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need help doston... i m in worry plz help me

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is this forum still open??

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favourite character

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Jetinder 1 2364 12 years ago lmnlmn
Mandy Creationz

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Famous Onscreen Sisters

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Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde call off wedding..

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Romit Raj Shilpa Shinde

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when are new shows coming to zee

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Picture Gallery - NO COMMENTS

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dumb serial that makes no sense

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Aleeza Khan
Aleeza Khan

as: Gauri

2nd oldest daughter of Suryakhant and Savitri. She has a short term memory problem and can't seem to do anything right, but still she loves her sisters ans is very sweet.

Rohini Hattangadi
Rohini Hattangadi

as: Baa (Gayatri Garodia)

Oldest in the family, and mother of Suryakhant, Halki, and Phulki. Her decision is always final, but she is mostly manipulated by her daughter-in-law, Menka.

Romit Raj
Romit Raj

as: Yuvraj Garodia

The only son of Suryakhant and Menka. He is just like his mom, very selfish, and manipulates situations for his benefit. He cares for no one else except himself. His mother is aware of some of his ...

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