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Savita to be the saving grace for Archana and Manav?

As the date of reckoning for Manav and Archana gets closer in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta, the buzz is that Savita will eventually stop the divorce from happening!!

Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput) of Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta, have been one of the favorite on screen Jodis of television, and the viewers are distraught as the day of reckoning i.e. May 31st comes closer, when their perfect jodi will be seeking divorce!! Will the 'Pavitra Rishta' live on?, is the major question that needs to be answered now.

According to our source, "Even Sushant Singh Rajput is being flooded with fan mails, wherein his fans request him to stay along with his wife Archana. So much is the impact that this particular Jodi has created on the audience".

A little birdie tells us that, "There will be a twist coming in the episode, which mightl come as a saving grace for the couple. In one of the high voltage court scenes that is to be aired, Shravani (Pooja Pihal) who has gotten possessive of Manav and wants Archana to get out of his life, will all of a sudden develop pain in her stomach which will force the family to take her to the hospital".

It is also heard that Savita (Usha Nadkarni), Archana's mother-in-law who has developed a liking for her bahu will be the one who will take the strong decision of not going thro' with the divorce of Archana and Manav.

We tried calling Usha Nadkarni, but we could not get thro' to her.

If this is what is going to happen, then we wait with bathed breath to see what happens to Shravani now!!

Catch the major twist in Pavitra Rishta on May 31st..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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bhavni88 10 years ago so sad...ruined the meaning of the show..
DivianTanz_Divz 10 years ago No one could save so so sad. I was crying when the divorce was taking place...
sensodyne 10 years ago Infact this whole week revolve around divorce only Wacko
Savvy 10 years ago ugggghhh!! nothing's yet clear. wth is goin on?!!
The epi was so frustrating!!! Angry

I still hope that there will b no divorce Unhappy
poppins 10 years ago do hell wth evry 1... ArMan is gng for divorce despite of evrythng
devashree_h 10 years ago I always knew, the Pavitra Bachcha is the one who will stop this divorce. I knew Choo will have labor pains on divorceLOL
armanpr 10 years ago Awesome was waiting for this one Choorail should die then everything will be perfect.
Savvy 10 years ago Go Sav aai!! Go PB!!

sensodyne 10 years ago I don't think the court scene will air on Monday or it may if we have a Maha Episode on Monday.
Spartacus 10 years ago Atlast she woke up for all the wrong things what she did?
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