twin looked up shyly, her crush on Pulkit hardly looking transparent.

 "After I eat, I'll be going out." He replied.

"Great," all the girls said it in unison. He looked up at everyone, eyeing them one by one.

"Maybe, I'll just go now." He said, getting up with a strange look in his face.

"Yeah, maybe you should." Angel said.

After Pulkit had left the house, even more girls started piling in the house. What to say?? Pulkit Samrat was a lady's man. Some of the girls were Zinu, Jhanvi, Riya, Preeti, Abhi, Nikky, Ain, Twinkle, and Gursimer.

"Come on guys! We have to hurry!" Riya shouted from the stool she was standing up on. Everyone was rushing, going from place to place. Abhi and Zinu, masters of designing, directed them and looked over everything to see all was going well.

Nikky, Ain, Abhi, and Preeti were in the kitchen baking their homemade cake. Lena was instructing them on the cooking.

Pari and Gursimer were on their cell phone calling up the invites. Twinkle was rearranging everything, organizing the living room with Riya, Aaliyah, the twins, and Angel.

It was after one more hour when they finally completed everything. They all went upstairs -some in Aaliyah's room and some in Lena's room- to put on their dresses and cover them with beautification. Each one of them looked dashing. Some looked absolutely hot, purely beautiful, innocently cute, and simply pretty.  All that is needed to know was they looked drop-dead gorgeous.

Lena and Aaliyah headed out to the porch to wait for Pulkit. It took forever waiting for Pulkit. However, none of them cared to share their impatience because it was Pulkit's day today. They would put up with all his flaws, because all his flaws and handsomeness is what makes him so perfect.

Pulkit came along with his friends who looked absolutely perplexed by two appealing girls standing outside the porch.

"Wow! Who are they? They look really'" One of his friends dared to spit out his thoughts. Unfortunately, his words were cut off by Pulkit. He punched his friend in the gut, surprising his friend.

"What was that for?!"

"Those two girls are my sisters! If you're going to drool over them, then keep your nasty thoughts away from me!" Pulkit said with a death tone to his voice.

His friends fixed their faces so it didn't show any sign of attracted-to-these-two-girls emotions.

"What're you guys doing out here? Why do you guys look like you are about to go to a huge party?" Pulkit asked his sisters when he came closer.

Both of them grinned at him and asked him to turn his back to them. Aaliyah, who was tall enough, covered his face with her hands. Lena, on the other hand, told his friends to keep their mouth shut when they went inside. They escorted him inside. As Aaliyah removed her hands from his face, the lights turned on to reveal a beautifully decorated room.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone yelled out in unison. Pulkit looked at the room in awe. His shocking face slowly turned into a thankful smile. He turned around to his sisters and hugged them both. Pulkit went around the entire room so he could give everyone a hug, lingering slightly on Pari.

"Come on, enough of all this drama! Get up and groove people. My dearest friends of my dearest Pulkit, please do join in. You guys look hot enough to attract some of these girls here." Pari said out loud so the entire room can hear her.

Everyone danced in the center of the room, the song player playing one song then another. Pulkit danced too in the center of all the people. He shared a dance with every girl in the room, even his two sisters.

During the last dance round, when it was time for a slow dance- three dancers were on the floor. Nikky, Aaliyah, and Pari danced with the three boys. Aaliyah danced with the same boy who found her and her sister really hot. Nikky danced with Pulkit's other friend. Pari...she danced with Pulkit. She was the last one to dance with Pulkit, and the most remebered one.
When his two sisters covered his eyes and revealed it to a room full of beautfiul girls, the first girl Pulkit saw was Pari. Pulkit didn't avert his eyes from her to look around the entire room, instead his eyes stayed on hers.
They danced through the music, flowing along with the song. Yet it was more like, they were too distracted with each other to realize the changing of music. Maybe if she was the only one in the room, he would've danced witth her through the entire night.
Unfortunately, it was a party and alone time was not permitted- including you and your lover. Lena and Aaliyah stopped the music after two slow songs passed, announcing that it was time to cut the cake.

