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'Yuvvraaj' music review

Single album ' Yuvvraaj' caters to varied tastes.


Year 1999 saw 'Taal' as biggest hit album of the year. This album marked coming together of director Subhash Ghai and singer A.R.Rahman and after a long time once again the duo are back with 'Yuvvraaj'.

With the very first track 'Yuvvraaj' music album brings in treat for all Salman Khan fans. Salman himself sings the track 'Main hoon Yuvvraaj'. This track introduces the movie and reveals interesting cues. With the song it is for sure, that 'Yuvvraaj' (Salman) is a bad guy and is out to prove he can be a superstar with his singing.  It looks like a part of librettos. This is not an original Rahman piece, traces of this orchestral tune can be found somewhere in best music libraries.

'Tu hi to meri dost hai' is a fabulous track. It requires no introduction as it is already on air and the song has picked up very well on music chart. Benny Dayal's voice is simply stunning. Accompanying him is Shreya Ghoshal and A.R.Rahman. Lyrics by Gulzar are splendid. The continuous flowing of stringed instruments is very caressing. One just cannot afford to miss it.

After having yourself caressed its time to tap your feet with the disco number 'Shano Shano'. The singers leading this song are Sonu Nigam, Srinivas, Kartik and Sunaina. Their beautiful voice melts in with the techno-beats but at times, the music turns to moderation. This flaw is covered with the remix version of the same that is peppier, jazzy and stylish. Overall, a good party number and best play in discotheques.

Now back to classically romantic mood with 'Tu Muskura'. It is a nice romantic song with nice tuning. Alka Yagnik along with Jaaved Ali does a good job as a singer. The track also inputs traces of 'Tu hi to meri dost hai' in between.

 'Mastam Mastam' is the fifth track in the album. It's something very different in terms of sound and music. The lyrics do not have much to offer. Sonu, Alka, Benny and Naresh have done a good job as singers. A nice experimental track that will be more exciting visually.

Now comes in a sad slow song 'Zindagi'. 'Gulzar's' ghazal style of lyrics rules this song and
Srinivas sing it. Emotions are precisely spelled through words while plain guitar chords stimulate the similar feeling. A good track but not as good as Rahman's previous work.

The seventh track of the album is 'Dil ka rishta' with story moving in the background and love story flowing in excess. It is a very long song of about 7 minutes 39 seconds. The splendid vocalists Sonu Nigam along with Roop Kumar Rathod, A.R.Rahman, Clinton Cerejo, Suzzane D'Mello, Vivienne Pocha, a never seen or heard before vocalism combo, give this song. Overall an enchanting score.

'Manmohini' is the last track of the album that is a fusion of Indian classical songs. Vijay Prakash very well sings the song and gives a classical touch to it. A very short length track and is different from the entire album.

'Yuvvraaj' music album does not create the same magic like 'Taal' but the album has something different to offer. If you are looking for music of different genre just go for it. If not still, go for it because this single album caters to varied tastes.


Salman Khan Alka Yagnik Sonu Nigam Subhash Ghai Shreya Ghoshal Roop Kumar Rathod Vijay Prakash Benny Dayal Clinton Cerejo

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