Tu Hi Mera Khuda

Tu Hi Mera Khuda Completed

Published On: 2021-08-24T04:37:20Z

eye 4982 star 15 book 13

Taani is an innocent 18 yr old girl live in a loveless life with her step mother one day her step mother sold her to a creep man but her fate played a big game here Rutheless businessman Reyansh who dont have any place for love in his life save Taani He Become her saviour incidentally His destiny made him Taani saviour again and again and she started falling in love with him. Will her love be able to break the boundaries around him which he created himself ❓ or she is going to loose herself as well ❓ This fiction is on Taarey journey,, Taarey(Taani & Rey character) belongs to D3 show
Author's Note:
This is a completely fictional story not related to any person or reality, Story is on fictional character Taani and Rey known as Taarey(couple name) Characters belong to D3 show If you want to read this story than please add this in your library
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