Will Jhanvi be Successful In Committing Suicide?

High voltage drama to be seen in Mere Rang Mai Rangnewali..

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With each passing day Mere Rang Mai Rangne Wali has been bringing in new twists and turns.  Earlier we had reported that how LD  (Samridh Bawa) fights with the goons which will be followed by a romantic sequence. 

What's coming up?

Our source informs us, "Jhanvi will make an attempt to commit suicide but Radha (Pranali Ghogare) will stop her. Radha feels pity over Jhanvi's condition and in anger she goes to meet Neha. Radha will insult Neha and so Neha will plan revenge against Radha."

Samridh Bawa Pranali Ghogare Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali  Life OK 

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sgc68 5 years ago Seriously, people commit suicide or other people are successful in preventing suicide. Never heard of anyone being successful in committing suicide. It is the unsuccessful who commit suicide. How can you associate success with suicide?
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.Zephyr. 5 years ago I dont even care about janvi, they should focus only on leera now
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Infofan 5 years ago 11 episodes left before the show ends and they are still showing Neha nonsense. If the focus had been LD Radha without the family drama, MRMRW would not have to pulled off air.
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jani_faizal 5 years ago Can't believe how fast time is going and we have to say bye to Leera forever...hopefully neha's chapter will be done by the end of this week... I don't want it to drag till the end of the show...I want more Leera moments...going to miss Sanali...
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leylar 5 years ago i am going to miss Leera
wish all the best to samridh bawa and pranali ghogare in the future hope to see them again in another show
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fatma201 5 years ago We will miss the show alot. It has become a part of our daily life. Hope to see Samridh and Pranali together in another serial.
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Barishkiduaa 5 years ago Okay i just hope that we get leera happy ending and by helping this ld gets radhas trust and he becomes old ld and they get back together again!
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neon145 5 years ago last few episodes left...v want our LD back...the old LD...v want not of leera.at least in these last fe episodes...
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Sana_Jannat 5 years ago Samridh Bawa & Pranali Ghogare no doubt best as LD & Radha ..bt plz Cv how long we'll C others love story and I dnt get Y u make LD a confused,Dumb just to make Radha a Superwomen !!!
i think u forgot that MRMRW is about LeeRa(LD&Radha) love story So it'd b nice if u will show LeeRa dealing with all problems together and
ofcourse with some Logical move regarding this
"Pointless ,void Contract"
(bcz No Laws will allow U to put restriction on
'others Personal Life'
& Contract itself is invalid when she is already married for more than 1 year) ..2015-06-25 02:12:14
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fatma201 5 years ago The show has now become about Radha solving one problem after another and LD always looking confused and angry.
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