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#Review: Divyanka Tripathi & the talent of the show prove to be a SAVING GRACE of 'The Voice'

The Star Plus musical reality show has a lot to improve ahead...

After much hullabaloo, The Voice was finally launched a few hours ago and this time the anticipation was high as the show was coming in on a bigger channel and on a bigger scale. Find out what we thought about the premiere episode-

The Highs

The Scale And The On-Paper Panel

From the first frame of the show itself, one thing is promised and that is the sheer scale. This is obviously not the first edition of the show in India, but it is the first time that the show has shifted to Star Plus from its initial telecast on And TV. Names like Adnan Sami, Kanika Kapoor, Harshdeep Kaur as judges, A R Rahman as the super judge and Divyanka Tripathi as the host all look alluring and a winning combination right away. Of course, not everything clicks, but the look-and-feel is amazing indeed.

The Talent

It wouldn't have been worthy of all this if the talent of the show couldn't have lived up to the show's legacy. But that certainly doesn't happen here as the talent that arrived on the show indeed is amazing. There, however, is one glitch which I will talk about as you read on

Harshdeep Kaur and Adnan Sami as the judges

Harshdeep Kaur is into the show and into her mentor yet friend role right away and she lights up the screen every time she appears. Adnan Sami too is as endearing as he can get. Not only is he energetic, but his prowess is displayed too which was one of the high points of the show.

Divyanka Tripathi as the host

Divyanka not only looks more beautiful than ever but she absolutely nails it as the host of the show. Her smile, her connect and warmth towards the contestants and the judges too is what you would need from a host of a reality show and she doesn't disappoint.

The Lows

Armaan Malik and Kanika Kapoor as Judges

Of course, it isn't that they don't do their job as a judge in the show well but it is the format of a reality show that doesn't seem to suit the duo. Armaan looks completely out of place where his antics appear too forced at times. In terms of Kanika, she just seems to be out of place even though she tries

The Camaraderie Between The Judges

One of the show's high points, especially the US version is the banter and fun between the judges, eg - Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. The judges here try to exhibit that but it seems forced and unnatural.

AR Rahman as the superjudge

Taking no credit away from the legend himself, his presence is indeed enough to get anyone to learn. And as evident in all his public appearances, he isn't comfortable with the limelight. That continues to be here even though he tries hard. So, not entirely justifying it a low, this is about his adaptability to the unforgiving format that a reality show has.

The Host's Reduced Screen Presence

If you have seen the other versions of the show, you would know how the host is not only a lot more present in the proceedings but usually comes on stage after every performance to get things going. Divyanka is great as the host, so it would be a lot better to have her appear more.

The Verdict

There are a lot of high moments in the show but the lows were not to be missed out. We hope things are going to only get better once the viewers and the judges of the show adapt.

Rating - **1/2 (2.5/5)
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Cshafkat 2019-03-13T20:39:06Z Divyanka is the only bad thing about the show. Manish Paul would have done a much better job than this cheap woman.
silvermoonlight 2019-02-04T12:06:11Z AR Rehman looked so damn uncomfortable in the spotlight
cooks09 2019-02-04T05:44:37Z Don't agree with 2.5 stars. It was pretty entertaining show. Liking all the judges and maha Guru Rahman for sure. Divyanka Tripathi is doing awesome job with her mesmerizing smile and warmth. Overall a nice show.
A HUGE FAN 2019-02-03T16:55:56Z Divyanka Tripathi, you looked so elegant and beautiful. Rock on girl!
kavmuks 2015-03-12T03:59:43Z Saurabh Shukla is amazing.. fro Satya to Barfi! and many such films.. he is just too good.
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