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Sahara One's Pankhh Hote To Ud Jaati..

Pankhh Hote To Ud Jaati... is about legends being made out of ordinary people.

Published: Sunday,Nov 23, 2008 12:44 PM GMT-07:00
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People see dreams, have aspirations, ambitions, set goals in life. But destiny classifies people in 3 different kinds. 

Sahara Ones Pankhh Hote To Ud Jaati..
The first kind is the blessed kind who are able to fulfill their ambitions and dreams. A few setbacks, a few failures, but in the end all is fine. These are very few in numbers. These are destiny's children. 

The second kind is who never fulfill their ambitions. Dreams shatter…goals unachieved. Destiny takes over in the form of different excuses like circumstances, situation, problems etc.  In short life grinds them and day by day all aspirations die a slow death. They accept destiny's verdict.  

Then there is the third kind where destiny takes them through the worst grind. It appears that destiny is their enemy and would just not give this third kind a break. But interestingly even with this, third kind is persistent, fights back and never gives up. Their dreams and ambitions are never fulfilled. But after years of persistent struggle, one realizes that actually destiny had a much larger task laid out for them. Much larger that they could have ever envisaged. Destiny decided to make legends out of them. The third kind is destiny's favorite children. 

Pankhh Hote To Ud Jaati …is story of making of a legend. It is about Kiran, who thought destiny was her enemy, but she too never gave up and struggled till the end. Kiran turned out to be destiny's most favorite child. Destiny carved a much larger life than she had ever envisaged. She becomes a legend.

The story line goes like this....Inder Saxena is hard working and a God loving man. He runs a small foundry with his partner Omkar Puri. Inder is married to Saroj and has two sons and two daughters. Inder Saxena has great expectations from his eldest son Atul. Inder had sent Atul abroad for further studies, for which he had to mortgage his share of the company with his partner Omkar Puri. Inder waits for the day when Atul would return and join him in family business. Inder is confident that Atul will not only take his dream forward, but also make it successful.

Inder's second child, his daughter Kiran (20 yrs) is of marriageable age. Kiran has a younger sister, Koyal (17 yrs) and younger brother Kinshuk (12 yrs). They are a very happy family that eats and laughs together. Atul returns from abroad. He has already married a girl without his parents' permission. Inder and Saroj are disheartened, but Inder takes it in his stride and welcomes the new bride. Just as they recover from this shock, Atul gives another shock that he is not interested in the father's business. Inder has an emotional attachment with his business because he had invested every penny from his gratuity fund. Problem is aggravated by Omkar because he wants to take over the business.

The matter goes from bad to worse and Atul separates from his father. This shock weakens Inder, but he does not show it and continues to be the pillar of the family. Inder always had this positive attitude and would tell his family at times of crises that "Main Hu na"

One day tragedy strikes. Kinshuk is suspected to be suffering with cancer. This tragedy shatters the family. Kiran is worst effected. Inder gathers all his financial, physical and spiritual strength to fight back. The disease takes a toll on Inder. Slowly and gradually Inder starts breaking and as Kiran sees him breaking she starts becoming stronger. With the tragedy a new person emerges within Kiran. She becomes the emotional support and takes over the responsibility of her father.

Says Nilanjana Purkayastha, Business Head, SaharaOne Television, "Pankh Hote To Ud Jaati celebrates the uncommon spirit of the common person. The spirit that takes a common girl to uncommon heights of victory. It is a story that every middle-class father, mother, son and daughter will identify with. They will identify with the hardships thrown up by the economic showdown, and we hope they will find solace and inspiration in the uncommon spirit and resilience of Kiran – a common girl from a common Indian family."

Pankhh Hote To Ud Jaati is a story of this young girl Kiran – who from being a carefree girl – how emerges as a strong support of he family when the family goes through crises. This show talks about different philosophy of life and also a beautiful relationship between father daughter.

The role of Kiran is played by a newcomer, Ankita while Kiran Kumar plays her father Inder.

Watch "PANKHH HOTE TO UD JAATI"  Monday – Friday at 8 p.m Only on Sahara One Television
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Nisha_07 @Nisha_07 15 years ago Looks like a good story, will be watching out for this
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Shruti @shruti 15 years ago Nice story. I hope they don''t ruin the story in future.
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Nidhi @yurafan 15 years ago Good to see my little sister witha kiran kher..Good luck Sisy!
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Pari @smilecheese 15 years ago wow. i really like the overall story. hopefully they show it with such elegance as written.
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