TRPs are finally viewers and we have to satisfy them - Rajesh Joshi

Writer turned Producer Rajesh Joshi speaks to Tellybuzz about his new show Sanskaar Laxmi which launches at the 10.30 PM slot on Zee TV tonight..

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Rajesh Joshi has excelled in capturing the hearts of viewers as a successful writer. He has created shows that have made their mark in the Television industry and people talk about them even today. Some of the popular shows he has penned include Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kkusum, Koshish Ek Aasha, Kumkum, Saarthi, Pavitra Bandhan, Bandini etc.Today he is all set to be in the shoes of a Producer for his new show, Sanskaar Lakshmi which launches on Zee TV tonight..

Tellybuzz had a chat with the man behind the scene, Rajesh Joshi to know more on his journey as writer, on the big move of turning Producer, on the show Sanskaar Lakshmi and so on...


This is your first show as Producer; how do you feel?
This is a big venture and there are so many people who have helped me a lot wherein I would like to take the name of Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. I started working with them from 1999 and I am going to implement whatever I learnt in these 12 years. Balaji has a big hand in this and the best part is that Shobha and Ekta have been there as my moral support and I am really thankful to them.

What made you take so long to get into production?
There is a matter of security in production and also I was engaged in my writing because the shows kept coming one after the other. After Bandini and Pavitra Rishta, I thought of deviating myself because writing again would have been a fatigue. So a deviation was necessary and the channel has been really supportive  after which I felt that I should start producing a show.

As Producer you have a control over the show and do you feel that as an advantage?
Yes obviously, because when I want a change in the show, I can do it on the spot even during the shoot. The channel also kept faith in me on that aspect. For example when I was writing the story, I thought of making a Mandir which has the roof as the sky and foundation, the earth. Since the family in the show worships Maheshwar I thought of a Shivling which is about 25 feet tall, but the execution was doubtful. When I put forth the idea to the channel, they did all their best to make it happen and they really made the 25 feet tall Shivling.

Can you please tell us something about the cast of the show?
There are 24 characters in the show which includes the 5 generations right from 8 to 80 years of age and people will feel easy to connect themselves with the characters as well as the show. First I put these characters in black and white and I had to differentiate their mindset and then write for them.

How did you etch these characters?
I do have an experience of over 12 years (laughs) and as I was writing I realized that most of the characters have been already portrayed in shows and I had to bring in something new. Then I knew that I had to make the best out of the normal characters that I have. For example the eldest son of the family, Mahendra (Aamir Dalvi) is an autistic, but at the same time he is really intelligent and that's what I have tried to highlight. I try to play with all the characters so that the pressure is not only on the heroine. When I have al ot of characters I can play with all of them.

What made you choose Zee TV as a channel for your show?
My first show Koshish Ek Asha was in Zee TV and since then, there has been an emotional bonding with them and after that Teen Bahuraniyaan happened and now I have Pavitra Rishta with the channel. So when I thought of producing a show, I thought why not return home. And I believed that rather than me being comfortable with the channel, we should work with people who have the trust in me. Also Zee TV doesn't have Gujarathi show at the moment wherein Raam Milaayi Jodi is half Gujarati and half Punjabi family based show.

What do you think is the USP of Sanskaar Lakshmi?
There are people in Mumbai who follow the tradition even today but how much they understand it is always a question. Getting up in the morning and working in the kitchen, touching the elders' feet is not Sanskar for the family. We portray Sanskaar in a different manner wherein relations are given priorities. For example a sister fulfills a dream of her brother, the relation of devar and bhabhi etc. And also I have tried to spell out these relations through situations.

Today TRPs have taken the role of the deciding aspect of the show; will we see the drama and the masalas in your show as well?
You will see all the masala in the show because whoever it is, we all wait for that Wednesday morning when we get the ratings. And TRPs are finally the viewers and we have to satisfy them. But at the same time I know that a show takes time to get settled in the minds of people and hence we will not just jump into drama and high points at the moment. And once the characters are settled then the drama is inbuilt within the parameter.

Are you apprehensive about the 10:30pm time-slot?
I think the prime time today starts from 6:00 and the best example is Saathiya which is at 7:00pm. So any show that does well between 6 to 11 is the prime time and basically there is no such thing as prime time today.

Is the story rural based?
Not at all because the family is based in Mumbai and the story revolves in that household. 

How has been the journey till date?
The journey has been really interesting till date. I started at a very low level with shows like Koshish Ek Asha and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, which have created history. I consider myself really lucky to be associated with shows like KKusum, Kumkum, Saarthi et al.  And I am happy that I have a different rapport with Ekta and I will work with her in the future and I will write for her.

So are you  planning anything with her in future?
In the month of May we both are planning a show together and in April or May I may produce another show.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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rajesh joshi sir said he doing show for balaji telefilms in may 2011 . india-forums do you have any information about this new show of rajesh joshi and ekta kapoor ?

13 years ago

Wishing Rajesh all the best on all his future plans.

13 years ago

wishing him all the best foir this new venture

13 years ago

I am sick of these backward shows!!!!

13 years ago

Can't wait for this show : finally Vivan returns to the chota parda!!!

13 years ago

sir you are my favourite tv writer . i always loved your writing from koshish ek asha to tere liye but you left tere liye . i will watch sanskaar lakshmi .

13 years ago

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