Romit Raj's weather blues!

Romit Raj of Maayka and Betiyaan, was at the verge of collapsing in the sound recording studio. Read on to find out more...

Actor Romit Raj who plays the character of Yuvraj in Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, recently walked
out of the dubbing studio for a crucial scene because he was almost on the verge of collapsing owing to high temperature. The show in which the story is currently based on him showing the revelation of the bad boy in front of his family,is keeping him busy apart from the other show Maayka he stars in.

Apparently Romit has been sick for the past few days due to shooting continuously in a rain sequence throughout the night. Ultimately the poor chap fell sick but the professional that he is, did not stop shooting. Finally he was almost on the verge of collapsing when they asked him to stop and take some well needed rest. A non-tea drinker, Romit was also drank tea that day.

" I knew Romit was sick but since he came for the dubbing we continued with it anyways. But suddenly his condition got worse ultimately we had to ask him to stop and take some rest. He is one person who over works himself and doesn't stop at anything. Its nice to see his dedication but I wish he knew would realize his limits to the point he doesn't damage his health." Says Rajesh, the sound manager who was present with him.

Well Romit, we would like to wish you a happy recovery and would advice you to take it easy!

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Comments (3)

aww poor guy! this happens a lot these days to telly actors.

Thanks... great article!

16 years ago

Its gr8 2 c the dedication he has but he should really have taken rest! He seems like a nice guy

16 years ago

Poor guy...he should get some rest. Health is more important than work.

16 years ago

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