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Rani Ignores Yash Chopra?

Rani Mukherjee and Yash Chopra completely refused to acknowledge each other...


Who would have thought that a day would come when Yash Chopra's once favorite leading lady, Rani Mukherjee would be giving him a cold shoulder?

Unbelievable? We think so too! But then, where Bollywood stars are  involved, the unexpected is exactly what ought to be expected.

Hearsay ha
s it, that at a television-film award function on Saturday night, Rani Mukherjee and Yash Chopra completely refused to acknowledge each others presence. The incident has bewildered not just the outsiders and media, but the very inside folks of B-town themselves, making them wonder as to what may have gone haywire. Witnesses wishing to remain anon,  claim that while everyone at the event made it a point to pay their greetings to Yash Chopra, Rani who must have crossed his path at least twice made no such effort.

One may recall how Rani was also found amiss last August at the anniversary celebrations for the senior Chopra couple, even as rumours have always been rife of her dating son Aditya Chopra long enough now. In fact, buzz has had it that 2011 shall witness this duo tying the knot among others from tinsel town. Sources reveal that while Yash Chopra and wife Pamela are quite fond of Rani, they still have son Adi's ex-wife Payal in their hearts. Is that the reason for all the estrangement, which has shockingly been made a public spectacle of now? We wonder...! 

Let's hope whatever is unresolved can be settled soon and that Rani and her Yash uncle can go back to being fond of each other.

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