SAB TV's 'Naya Thadka' does well...

The TAM figures of SAB TV has seen a gradual increase ever since the flavor of 'Comedy' has been introduced..

Due to the recent strike in the television industry, as all channels were losing out on their TRPs, the channel which was steadily gaining momentum happened to be SAB TV. Telly Buzz got in touch with the Anooj Kapoor, Business Head, SAB TV to know more.
In the phase when all the channels have lost their TRPs, what caused SAB TV's ratings to take a gradual rise? "Basically people are bored of daily soaps and the same monotonous drama. They prefer watching light-hearted shows meant to make them laugh. SAB TV brought a new flavor to the audience through its daily dose of comedy soaps", he quips.

Speaking about the difference in the ratings the channel has seen in the last few months, he says, "Three months ago our TRP was 30. After we started airing only comedy shows, it rose to 40. During the strike, all the channels had to stick to mere re-runs of their shows, thus causing their ratings to drop by 50 to 60%. Even during this phase, SAB was the only channel that maintained its TRPs at a constant level."
Now that fresh content is on in all channels, how does SAB intend to push its TRP's further? To which Anooj replies, "We are going to continue bringing the same comedy flavor to our audience. People enjoy it and we are giving them what they like."

"In fact SAB is going to launch three new shows. One is a horror cum comedy; second a hospital comedy and the third a talk show produced by Shekar Suman", he concludes.

We surely will keep a constant watch at the TRP charts now!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (8)

sabs quite good!!!i just love jugni challi jalandar!!!its aweome!!

15 years ago

the channel is a flop and be winded up in few months...i read in an article few days back

15 years ago

I had left watching SAB TV after Rajeev exited from LRL!!!!

But I heard Lo ho gayi Pooja ish ghar ki and Jugni chali jalandhar are good!!!

15 years ago

this channel is available in Canada and the US now on dish network channel 575

15 years ago

BTW whats a horrot cum comedy show....I dont get it...LOlsss

15 years ago

i love SAB tv.especially Tarak mehta... jugli chale jalandhar..lo ho geyi pooja...SAb is my most fav channel

15 years ago

Never heard of horror come comedy show. I love watching SAB shows esp Main Kab Sas Bahungi, Tarak Bhai Ka ulta Chasma, Yes Boss & FIR!!

15 years ago

never heard abt a horror cum comedy show.

15 years ago

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