Wilder Than The Cats Is Joe Exotic's Style - Wins Kim K And Jarred Leto

Meet Joe Exotic the stylish antagonist of his own show the quarantine-time smash hit Tiger King

Tiger King

At the moment, if the world is not talking about coronavirus, it is Tiger King that they are talking about. While the former keeps us concealed in our homes, the later glues us to the couch, making it a smashing quarantine-time hit. And guess what.... Even Kim K approves of it! 


For someone like me, who is a die-hard Kim K fan and doesn't really enjoy anything without the three S- sass, style and sentiments, this docu-series comes in as quite a surprise for my entertainment senses. All because of a colleague who recommended it and Joseph Allen Maldonado, the animal-print sporting, cat-dotting and mullet-slaying guy, popularly known as Joe Exotic. The protagonist of Tiger King, who in so many ways is the antagonist of his own life!

Joe with Tiger

Joe is not a regular middle-aged American you might have come across, but someone who harbours lot of love for the big cat. So much so that he runs a private zoo in Oklahoma, USA. And it is behind his eccentric-edgy persona that you will find a milquetoast of a guy, who likes dressing in bizarre style picks.

Joe Exotic

As you binge through one episode on to the other, you will witness this guy making poor life-decisions donning queer clothing, so cool that it inspired Jared Leto  to look like Tiger King. Jared who hosted a viewing party of this hit Netflix docu-serie. Jarred wore a cow-boy hat, sparkly shirt and bottoms (not as tight as Maldonado-Passage’s) to succesfully pull-off a Tiger King. 

Jarred Leto

While the thought of spotting a mullet in todays age and time makes one cringe, it is Joe alone who makes it look a cool. 

Mullet hairstyle

While we commit our seven hours to watching the life of this big-cat breeder, he is currently serving a sentence of 22 years for hiring someone to kill the animal rights activist Carole Baskin. Joe was under self-quarantine as he was tested positive of the virus.

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