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Why am I always appreciated as Negative? - Faisal Raza Khan

Faisal Raza Khan was a happy man playing the lover-boy image for a change, in Zee's Rakhi. It's sad news for him, as his role has turned negative once again, due to public demand...

Published: Thursday,Nov 22, 2007 09:56 AM GMT-07:00
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Faisal Raza Khan
stole hearts as he broke thru the image of being negative, and came in as Aryan in Zee's Rakhi. Faisal was appreciated a lot for playing a positive character, but now, the tables have turned, as the charming lover image has been broken and Aryan has turned negative. The Telly Buzz team talks to the versatile actor Faisal who is known to bring out many shades of being negative.

Why am I always appreciated as Negative? - Faisal Raza Khan
What made this character turn negative? "I have been asked to portray negative shades due to popular demand. I was shown too positive in the show, and the creative head asked me to be slightly negative. When you see the story graph, Aryan just has shades of grey as he is madly in love with Nandini, and by any means just wants to get her in his life. So it’s slightly like, I am playing an obsessed lover. There's no other bad intention to the character, just that he wants to get back the woman he loves and is ready to go to any extent for that." Well, being negative on screen should be a piece of cake for Faisal by now,isn't it? "Its easy playing negative, with this character, I had to work a lot on my self and take couple of work shops, but now that I am slightly negative, its been extremely easy". Why am I always being appreciated as negative?", is one question he wants to ask his loyal fans. "Guys, seriously, I am not that bad in real life, (laughs Faisal), but I am glad that I am not portrayed as evil as I am in Solah Singaar, There, I have to kill my father. People are surely going to hate me after that”, he adds.

Will we be seeing Faisal back in Dulhann anytime soon? "Not as of now. I am too tied up with Solah Singaar and Rakhi, and taking up one more negative may not be possible. But it was great to see the Dulhan team at the ITA awards. I was really missing them." When asked if he was not going to accept any negative roles, he replied, "Yes, I might cut down on offers with negative roles, but I won't stop completely till I don't get to do a negative Haryanvi Character. I just love the way they talk. I wish I could do BabuBali, hopefully, I'll get a role similar to that..."

Well, whether good or bad, Faisal will always remains Television's most loved wicked character. Stay glued to Telly Buzz for updates on your favorite Stars.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Anu.Rad

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pinkdiamond @pinkdiamond 16 years ago Faisal is agood actor, hope his caracter become positive again. It wil lbe goodto see him in positive role
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Nishtha @Nishtha 16 years ago Faisal..you rock.. in negative or positive role ..in reel life and also in REAL Life:D

My all wishes are with you...and hope that soon you becomes country's most roamntic hero :P and it will happen soon...and good decision dont do negative stuff only you r too good to be typecasted in any category..see i told ya this LONG...AGOOOOOO :)

great article kaju jee :D
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noodles @noodles 16 years ago Great article! Faisal is soo sweet and always wanting people to know he's not bad in real life. hehe

I'm sad Aryan has turned evil but hopefully he'll change back one day.

Thanks for the article!
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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago How sweet, and Faisal you are doing a great job in Rakhi... his character is really interesting. All the best to him, and you're really good as negative and positive! ;)

thanks for the article!
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