'There's an Amba in every woman' - Shikha Singh

Shikha Singh aka the terrorizing Amba of COLORS’ Na Aana Is Desh Laado, on a leisurely chat with Tellybuzz…

Shikha Singh majestically portrays the character of Amba, the only woman who Ammaji (Meghna Malik) is afraid of, in COLORS' Na Aana Is Desh Laado. The actress tries to follow the unconventional road and takes every day as it comes.

Here, she talks to TellyBuzz about how deeply attached she is to her character Amba, what makes Amba so strong and why her mother had reservations about she portraying Amba!

First of all, how do you feel playing the fabulous character of Amba?
It feels good. The character is strong and challenging.

What were the reasons for you to accept this role?
As an actor I don't like to do cliche roles. The role of Amba is very demanding because being a girl you need to enact the mannerisms of a man, as that's how female dacoits behave. The challenge made me take up this role.

We have heard that many big names like Kamya Punjabi, Rupa Ganguly and Kavita Kaushik were approached to play the role. So how do you feel when you have bagged the role ahead of them?
I feel lucky! That's all!

Tell us about the vast preparations that you had to undergo to get into the skin of the character of Amba?
I did loads of preparations. I attended workshops and watched movies like Mera Gaon Mera Des to get the proper feel of my character.

Were you a novice when it came to horse riding before you took this role? How did you manage to learn it?
I knew horse-riding a bit before this show, but now I'm an expert.

We have earlier seen you in Left Right Left where it was quite adventurous a role. We now see you as Amba. So what is the X-factor that you look for in the roles you accept?
First of all, the character should suit my personality. These days glamorous roles are preferred but I like off-beat roles. I don't mind a cameo but the character should have enough gravity.

Is this role in Laado your dream role till date? Explain.
Umm…I can say that. But I'd rather put it as 'one of my dream roles'.

We have seen a tyrant like Ammaji softening up before you. So what do you think are the strengths of Amba?
Amba knows what she wants and gets what she sets her heart on. Every action of hers has a good motive behind it. She gives her hundred percent to everything that she takes up.

How is it to work with Meghna Malik who has become very popular as Ammaji?
It's great! We both are from Haryana, so off-screen we keep chatting in Haryanvi.

Did you get any tips from her for enacting your role?
We do exchange tips on acting. It's what all actors do.

Which has been the toughest scene for you till now? Did you succeed overcoming the problem?
The toughest scene was the fight scene. The shooting went on for eight hours, and it was exhausting. But thanks to the support from the unit members we  eventually managed to pull it off.

Your favorite moment while shooting for Amba?
I loved the dining scene where Amba humiliates Ammaji in front of everyone, and asks her to cook for everyone in the house.

Do you as Shikha Singh believe that a woman as strong as Amba can exist?
Yes, definitely! I believe there's an Amba in every woman.

How easy or tough was it to get into the skin of the character of Amba?
It was a little tough in the beginning but now I feel I'm Amba every second. My friends are like 'Come on! Snap out of it!'

Did you give your inputs in any way when it comes to essaying the role of Amba?
Yes, I do. Because eventually bringing a character alive is a collective effort.

We have earlier seen you essaying a negative role in Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann. So how was that role when compared to Amba?
Payal's character was a negative one with a lot of layers. She would get crazy at one time, be a hardcore lover the other and then start crying the next minute. Amba here is completely positive and has a lot of seriousness about her.

Is there any kind of similarity between Shikha Singh and Amba?
Yes, both Shikha and Amba would do the right thing no matter what the cost.

Were you ever apprehensive of playing Amba?
Honestly I wasn't. But my mom was, because she thought once I play this role no guys would like me (laughs).

What is your dream role?
Julia Roberts' role in Pretty Woman. And I so, so pray that I get to play the same part opposite Richard Gere himself!

Any inspiration when it comes to acting?
Amitabh Bachchan is someone in the industry who I admire a lot. Apart from that I like Rekha's work in Khoon Bhari Maang.

Describe Shikha Singh the person?
Shikha as a person is simple yet adventurous!

How long is your role supposed to go in Laado?
Well it's just started. Right now I'm a part of the show and I am concentrating on the present than worrying about the future, and how long Amba is going be a part of the show (smiles).

What can the viewers look forward to in the coming episodes?
The viewers can look forward to so many things! Amba is going to make Amma ji and her son do things that they've never done before. They will be treated like how they had treated the women of the house.

Is there a big truth that will come out as the track unfolds?
Every character has a story behind him or her. So very soon it will be revealed who this Amba is and why is she in that place. It's going to be very interesting.

How is it to work with COLORS and Shakuntalam Telefilms?
It's been absolutely fantastic. Everyone is extra sweet at COLORS. When it comes to Shakuntalam Telefilms the people are so humble so caring. The producer and director personally give inputs to the actors and solve their problems if any. They are very encouraging.

Who do you gel with the most when it comes to actors in Laado?
Well, I share my room with Sheela ji. But I think I have an equal equation with everyone!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (17)

shikha and meghna share a superb on screen chemistry!i loved the way ammaji potrayed her love for her daughter!
i really really want amba back in NAIDL!!and i want to see more of the mother-daughter drama!!will be a breath of fresh air!!

13 years ago

your charecter is very strong,you are my fav actress in this serial...

14 years ago

i was a mindblowing performace by sikha singh as amba, she is too good, respect to all the actor who r aproched to play d role,i have a real doubt they can play the role of amba as sikha doing, hat,s off to u sikha, keep it up! just love u as amba

14 years ago

she rocked in lrl and i simply love her in naidl.....awesome actress....

14 years ago

till now i had found the acting of Meghna Malik the most impressive and mindblowing in the serial....

now, shikha singh is no less than her...and yes, the portrayal of both the characters... ammaji and amba is no less than each other..both are equally strong and intriguing and Shikha Singh has proven her might in the department with such a beautiful acting...

great job..keep it up.....i have become a fan of you...watching the serial these days just because of you....and the new plot....

14 years ago

Shikha we all love u.......thanx for giving us AMBA

14 years ago

I love Shikha!!!

Waise I think Amba is Ammaji's daughter!!!!

14 years ago

Man I love herrrrrr.....she has released me from all my frustrations I had from this serial.....loving her....I hope she never goes from that house and teaches those people what they should have learnt years back .....

14 years ago

i jst luv her character..
i resumed watching NAIDL bc her only..

14 years ago

there is an amba is every woman, very well said
all the best to you.

14 years ago

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