Only Mine

Only Mine Ongoing

Chapter 36

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hira2010 7 days ago Great part and maaneet scene are good
GeetMeet 1 months ago Nice update dear waiting for next update continue soon
pari_goyal 1 months ago Nice update...
zida37 1 months ago Nic pt Maan gift geet Maaneet romance is cute
jasminerahul 1 months ago AR scene was cute.maan gifting her diamond ring. ..all the dialogues were romantic. ma'am telling her to be like this always n never change for anyone was sweet.nice romance.nice pics
Creampuff 1 months ago Sweet update I like how maan sensed geet’s nervousness & was trying to make her relax . Gifting her the diamond ring was sweet as well . Thank you for pm & update
chauhan1796 1 months ago Thanks for pm dear Amazing update Vicky and Armaan want gift too but they are so scared of Maan's anger 😂 Waiting for next continue soon
custodian75 1 months ago Finally Maan gets his Geet for himself. He notices her nervousness and tries to get her to relax. Armaan and Vicky are shocked that riddhima got the Shagun and they were not even able to tease him.
deep002 1 months ago Awesome update dear, ridhima is happy as maan gives her a shagon gift, geet was nervous but maan make her comfortable with his talks
tammana.m 1 months ago osm :) Ridhima tease armaan and vicky :D maan make geet to relax seeing her nervous waiting for nxt :) thnx for pm !!
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