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'We are known for films, and never for packaging' Abbas Mastan..

Like-minded thriller kings, Abbas Mastan, always have been experimenting with new materials in their films to endow the audience with refreshing cinematic experience. Now the duo is back with their multi-starrer sporty film "Race".

Published: Thursday,Mar 20, 2008 13:06 PM GMT-06:00
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Like-minded thriller kings, Abbas Mastan, always have been experimenting with new materials in their films to endow the audience with refreshing cinematic experience. Now the duo is back with their multi-starrer sporty film "Race". We shared few moments with the legendary director-duo and here is a scrap off the table-talk:

Q.: How do you like to present your characters?
A.: We always like to give our actors the characters that they have nev
We are known for films, and never for packaging  Abbas Mastan..
er portrayed before. Just for example, you can take Saif's character into consideration. He has never played any such character. So, we thought, let us experience giving him such a different look.

Q.: Your last two films "36 China Town" and "Naqaab" did not get expected response from the audience. You are known as the king of thrillers. Where do you think you went wrong in those films?
A.: Actually "Naqaab" appeared quite small a film and we guess it was little ahead of its time. It would have worked better provided it got a delay of two years. Audience was not ready to accept the subject and they rejected the film. As far as "36 China Town" is concerned, I don't think audience didn't accept the film. It worked well at the box office. At the same time, distributors also accepted it well.

Q.: Please tell us about the subject of "Race".
A.: Besides car racing, there is an ongoing race between brothers in the film. They are always trying to get ahead of the other. And if you want to know more, then that you have to watch the film.

Q.: Have there been any such race between you two brothers?
A.: Thank God, we never went for any such race.

Q.: All think "Race" would be a better movie. How do you believe in that?
A.: I think it's not the time to explain how it's better as the film is not yet released. Still we think its music and songs will work better. People like that. At the same time, the beginning of the film is really cool.

Q.: In the last few years, Bollywood released some films that had very catchy packaging, but the actual film left audience disappointed. Will that happen in case of "Race"?
A.: It's too tough to comment on it right now. But as far as packaging is concerned, we never tried to give audience any package. We are known for films and never for packaging.

Q.: We know there was problem between Kareena and Bipasha during "Ajnabee" and during this film, Bipasha and Katrina had problems between them. How do you handle these problematic situations?
A.: We don't think there was any such thing between the actresses. Both the actresses in our film are quite professional in their attitude, and we never had to face any problem because of them. Even if they have any personal problem, they don't show it in the set.

Q.: You have such a great star-cast in "Race". Have you ever faced any problem with them?
A.: No. Actually, as we respect stars, they also do respect us. We never faced any problem because of stars.

Q.: We came to know that the characters of Sameera Reddy and Anil Kapoor are inspired by Karamchand and Kitty. Is it true?
A.: No, it has no such similarity. While writing the story, we got that idea and we thought there will be no better actors than Anil and Sameera to portray them. Sameera has never attempted comedy before and Anil's character is also very interesting. He is acting as the detective Robert Dicosta and his habit is to eat fruits all the time and to interrogate based on fruits only. For example, if he is having orange then he will count how many slices are there and will ask that number of questions only. We have a scene where Akshay Khanna is peeling pomegranate. Now you can understand how interesting the scene would be.

Q.: Bipasha started her career with your film "Ajnabee". Now she is appearing in your present film as a star. Have you noticed any change in her approach?
A.: She is quite changed from the point of view of her acting, but as a human being she has not changed at all. At first, she needed to get explained everything. But now she can understand many things even without hearing a single word about that. Even now, she is open to learning. At the same time, she still behaves the same soft way as she used to do during her first film.

Q.: Most of your films are inspired by Hollywood films. Is your present film also inspired by any Hollywood movie?
A.: That only the audience can decide after watching the film.

Q.: We came to know that like many other directors you are also trying to become producers.
A.: Yeah. We are starting a film company called Mawawala Brothers. "Life Partner" will be its first production. It'll be directed by Rumi Jaffri. Besides, we are producing another film which will be directed by Nishikant Kaamat. Actually we already have produced a film called "Dombivali Fast" in South with Nishikant. Madhvan who was the hero in that film. It's a hit in South. Then we d
We are known for films, and never for packaging  Abbas Mastan..
ecided to make a love story with Nishikant. We are talking to Rohit Yugraj in this regard.

Q.: You were supposed to make the sequel of "Baazigar" and "Baadshah". What happened to those projects?
A.: "Baazigar" was such a good movie that we cannot think of attempting it again. Even if we make it, people will surely compare that with the first "Baazigar" and we will surely be losers. But for once we can think of making the sequel of "Baadshah". We are even trying to get some stories for that sequel. Once we are ready with the story we will talk to Shahrukh about the film. Without Shahrukh, we cannot think of making the sequel of "Baadshah".

Q.: What's the reason of not making any comedy after "Baadshah"?
A.: Actually we didn't get any such story after that film.

Q.: How do you feel coaxing the actors you have prepared?
A.: We never needed to coax any actor. They all behave with us the same way as they are. It's a different issue that we don't have any story for Shahrukh. But we are working on that. We will approach him the day we have a story for him. And we believe he will have no objection working with us.

Q.: Please tell us about your projects other than "Race".
A.: Apart from "Race" we have four films. Those films will be produced by Subhash Ghai, Venus, Tips and Balajee Telefilms. Now we are searching for stories. At the same time we are working on the casting also. So, it's too early to say anything about them.

Q.: Would you like to say anything about your protracted films as "Mr. Frod"?
A.: Yes. We have completed 60 percent of the film. Actually we started shooting the film in 2006 and Sanjay was jailed just after that. After getting free from jail he shot for films in which he is the solo hero. But in our film he is working with Ajay Devgan and Bipasha Basu. Now it's up to the producer to arrange dates of Sanjay and help us making the film.

Q.: How do you feel when any film gets stuck like that?
A.: It affects only the quality and the freshness of the film. At the same time hero and heroine cannot give you the same look on the screen. Bipasha is playing a double role in this film and she went through a haircut to give different looks to those characters.

Rajnee Gupta.-(SAMPURN)

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