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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara gets dizzy, decides to talk to Abhimanyu about Abhinav

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara will be seen getting dizzy and will later decide to talk to Abhimanyu about Abhinav.

Published: Friday,Sep 29, 2023 06:59 AM GMT-06:00
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Pranali Rathod and Harshad Chopda

The episode commences with Manjiri expressing her desire for all the wedding rituals to be flawless. Shefali chimes in, reminiscing about her own perfectly executed wedding rituals with Parth, but how their relationship didn't last, emphasizing that it's the relationships that truly matter, not just the rituals. Akshu and Aarohi echo Shefali's sentiment, stressing the importance of relationships over rituals. Manjiri is touched by their words and embraces them. Dadi intervenes to ward off any evil omens.

Surekha inquires about Muskaan's whereabouts, and Kairav informs her that she's leaving. Aarohi questions Muskaan's departure, and Muskaan explains that she's attending a colleague's wedding. Kairav teases her, and Manish suggests he accompany Muskaan, but he declines. Muskaan decides to go alone to ensure no disruptions to the wedding rituals. As she turns, she accidentally collides with Suwarna, getting clay on her hand. Dadi interprets this as a good omen and asks Manjiri if she's happy now. Suwarna mentions that the plate is slipping, and Manjiri instructs Muskaan to place it in the temple. Akshu defends Muskaan, asserting that she means no harm and loves her. Kairav stops Muskaan, but Akshu insists that she should be allowed to leave.

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The family proceeds with the puja, with Akshu crafting an idol. Suddenly, they hear a noise, suspecting a thief. Abhi makes a dramatic entrance through the window, leading to a shouting match between him and Akshu. He reveals that he came to see her and compliments her on her artistic skills. Akshu allows him to assist with coloring the idol, which results in some color getting on his shirt. She apologizes, and he brushes it off, reciprocating with playful color splashes. The two engage in a playful chase.

With the idol complete, Akshu wonders how to pass the time. Abhi spots the wedding card, and Akshu notices a saree, realizing that her own wedding is approaching. Abhi teases her and Rohan suggests he return home to rest. Akshu laments her boredom and playfully threatens to reveal Abhi's overtime to Manjiri. Abhi departs

The next morning, Akshu begins the day by singing an aarti. Abhi surprises everyone by bringing breakfast for the family. Ruhi questions his newfound cooking skills, and Manjiri explains that he's trying to keep his heart calm. Aarohi comments on the excessive number of parathas, but Akshu and Abhi continue to make preparations for the day. They get their children ready and receive good wishes from Manjiri.

Abhi leaves a voice message for Akshu, expressing his nervousness and recounting his night at the hospital. He also mentions that he made parathas for the family. He wishes them both good luck, and Akshu listens to the message with a smile. Abhi shares a heartwarming moment with Kairav and apologizes for past events.

Manish inquires about Surekha's whereabouts, and Abhi is reminded of his glasses. Manish humorously mentions that Surekha looks shorter, but she explains she's wearing heels. They engage in a playful banter, and Akshu finally arrives, but her saree gets stuck in the car door. She spots the keys inside the car, leading to some frustration. Akhi arrives and, with a nostalgic smile, helps her retrieve her phone and unlock the car door using a hairpin. They share a brief moment and drive away together.

Precap:  Akshu is on her way but suddenly feels dizzy. Abhi searches for her and asks her why she left the function. She hints at having something important to share about Abhinav.

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