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Review: 'Lock Upp' is an uncensored & crazier version of 'Bigg Boss'; suited for streaming

Unlike a quintessential review, I will only be marking the highlights for this one-

Published: Sunday,Feb 27, 2022 20:31 PM GMT-07:00
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Lock Upp Contestants

After a barrage of hype and massive controversies attached to it, the Alt Balaji and MX player exclusive, Lock Upp was finally launched a while ago.

Almost all set of contestants were introduced and having seen the episode, I'll be sharing my thoughts on it. 

Unlike a quintessential review, I will only be marking the highlights for this one-

Munawar Faruqui standing his own

Featured Video

Munawar Faruqui and Kangana Ranaut

The first contestant to be introduced was controversial comedian Munawar Faruqui. What was interesting about his whole segment was how he was slammed with all sets of opposition not only from host Kangana Ranaut but also from the media section. It became crazier when comedian Sunil Pal was called on as a special guest and he ranted on from his side as well as to how their (Faruqui's) style of comedy is adult, crass and other things. Nevertheless, Kudos to Faruqui for standing his ground constantly and giving smart answers as much.

Poonam Pandey - Dual Personality?

Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey's segment cam probably be described as the most puzzling one. Everyone knows who Pandey is, what she is known for and her antics as well. But throughout her interaction, she seemed entirely different claiming how she is NOT the person who everyone knows her as. While this would have been fine otherwise, she seemed to switch gears again when she was entering the Lock Upp as she tried to act difficult when asked to do something. It seemed like a switch which she would press on and off at her will.

Weird & Irrelevant Segment

Shivam Sharma

Weird and irrelevant segment of Shivam Sharma, Siddharth Sharma and Anjali Arora. Shivam was introduced as a self-obsessed and delusional shayari-mouthjng man and Arora was asked to choose between the two Sharmas in a blindfold game where only that chosen one will be allowed to enter. While Arora chose Siddharth, later Ranaut claimed that Shivam is also entering in the 'lukha quota'. Everyone knew he is obviously entering then why even bother with an irrelevant game segment?

Not without atleast one Swami

Swami Chakrapani

What Lock Upp has definitely taken from Bigg Boss' playbook is that a controversial Swami is sure to give the attention a show like this needs and hence they brought in Swami Chakrapani. Just like one would expect, his thoughts, beliefs and words was everything that you wouldn't expect in the worst way possible. And while this maybe cringeworthy for many, you it is what a show like Lock Upp needs.

Lock Upp - a surprisingly large place

Lock Up Set

While there are obviously minimal amenities and massive problems that the contestants will face, the entire set of Lock Upp is surprisingly quite grand. Just like the Bigg Boss house, it's a huge setting with applaudable sections and compartments. Kudos to the team for presenting it on such a large scale for a digital-only show.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Just like her real life personna and opinions, Ranaut's stint as the Lock Upp host was a mixed bag. Props to her for staying true to her image of being a blunt speaker as she adapted this role of being the master in the best possible. Be it a direct dig at Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar or be it schooling Shivam Sharma when needed, she did what you expect Ranaut to do. But then, it was weird to see how she was almost entirely mellow during the segments of Poonam Pandey and Babita Phogat, for instance. Why was that? Because they buttered her up and couldn't stop praising her. It seemed like Ranaut forgot her role of being a Lock Upp master and unlike the way she slammed Faruqui, Shivam Sharma and a few others, seemingly, she was too smitten by the praise showered on her to be continuing her role. Still, it is fitting that an uncensored and no holds barred show like this has a host like Ranaut, whose opinions and comments won't be filtered.

All in all, I couldn't help but draw comparisons to Bigg Boss - of course, a crazier and uncensored version with a lot of balderdash. It is suitable that it is on the digital platform for the ones who are missing Bigg Boss, Lock Upp might be your new favourite.

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guddididi 3 months ago and see the comments of some people who just gang upon her...and i must say that it is her these people who comment ill here in this page has any rights to do one has the right to question a true patriot like kangana...a true soul of this nation....a true queen
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guddididi 3 months ago kangana is the purest soul of one can beat her in talent and grace....she is the real Bharat ki rani....we r proud of you mam.....
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azaanabbas 3 months ago Disgusting woman, disgusting platform, disgusting contestants. Shame on Ekta for working with Trash Ki Rani Kangana
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BaAZiGar0 3 months ago here she is, chief of moral police, ms kangana ranaut...wonder if they will have a chance to ask her about her personal life.
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Rein123 4 months ago Open up a forum for this show
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priya185 4 months ago IF can you make a forum for this show?
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