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Published On: Thursday,Nov 25, 2021 00:29 AM GMT-07:00

eye 2005 star 24 book 2

Show: Mehandī Hai Racanevālī.

Raghav and Pallavi are expecting their first child and want to give thanks with a dinner at Pooswami Old Age Home. However, first they have a long talk about the secrets that they already share, about Raghav's past cruelty to Pallavi and his efforts to win over her family, about Pallavi's changing ideas of avenging herself against Raghav and her reasons for wanting a life with Raghav, and about the life that they want for their child. Danger awaits them at the dinner, while Pallavi reflects on their future and Raghav remembers his past.
Author's Note:
The title means "To Resolve the Darkness of Obstacles" and comes from a prayer (the invocation of Saṃjīvanī - Mallinātha's commentary on Kālidāsa's Kumārasambhava) that Pallavi recites to invoke her family deity, Gaṇapati Bāppā.
Trigger Warning:
Extent of Trigger Warnings : light ; Trigger Warnings : accident, medical illness, mentions of nonconsensual obscene photographs and forcible marriage and divorce, murderous situation, mentions of murder, kidnapping, suicide-ideation, bullying, and drugging, abstract mentions of alcohol abuse, drug trafficking, rape, and child labour.

Content Warnings : mild abstract sexual thoughts.
Refine by Genre: Suspense Love Story
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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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