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YRKKH: Abhir is uninformed about Abhinav's condition as the latter's condition deteriorates

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhir is still unaware of Abhinav's situation.

Published: Friday,Aug 11, 2023 06:22 AM GMT-06:00
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Shreyansh Kaurav and Jay Soni

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight commences with Abhi dialling Abhir's number, and upon Abhir's response, Ruhi enters the scene, inquiring about the caller's identity. Abhir responds that it's an unfamiliar number, to which Ruhi expresses caution, suggesting that it could be someone with malicious intentions, as people sometimes deceive children. Abhi assures her that he hasn't engaged in conversation and intends to send a message instead. However, a constable intervenes, stating that messaging isn't allowed. 

Meanwhile, Manjiri, visibly emotional, is joined by Ruhi and Abhir, the latter expressing difficulty sleeping without their father. Ruhi mentions her fondness for bedtime stories told by "Poppy.'' Manjiri embraces the children, and Ruhi questions the whereabouts of everyone else. Manjiri explains that an important case has arisen at the hospital. Abhir displays concern about the extent of the injuries and pledges to pray for the patient's recovery.

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Manjiri reassures them that everyone will collectively pray and suggests that they spend the night there. She settles the children to sleep and is joined by Shefali, who updates her on Abhinav's ongoing surgery. As pictures of Abhinav with Abhir elicit a smile from Akshu, Suwarna is seen shedding tears, accompanied by the poignant tune of "Judaai." Memories of Abhinav weigh heavily on Abhi and Akshu. In their slumber, Ruhi and Abhir's sleep-talk resonates, while Manjiri's tears underscore her emotional turmoil. Feeling desperate, she urges Shefali to communicate with Akshu, emphasizing that Abhi is incapable of committing such a deed. Shefali vows to attempt to talk to Akshu.

Amidst his sorrow, Manish recalls moments with Abhinav, and his grief is palpable. A nurse collects a blood sample, causing anxiety among Akshu and the others. Akshu clings to a photo of Abhinav while engaging in a tearful morning ritual. Muskaan rushes in, calling out "Bhabhi," and relays encouraging news – Abhinav's condition has stabilized, according to the doctors. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Akshu thanks divine forces and touches a flower with reverence, convinced that Abhinav will recover. 

Manish and Kairav echo her sentiments. Akshu exudes optimism, convinced that their family will soon return home. Her sentiments are met with heartfelt embraces from her family members. Anxious to meet Abhinav, Akshu seeks permission from Aarohi, who suggests waiting until he's settled into his room. Just as Muskaan attempts to express her conviction that Abhi will face consequences for his actions, Parth interrupts with information about the treatment location – Birla Happiness. Muskaan offers to cover the treatment expenses while asserting her desire to maintain distance from Abhi's family. Shefali's efforts to intervene are halted by Akshu's decisive exit. Shefali sends a voice message to Manjiri, detailing her unsuccessful attempt to persuade Akshu.

Manjiri seeks solace with Abhi, embracing him as she endeavors to alleviate his concerns. The family lawyer underscores the importance of Abhinav's statement for securing his release on bail. Manjiri's reassurances echo, highlighting Akshu's feelings of resentment towards Abhi. Abhi inquires about Akshu's well-being, the outcome of the surgery, and whether she informed Abhir about the situation. Manjiri delivers the sombre news that the critical 24-hour period is underway, emphasizing that Abhinav's condition remains precarious. Subsequently, the scene shifts to Akshu and the family gathering around Abhinav's bedside. Her voice quivers as she calls his name, and his eyes open to see the concerned faces of his loved ones. Exiting the room, the family expresses their optimism, attributing his awakening to Akshu's call. With a touch of poignancy, Akshu places a flower on the side table and takes hold of Abhinav's hand, their shared smile mirroring the hope and relief that resonate through the scene.

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