Vivana Singh on Rinku Dhawan's game in Bigg Boss 17: Waiting for her to come out with the trophy

Vivana Singh says that she is very proud of actress Rinku Dhawan’s game in Bigg Boss 17.

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 Rinku Dhawan

Actress Vivana Singh says that she is very proud of actress Rinku Dhawan’s game in Bigg Boss 17. She adds that the actress has been playing the game with such dignity.

“Bigg Boss is one of the most loved, seen and hit reality shows. People like to see the real faces of the people ( celebrities) they have admired and the cherry on the cake is Salman sir on every weekend ka vaar. I'm super proud of Rinku ji for playing the game with total dignity and surviving like a queen with total ease. I'm super excited for her and waiting for her to come out with a trophy,” she says.

Talking about the tasks in the house, she says, “The BB house tasks are quite tricky to handle, but Rinku ji is blessed with immense wisdom, and she is a strong girl to take it on the face. Many people who know her say that she is strong. She is a solid woman, very righteous and is doing very well…Our boss lady.”

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Ask her what she told Rinku before she went in to play the game, and she says, “My advice to her was just to be herself and be calm because that house is not easy. It's filled with the fights, complexities and aggression that people show. I know and have experienced her as a beautiful person .. Joh sochti hai woh bolti hain And she will come out with flying colours, wearing her dignity on her shoulders with total grace.”

She adds, “Her biggest strength is that she will stand for the right thing and also knows where exactly one should take the stand. Also, she is sensible. She is unique in her own way , very strong-headed and straightforward. All these qualities are her strengths and will make her stay in the BB house. She is very spiritual. That is the strongest thing one needs to survive in too much friction that goes along in that house.”

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Rinku Dhawan

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Comments (4)

she needs more airtime

2 months ago

I don't think she will get the trophy but she deserves to go far in the game. I do think she needs to improve a little bit more and show who she is exactly further strengthen hair gaming plan.

2 months ago

I like Rinku's game. She is vocal and present. Trophy is a stretch but she deserves to go far in the game

2 months ago

Trophy? Seriously Trophy? I really like her way of putting her points across but trophy toh thoda jyada ho gaya :P

2 months ago

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