There Will Never Be Another You

There Will Never Be Another You Ongoing

Published On: 2021-02-04T09:50:26Z

eye 1468 star 27 book 4

Arnav Singh Raizada (29 years old) is a self made business man. His parents died in an accident before 14 years. He and his sister were thrown out by his uncle. His maternal grandmother took him and his sister under her wings. His family consists of his Di, Nani, Mami, Mama and his cousin Akash. His family is currently searching a bride for him. Khushi Gupta (19 years old) is an orphan. She was adopted by Shashi Gupta when her parents passed away in an accident. Her adopted family consists of her father, mother, aunt and her sister Payal. Other than Shasi and Payal no one considered her as family
Author's Note:
The characters belong to the show Iss Pyar ko kya naam doon season I produced by four lions films. The plot is different from the serial.
Refine by Genre: Romance
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