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The famed singer Sukhwinder Singh has come back to hit the headlines with his 'DardeDisco' of 'Om Shanti Om' once again.

Published: Tuesday,Dec 11, 2007 00:00 AM GMT-07:00
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The famed singer Sukhwinder Singh has come back to hit the headlines with his 'Dard–e–Disco' of 'Om Shanti Om' once again. He is attached to the much hyped Rajkumar Santoshi movie 'Halla Bol'. This time he is not only singing for the film but also trying his hand at creating background score. Here is a tête-à-tête with the multi-talented Sukhwinder.

Q. This is the first time you are creating background score. How

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was the experience?
A. It was great. Directors usually take the background of a song for the background of the film. When I prepared the song for Santoshiji's movie 'Halla Bol', he offered me a chance to score the background of the film based on the music of that song. He wanted the same passion that he had for the film, in my music. I am happy that I didn't disappoint him.

Q. Which is easier to create - background music or music?
A. Both are tough. It is true that creating the background needs time as well as the knowledge of every situation of the film. I took 90 days to make that background music. I applied my heart to it, which is why I was able to sustain the interest. If I had to spend 150 days on it, I would have still had the same passion. Sometimes we get exhausted making a 4-minute song and sometimes we tirelessly make a full background for a full length movie.

Q. You sang Gurubani in that film. Was that your decision or Rajkumar Santoshi's?
A. Both of us wanted the Gurbani in the film. Santoshiji had kept a sequence where only some 'Pakeezah' song would have been suitable. I suggested the Gurubani. He was happy with the result, and he wanted me to sing it as well, much to my surprise. Gurubani indicates that one needs no weapon to remove the negativity from our society. Only terrorists use weapons. When we are calm, we can spread our thoughts. I sang a revolutionary song – 'Ang ang zakhmi hae mera' – in that film.

Q. You have also worked in Rajkumar's 'The Legend of Bhagat Singh'. How much did he contribute?
A. We were not well-acquainted at that time. I was mostly attached to A. R. Rehman. We just met at a party. Then the producer Saami Sidiqui re-introduced us for 'Halla Bol'. I had already been introduced to the project by someone else. I knew him as an action movie maker and I thought this movie would be on similar lines. Then I saw some parts of the movie and he told me the whole story. I offered him some music which he liked and gave me the responsibility of creating the music for the movie.

Q. What's special in the music of 'Halla Bol'?
A. Like most music director, I also think it is great (laughing).

Q. But what is special?
A. The fact that we were not trying to make anything different. Music speaks the same language as the film. That's the identity of a good movie. And that's the specialty of its music.

Q. After 'Dard-E-Disco' of OSO, you are believed to be lucky for Shah Rukh Khan.
A. Nothing like that. Even Shah Rukh and Farah worked very hard for the song. It also has the support of Vishal Shekhar's music and Javed sahab's lyrics. Some of my other songs with Shah Rukh were also popular. People used to say even then that I was lucky for him. I didn't believe in luck then, but now I really have faith in it. How have people forgotten my other popular songs with Shah Rukh?

Q. The song has made Shah Rukh look young although he is 42.
A. Shah Rukh is a very professional actor. He has certain qualities that keep him on the pinnacle of success. Our combination worked well but we cannot forget the physical work.

Q. What did you think of the combination of 'dard' and 'disco' in the song?
A. I though it had a little Sufiana. In that genre of songs people mention 'ghungru' and pair it with pain. You may remember 'Chhaia Chhaia'. 'Tere ishque nachaya kar thaiya thaiya' is the column by Peer Bulle Shah that we used in the second part of the song. In that genre, if one has pain, then he gets the 'ghungru' on his feet. When we feel passion, we also feel our heart dancing in pain. This is how I felt while singing 'Dard-E-Disco'. Generally we are instructed not to move while singing, but I danced throughout the recording of the song.

Q. How did Shah Rukh react to the song?
A. In our industry we have a tradition - when we are happy with something we praise it openly, and when we are disappointed, we either advise or keep numb. After the song, Farah came screaming to me, "Sukkhi, you have done a fabulous job. None could have sung that song like you". Actually when people are happy with me they call me Sukkhi. I met Shah Rukh in a concert in Dubai. He hugged me and said, "You really do some magic. People say that you eat either ice or pepper. Then how do you do that? I think you know some magic." I was so happy with his reaction.

Q. Please tell us about your forthcoming films.
A. I actually like to do one film at a time. After 'Halla Bol', I am preparing music for Subhash Ghai's 'Black and White'. I think the music of that film also will attain the height that the music of 'Hero' achieved. 

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