Batien Ankahi Si

Batien Ankahi Si Completed

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How mesmerizing The first feeling of love is …that tickle with just the thought to see him in front of ur eyes …the anxiety to know about him …the red hue which covers ur face every time with just his presence around u … The beautiful phase of a couple's life from engagement to marriage …a serene time when u have all the right to see that person from far away n imagine all what u want …be it wild or the sweet romantic moments like those of SRK's movie …but yet u are nt allowed to near him n claim it in front of the world ….
Author's Note:
This is an MG OS i wrote years a ago in GHSP forum, hope readers here enjoy it. Thank you for the amazing cover Sanskruthi .. :)
Graphics credit :
Sanskruthi Sanskruthi

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