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Shah Rukh Khan's witty responses in #AskSRK sessions are life lessons afterall

In the latest #AskSRK sessions, Shah Rukh Khan's witty response to Ritesh Deshmukh was not only funny but had a life lesson hidden in it.


The AMA thread which started with Reddit is slowly finding momentum in twitter as celebrities are answering celebrity questions. One such incident happened when Ritesh Deshmukh asked Shah Rukh Khan on his #AskSRK a question with an expectation of a witty response. Witty as it may seem, the answer was profound and tells us something about ourselves which otherwise goes untouched in our mundane lives.

Ritesh, as a fan(like the rest of us), asked Shah Rukh Khan what he has learned from his youngest son, AbRam Khan. The reply he got is a good one. One that we can apply to ourselves when we feel blue or anxious. 

Shah Rukh replied "Whenever you are sad hungry or angry...cry just a little bit while playing your favorite video game." Ritesh loved the answer and further replied by saying that he will try it one day. 

This is not the first time the duo have shared twitter space together. Ritesh considers Shah Rukh a big brother, one whose advice and intentions he is willing to keep and respect. This has been proven before when SRKs Zero had a release date clash with Rithesh's Marathi movie, Mauli. Shah Rukh had asked Ritesh to shift the release date, when without making an argument for his case, Ritesh did kept his word. This really humbled Shah Rukh as he replied "@Riteishd jab chota bhai bahut bada ho jaata hai. Thank you baby for the love respect and largesse of heart you showed me today. Grateful. Touched. I am so happy to have ‘asked’ something of a friend who kept my self respect higher than his own need."

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