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Valentine's Day not just for couples, singles have plans too

New Delhi, Feb 10 (IANS) Is Valentine's Day only meant for cooing couples ? Nah, say singles who don't mind their solitary status and plan to enjoy the day as much.

Published: Tuesday,Feb 10, 2009 12:22 PM GMT-07:00
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New Delhi, Feb 10 (IANS) Is Valentine's Day only meant for cooing couples ? Nah, say singles who don't mind their solitary status and plan to enjoy the day as much.

Gone are the days when people without a date used to experience pangs of depression on Feb 14 every year and at the sight of couples exchanging sweet nothings, cards, chocolates et al.

'I obviously can't spend time romancing on Valentines' Day since I'm not seeing anyone, but I can always take some time off for romanticism. So I plan to go and watch a lovely play,' said Bhavna Sharma, an advertising professional in her late 20s in Mumbai.

Echoing the same feeling, Leena Hiranandani, a chartered accountancy student, told IANS: 'I am not in a relationship, but I like the day since it's a day with good vibes and love all around. Instead of looking for a date, I would rather go out with friends who are single and enjoy myself.'

For some Valentine's Day is not just focused on romantic love, but can also be utilized to show your friends what they mean to you.

'True friendship often outlasts many romances. A true friend would often be the one helping you through if your relationship ends. So why not celebrate that love with friends? From giving each of your closest friends gifts and other tokens, there are tons of little things you can do,' said Pranit Verma, a college student.

While some singles believe in celebrating the day, there are others for whom it is just another day.

For Shilpa Rawat, who works with a media house, Feb 14 will be a normal day which she will spend working because she believes that love should not be celebrated on just one day.

'I am single by choice and I just do not believe in celebrating Valentine's Day, even if I were going around with someone, because I feel that you do not need a particular day to celebrate your love. I believe in celebrating and spreading love every minute, so why celebrate a particular day,' Rawat said.

'I will be working as usual and doing nothing special on this day because it will be like any other day for me,' she added.

'With all due respect to the ones who celebrate it, it's not of much importance to me,' opined Rohan Sharma, a post graduation student. 'I feel it's a blatant show of love which I don't like. If tomorrow I have someone in my life, even then I won't go out of my way to celebrate this day.'

Seconding these thoughts are individuals who feel that V-Day is for young kids in schools and colleges and not for matured individuals.

Danny Fernandes, 30, a client-servicing executive, has no plans for Valentine's Day.

'I am not doing anything in particular. It's just another day. It used to be exciting in school and collage, but not anymore,' he said.

'It used to be in school that Valentine's Day was an important day, when we were still discovering such stuff, boyfriends etc. There was lot of excitement and perhaps, time. Not anymore,' felt Divya Narang, 32, who works with a bank.

'It's not of much importance to me anymore. Although, it's a happy day, with a lot of pink floating in the air,' she said.

The day that calls for the universal celebration of the expression of love in memory of St. Valentine is often criticized in India as going against Indian cultural norms. But cupid-struck urban couples nevertheless celebrate the day with zest.

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