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Dr. Kaajol Karia brings in the predictions for the year for some of small screen's favorite jodis - Hiten and Gauri, Ram and Gautami, Apurva and Shilpa, Hussein and Tina, Manav and Shweta, Mona Singh and Karan Oberoi...

On the occasion of Valentine’s day, Telly buzz brings you a special prediction feature by Dr. Kaajol Karia, with some of the famous real life jodis of the telly world. Post the ‘colors that heal’ feature, Dr. Kaajol now brings in some words of advices and pens down lucky colors and flowers for the jodis, making sure that this year brings them all the happiness and prosperity they deserve…
Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Tejwani:
Far reaching changes are taking place in the relationship. Both of you will balance the relationship; the love is deep and powerful. Your sexual connection is profoundly passionate. It also indicates shades of obsession in your relationship which can never be of flirtations or superficial one. This association is truly for better, for worse in sickness and health.
Color for Gauri: - Pink
Color for Hiten: - Brown
Flower: - Daisy

Apurva Agnihotri and Shilpa Saklani:
A time of abundance and fertility, the relationship is ruled by Venus planet of love and harmony. The cards signify a deep fulfillment. Your sensory awareness is enhanced and it will bring you marvelous pleasure. Your meaningful relationship will help you create memorable times to share cooking delectable meals that will fill your house. Both of you are warm and loving; there will be lot of nurturing and wrapping in the warmth of love. Both of you respect each other's presence which is linked with the cards.
Color for Gauri: – Red
Color for Apurva: - Black / Blue
Flower: - Jasmine

Hussein and Tina:
A joyful, vital time is indicated, the health is radiant positive and emotions are flowing. You will be happy and your future will be filled with love and respect. A bit of doubt is indicated but only for a small phase as both of you have brought light to each other's life. A lot of enjoying and socialization is indicated in the cards. It  also reflects that there is a constructive approach to life. You both are comfortable about each other and aware of your feelings of joy, and energy lie ahead. A child may be on the way. Happy time with close friends and family is indicated, social life will be particularly warm and pleasurable.
Color for Tina:- Green
Color for Husain: - Black / Yellow
Flower: - Rose

Ram Kapoor and Gautami Kapoor:
You both have assimilated past experiences and learned from them, this integration has healed the wounds you have sustained and you are now in a position to place the past behind you. Now you both are ready to confront answered, unfinished business in your life, clear up any misunderstanding and view the future with peace in your heart. You both face situation with maturity and level headedness. A new home or renovation in the existing is reflected. A new sense of gratitude pervades your relationship at this time. Renewed energy has restored your mutual appetite for life, bringing a delightful sense of vitality to your expression of love for one another.
Color for Gautami: - Orange avoid White
Color for Ram: - Brown
Flower: - Lillies

Manav Gohil and Shewta:
Romantic love is at its height here, fortunately it is well balanced and your feelings are mutual and there is tremendous potential of growth. The relationship will have spanking sexual attraction full of flirtation and fun both partners are able to express your love without fear or reserve and you have lot to give each other and lot of it to share. There is lot of strength in this relationship and you are very much in tune with each other,  so honor this special union. One of you could also be on the point of making a very important choice in your life,    that could change your whole outlook and direction. The cards also indicate that you love your love each other will take you to great heights in your career.
Color for Shweta: - Pink / Green
Color for Manav: - White / Blue
Flower: - Orchid.

Mona Singh and Karan Oberoi:
One of you is more sacrificing in this relationship and at this time, you both are floating control in a strange reverie where some events may be out of control. While your emotions and feelings are close to the surface, it is as if you are missing the skin, but your vulnerability feels wonderful. You both are changing but are unable to say how from time to time , you may feel alarmed, for you cannot determine with any certainty where you are letting go of all your expectations and wants like a chrysalis. You must wait while these changes take place in your life. However nothing is certain at his time for you are in a dream entrained in a shared vision of love and however exquisite, it seems this love will demand a sacrifice sooner or later.
Color for Mona: - Yellow / Lavender
Color for Karan: - Avoid Black / Brown / Green
Flower: - Sunflower

Special Thanks to Dr. Kaajol Karia...

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gud luck to tina and hussain. i love hussain he is the best

15 years ago

Want Varun and Rajeswari's information please...

16 years ago

mona nd karan r HW i never knew thiz well thanxxxxxxx

16 years ago

mona and karan are together? i never knew that.

16 years ago

ght cuties rocks..
gr8 article..thanks!

16 years ago

wierd..i didnt know Mona and Karan were married?are they????

16 years ago

nice article....good luck for all the lovely jodis

16 years ago

Thanks.. Good luck to all the jodi's.. especially HuseinTina!! :)

16 years ago

all the best to the future and to all the couples

16 years ago

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