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YRKKH: Muskaan's marriage proposal creates a stir: Abhinav questions the rush

In tonight’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Muskaan’s marriage proposal by Kairav will create a stir and Abhinav will be seen questioning the rush.

Published: Tuesday,Jun 06, 2023 07:06 AM GMT-06:00
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Pranali Rathod

The episode commences with Neela mentioning that she has discussed Muskaan's marriage proposal with a prominent family. Abhinav advises against rushing into her marriage and suggests allowing her to pursue her career and live life on her own terms.

 Akshu and Kairav return home unexpectedly, with Kairav apologizing for not informing beforehand. Neela excuses herself to finish her work, while Akshu informs them that Kairav wants to speak with both Abhinav and Neela. Abhinav dismisses it, assuming it pertains to Muskaan. 

Dadi reprimands a servant and expresses her feeling of being neglected. She notices Muskaan's presence. Abhinav suggests that Muskaan wouldn't trust her and advises her to leave for Singapore. Akshu shows them a photo, and Abhinav and Neela witness Muskaan and Kairav together. Muskaan places a family photo and apologizes to Dadi. She confesses her genuine love and admits that she wouldn't have the courage to speak up if her feelings were not true. 

Considering Abhinav's already complicated life, she refuses to burden anyone with their relationship. She assures that she will protect their solid household walls from cracking and promises not to let it happen. Kairav reveals that Muskaan has no complaints against him, and despite not initially understanding her love, he loves her and requests acceptance. Neela states that if Muskaan is happy, she cannot snatch away her happiness. Kairav smiles, and Muskaan vows to keep all relationships untangled. Surekha sarcastically asks for a guarantee that Muskaan will keep her word. Kairav thanks Neela, promises to keep Muskaan happy, and asks Abhinav for a hug. However, Abhinav refuses the alliance, acknowledging Kairav as a good man but insisting that his consent isn't necessary. He believes that Muskaan, being inexperienced and sheltered, hasn't seen the world and they are too different. Abhinav emphasizes that marriage is a lifelong decision, and if they cannot understand each other, life will become difficult. He states that more than just love, various elements are required to maintain a relationship. Akshu anticipated his response. Neela supports Abhinav's decision, leading Kairav to worry. Suwarna taunts Surekha, and Manish asks Dadi to make the final decision.

Akshu approaches Abhinav and makes a request, acknowledging his protectiveness towards Muskaan. She confesses her love for Muskaan and expresses her desire for Muskaan's happiness. Abhinav assumes she is only concerned about Kairav's happiness, but Akshu insists that they should not force Muskaan onto a wrong path. She argues that Muskaan should have the right to make her own decisions, and they cannot decide her life for her. Abhinav expresses concern about Kairav's temper and his potential to upset Muskaan and break her heart. Akshu acknowledges the possibility but asserts that Kairav loves Muskaan deeply. Abhinav argues that such intense love can be painful and advises setting limits for Muskaan, as limitless love is overwhelming for people from a middle-class background like them. He walks away. Abhi approaches Kairav and acknowledges their differences. Kairav agrees and states that he doesn't want to become like Abhi. However, he points out that they share one commonality: love. Kairav believes that their destinies align, both having lost true love due to their own mistakes. Abhi becomes melancholic.

Manish contacts Akshu, and Muskaan excitedly shares that Dadi has given her bangles as a sign of approval. Muskaan reminisces about the moment when she respected Dadi's decision and was about to leave. However, Dadi stops her and lovingly adorns her with the bangles. Dadi acknowledges Kairav's resilience through numerous hardships and now sees hope in his eyes. She entrusts Muskaan with the responsibility of bringing happiness into his life and declares that this house belongs to her. Muskaan gratefully accepts Dadi's blessings.

The flashback concludes, and Akshu expresses her happiness, mirroring Muskaan's joy. Manish lightens the mood with a jest. Muskaan inquires if Abhinav agreed to their union, to which Akshu sadly responds negatively, unsure of how to explain it to him. Manish assures them not to worry, as Abhinav will eventually understand. Suwarna adamantly states that they won't let Muskaan leave the house. 

Akshu agrees. Abhi supports Manish's perspective, believing in Abhinav's sensibility. They must demonstrate Kairav and Muskaan's happiness together, helping Abhinav overcome his misjudgment. Akshu questions Abhi's motives for assisting Kairav, and he reveals his personal understanding of the pain caused by lost love due to mistakes, wishing to spare Kairav from a similar ordeal.


Abhi hands money to Abhinav, who remarks on the intertwining of their fates. Akshu prays earnestly.

Harshad Chopda Jay Soni Pranali Rathod Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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