Aliyaah held the mike and annouced "This cake is full of love prayers and good wishes...from your fans..here is special poem, just for u..coming directly from the heart of one of your sweetheart....Pari.....whose poem dedicated to you is selected as the best from the rest😳... Come Pari..... sing it away yaar...." Aliyaah called pari up front and handed her the mike..... and she left.....

She is at first hesitant, but gives in...

Qayamat tak aapko yaad karenge,
Aapki har baat par aitbaar karenge,
Aapko humse milne ko to nahi kahenge,
Par phir bhi Aapse milne ka intezar karenge

Pataa nahi aaj kya baat hui

Thandi si Subah me aapki yaad aayi,
Yaad Bhulane ke liye hamne Shamaa jalai,
Khuda ki Kasam ki aisi kayamat hui,

Dhuwe me bhi aapki Tasvir Nazar aayi!!!

Aapke janam din par kya tohfa de....
sirf ek duaa aapke liye...ke...

Sajti rahe khushion ki mehfil,
 Har khushi suhani rahe,
 Aap zindagi mein itne khush raho,
 Ki har khushi Aap ki diwani rahe!!!


Sang Pari.....tears in her eyes.... He could no longer control himself. No one had ever done such a thing for him......his eyes looking at her adorable face. He slowly started walking towards her..... and suddenly sweeps her off the ground in his strong, sturdy arms. She was surprised at the suddenness of his action, but closes her eyes as she feels butterfly in her stomach from the spining. He held her in his arms, swaying her a little, still up a little in the air, as he closed his eyes and kissed her forehead. She put her arms around his neck, and he settled her down on the ground, his arms tightly around her waist, pushing her closer to him. They stared at eachother with love, it was everything she had dreamed of, Pulkit cupped her face and kissed her again on her forehead as Pari put her hands on his back. They stood there, looking into each other's eyes, smiling, their foreheads joining.

Pari looked at him and sighed, thanking God that he was hisnow. It had been a little unexpected, but she didn't regret any of it. It was what she had wanted to do for a long time, and it had been one of the best feeling she had ever had in her life.

Pulkit started "I......Love............"

"Ppppppaaaaaarrriiiiiiiii... waha khadi kya kar rahi hai....jaldi karna....cake katne mai dair ho rahi hai....." shoutted Lena..... She flashed out.....of her DREAM.... She looked at the mike in her hand..... and smiled to herself.....thinking...."sambhal ja pari...kahi pagal na hojaye tu....uske pyaar mein....." She still stood their itself thinking to her self.... "ARRE CHAL NA...." yelled Aliyaah.... "Haan Aayi..." she said and walked towards everyone....
Pulkit cut the cake, only to realize his doom.  His two sisters had held him tightly enough so the others can "feed" him some cake. Too bad his handsome face was covered in cake in the end. What did it matter? He looked handsome naturally. Adding a little touch of cake wouldn't hurt his face, now would it? After all, Big Days only come once a year. 

That was a little... fic by my best friend... pretuna aka LENA..... Thanks Darling....πŸ‘ Hope You all enjoyed it....πŸ˜†

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Answers to the Quizez - "Pulkit Samrat B'day Surprise"

1.     Where did he do his schooling and what was the name of the school? What more do you know about his education? - He did his schooling from "Manav Sthali School", Rajendra Nagar and "Montfort", Ashok Vihar, Delhi. He studied Medical with Math till the twelfth and then I did a three year advertising course from APJ Insitute of Design.

2.     Which awards was he the winner of and in which event?-He is the winner of last year's 'best fresh new face' award of The Indian Telly Awards and 'Favourite Naya Sadasya' (Favourite Newcomer) of Star Parivar Awards(SPA).

3.     Who was his biggest support through out?-His Mother

4.     What does he do in his free time? Practice magic.

5.     What other language does he know besides Hindi and English?- German

6.     What is he most comfortable wearing? - A pair of jeans with a full sleeves shirts.

7.    Who are his favorite actresses? (Bollywood and Tellywood)- In Bollywood, Rani Mukerjee and on the small screen Ratna Pathak and Smrithi Irani.

