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The Curious Case of 'Missing Aata' From BB House; Did 20 Kgs of Aata Vanish Into Thin Air Overnight?

The housemates have yet again found themselves in the midst of a problem as their '20 kgs aata' is missing Inside the Bigg Boss house. Where did this aata go?


Courtesy : Colors TV

Daily chores has been one of the major reasons for the conflicts inside the BB house. In the previous episodes, we saw the contestants fighting over ‘rotis’ in the house. When Captain Aarti and Asim got into a heated argument with the housemates, it was Paras who assured them that they have enough aata (flour).  Paras was seen saying that they have 20kgs aata in the house and it is enough to sustain in the house. 

Now, Paras and Asim who are into rationing found themselves in the midst of trouble as they cannot find the ‘20 kgs aata’. Captain Aarti confronts them about this and the two get into a heated argument with her. Both Paras and Asim have no idea as of where is the aata and how will they now survive in the house without the aata. The housemates then think that maybe it is Bigg Boss who have taken their aata. 

Bigg Boss tells the contestants that they never had 20kgs aata and there is sure some miscalculation between them. 

How will the housemates survive without aata in the house? 

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