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Satyadeep Misra on kissing scene with Mrinal Dutt in His Storyy and if he is ready for opinions on social media

Satyadeep Misra will be seen as Kunal in upcoming web-seres His Storyy. We got in touch with the actor about a scene from the show and if he is prepared for reactions on social media. Here's what he had to say.

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His Storyy features Satyadeep Misra, Mrinal Dutt, and Priayamni in the lead roles as Kunal, Preet, and Sakshi respectively. The show deals with how their lives intertwine when Sakshi calls Preet for her restaurant's opening, unaware of the fact that he is also her husband Kunal's lover. Over the due course of the show, we see how things follow and what happens when everything comes out in the open. The show has been in the news for various reasons, one of which is the issue that it deals with and also, the kissing scene between Satyadeep and Mrinal.

We asked Satyadeep about his approach regarding the kissing scene with Mrinal and if there was a sense of awkwardness. To this, he said, ''As an actor, I can tell you whether you kiss a man or a woman on-screen that you don't know, it will be an awkward feeling, your job is to make it look normal and comfortable and easy and sexy to whoever is watching. I have known Mrinal for a while since we live next to each other, I have known him for 5-6 years, so I won't deny that when they said Mrinal is playing Preet, knowing the other person, there is this sort of inherent chemistry that comes with knowing someone, socially as well. I think we both sort of used to approach these scenes with caution and butterflies in our stomach, and you know act and let the director get the best shot and go home (laughs). I have only seen a little bit of the show since I have dubbed for it but it has come out great.''

Ask him if he is ready for all the opinions that will come in given the issue that the show deals with and the way it tries to depict homosexual relationships, he believes it is what it is. He said, ''We live in the times when everyone has their opinions about everything. I would be lying if I'd say I am not (sort of) nervous but I am sure people will have an opinion about it and people will have an opinion about it as well. I wish people had a similar response to someone who is playing a rapist on a show. So you just let it in through one layer and let it out through the other, but this is why the show is made that there is a conversation around the issue. So yes, I know it will have a certain reaction but we'll see what happens.''

His Storyy will be streaming from April 25, 2021.

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