8.    What is the name of his favorite movie?- Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

9.    What was he playing while entered the Virani Mansion?- The Bagpiper

10.   Where did he throw his party for wining one of the categories at SPA awards and who were the first two arrivals?- at Kino's Cottage, Andheri. Manav Vij (Joydeep of Kyunki) was the first to arrive and Reshmi Ghosh (Bhoomi of Kyunki) and her boyfriend Amit Gupta followed Manav's entrance

11.  Who is his role model among the characters of Kyunki'?- Hiten Tejwani, Karan Virani of Kyunki'


Ok Now Some questions that were asked to him during the Chat and you will be answering from his point of view. (Meaning how did he answered those questions when asked)

1. If SRK is the king of Bollywood, who is the king of Telivision world, according to you?-Me!

2. Whom do you admire the most?- My Mother

3. I like your performance in Kyunki. I also want to act like you in television. Can you please tell me how is it possible?- As for becoming an actor, first and foremost you have to be sincere and things will fall into place

4. You are on an island with KT, Tulsi and Ekta, Whom would you like to give company?- Main aur meri tanhaai

5. How much does Pulkit resemble Lakshya?- Very much. Lakshya is not very shot tempered about injustice, but Pulkit is short tempered!

6. What is your pet name if you have any?- ANSHU

7. Imagine you have 24 hours of yourself - no shoot, nothing. What would you like to do?- I would like to fly home and sleep on my bed, spend time with my family and shop.

8. What would you say to a beautiful girl with lots of attitude?-Beautiful girls with lots of attitude should learn to carry it around in the right way! 

9. Who do you like the most on the Kyunki... set?- Baa. I share the best relationship with her!

10.      You had said in an interview that there is someone special in your life. You cannot give the name but is she someone from Showbiz?- No, it's not someone from the showbiz

11.      Do you like white colour? If yes, then I too love white colour! (Pari- What are his thoughts about colors is what I am looking for here.. =)- I like white too. But my colours also keep changing with the season!

12.      Who does your hairstyle?- I do it myself


This quiz was important....to test his fans on how deeply they know him and for those who don't know him so, they can get to know him.πŸ˜ƒ
Hope you found some interesting fact about him from this quiz.

Not many participated as i guess i went too much in detail.....lol..... but its ok... i don't expect that much. and i thank those who did participated but as all your answers were not correct either, i coun't declare any winner.πŸ˜›

But now you know the answers.... hope you enjoyed and now know the answers to the questions.πŸ˜‰

Thank you,

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Alright here are some creation that were made for his b'day... as requested.
Feel Free To Use Them....


(Few of these were made late november-ish....and The maker of each siggy deserves its CREDIT)

Check out this following Link for all the Poems/Songs that has been dedicated to Pulkit from all his fans😳

Check out this following Link for Pulkit Samrat Surprise thread that was opened late November-ish😳
We will be discussing the Surprise thread in a min..... so don't go anywhere...come right back..... after the break...lolπŸ˜†

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Posted: 15 years ago
happy birthdayyyyyyyy....................πŸ₯³ pulkit
i cant wish as pari didπŸ˜† but i wish u a very prosperous and happy life.
happy birthday once againπŸ‘
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Posted: 15 years ago

I wish you a very successful and prosperous life😊

But no one could do it better than pari.
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Many many happy return's of d day. I wish u a veryyyyy happy and successful life😊
I m huge fan of urs. GOD BLESS.
                                                                           TUM JIYO HAZARO SAAL
                                                                           SAAL K DIN HO 50000000HAZAAR
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Posted: 15 years ago
Many Many happy returns of the dayPulkit!!!!!!
you get everything you want!!!!!
May you go a longway!!!


Nice topic Pari πŸ‘
love the ff that you wroteπŸ˜›
and thanks for adding me😳
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many happy returns of the day pulkit
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Posted: 15 years ago

Happy birthday ones again MERI JAAN....πŸ˜› Wish you allll the very best for the coming year.....πŸ˜‰ and may you live my age.....πŸ˜›

Credit: The Fiction Sequence wasn't written by me but my friend.... pretuna aka LENA.... so all credits to her............
Error: I made an error in my writting..... the year which he was borned in.... its 1983 not 1883 πŸ˜†
Happy birthday ones again.....hubby...πŸ˜‰