Salman's golden advice to Kapoor sisters..

Salman Khan was in his elements in the first episode of 10 Ka Dum, where he left no stone unturned in giving Bebo and Lolo some advices..


With one of his favorite co-stars Karisma Kapoor sharing screen space with him, Salman Khan was in his elements on Sony's 10 Ka Dum.

The duo who have a long list of flop films to their credit has no qualms at all in listing them. Says Salman, "But one film with me and it turned her career – she became a great star".

Salman complimented Karisma on her great looks even after marriage and being a mother, but hoped that she would put on some weight now. In his usual witty self, he asked her, "Don't they feed you at home?".

Well, the actor also had some golden advice for Kareena too. "Be careful not to lose too much weight, men like women with some weight. Women who lose too much weight begin to look hard in the face, and that is not attractive", quips Sallu Mia.

But the advice that took the cake and applause was when he told both the girls, "Don't stand in front of a fan – or else you might just fly away".

Watch all this and much more this Saturday May 30th, at 9 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television..


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white-heat 11 years ago I don''t understand how or why Kareena is called size zero, I mean really? She looks just about ok.
Even Karishma is thinner than her.
But I do think that ''thin'' is becoming the new ''fat'', there was a time when ppl used to make fun of fat people, it seems the other way round now.
Life does go round and round in useless circles.
KG4ever 11 years ago Salman is the bestt!:D

Karisma is very pretty. Kareena is also pretty but not prettier than karisma(:

can''t wait to watch dus ka dum:D
Angelskiss 11 years ago This content is hidden.
12142011 11 years ago This content is hidden.
.Jiya. 11 years ago Awwwh
Salluu roocckkss
soo Hott!
sonia bajwa
sonia bajwa 11 years ago This content is hidden.
simran1285 11 years ago I agree with him I think both Lolo and Bebo looks great but they could definitely use a few more pounds
yamini lovs ksg
yamini lovs ksg 11 years ago This content is hidden.
jitinder 11 years ago This content is hidden.
-Yaz- 11 years ago ROFL Sallu is so Funny !! ... I love the lat piece of Advise, it was hilarious ..
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