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Strict measure taken to control leaks from Shah Rukh Khan - Deepika Padukone's Pathan: Source spills deets

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone will be shooting a massively mounted song in Spain! Close source has reveals details...

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Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone's upcoming film Pathan has been making a lot of noise since a long time now.

The film is touted to be one of the highly anticipated movies of 2022 and fans are eagerly waiting to catch it on silver screens.

Talking about the other aspects of the film, then it is being anchored by producer Aditya Chopra and helmed by director Siddharth Anand.

This winning combination had created magic on the big screen with WAR and now it seems like they are leaving no stone unturned with Pathan as well.

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As per sources, Aditya and Siddharth are all set to give audiences the biggest big screen experience that they could ever get in Pathan.

A source close to the production has  gives us confirmed information that Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone will not only shoot crucial parts of their film in Spain but will also shoot a massively mounted song in Spain! 

 Shares the source,

“No Bollywood film has ever shot song sequences in these places. Sid Anand will shoot a spectacle of a song in Spain and things are totally under wraps to control all possible leaks."

The trade source further adds,

"The intent is to create a song that is visually so grand that it is an instant hit. All necessary permissions are being worked on for a smooth shooting experience in Spain."

 On a concluding note, the source says,

“Pathan is turning out to be an insanely awaited visual extravaganza that will set screens on fire. Sid Anand and Aditya Chopra want to redefine Indian cinema on the world map and every attempt is being made to achieve this goal.”


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DaddyMarvel 1 months ago SINCE A LONG TIME?

IF needs better writers. Their story-telling / reporting skills are crap!
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ChickenSoup 1 months ago Not sure how adding songs in movies helps Indian cinema in any possible way. If anything, songs in movies only prove how backwards Indian filmmakers still are.
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