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"I have not seen an episode of the show"- Andrew Symonds

The Bad Boy of Australian cricket to enter Bigg Boss house...

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After playing in the wide battlefield of cricket, Andrew Symonds, the famous Australian cricketer is all set to make his entry into the simmering Bigg Boss house. Having been a sensational player on the ground, will he be able to manage the game inside a 24 hour surveillance house.

Andrew Symonds talks about his entry in the house and his interesting thoughts about the show.


What expectations do you have from the show?

Actually I have not seen many episodes of the show.I want to know each person and their opinions. Also bring in some fun element. There is a pool in there and also an area where we can play games. So I am expecting a lot
from this.

Are you going to be a guest or a proper contestant in the show like the others?
The idea of the game is the survival of the fittest and the cleverest, and that's the fun of the game. It is similar to what happens in a dressing room with a little bit of fun. So you can get to know better of the other person. It should be good fun.

Are you learning any Hindi because you have to communicate in Hindi the in Bigg Boss House?
My Hindi is very poor but I kind of understand the conversation a little bit and I am willing to learn. Each time I come to India, I take a little bit of India back and they teach me a little bit. That would help me up for the next IPL.

Who is your favourite contestant in the house this season?
I have not watched any of the episodes of the show.

From an open field  to geting locked up inside a house. How do you think you will manage inside?
That's the biggest challenge. I am used to the wide open spaces and I do a lot of fishing and planting etc. I am used to being free. So I guess I will have to get along well with the contestants and go smoothly with them. That's probably one of the most difficult aspects to get adjusted with.

There are a lot of issues going inside the house. Are you going to sort them out?
I am not here to sort anything which is going inside the house. I could probably show my real self inside the house. This is completely a new and different challenge for me.

How much do you know about Sunny Leone?
I know about her and her job. But at the same time I am not judging her on any basis because that's the way she has chosen to live. Hopefully she is a good fine girl and I am hoping to meet her and we could enjoy each other's company.

What inspired to give a nod for the show?
As a person I react naturally to any circumstances. It is a playful challenge and it could be quite fascinating to get into a house living with Indians because I have never done that before. Closely get to know the culture and break the language barrier.

Is there any particular cricketer from Mumbai Indian you want in the show?
Rohit Sharma.He is fun to be with and a good friend of mine.

Have you ever stayed without a cell phone for some time?
It will affect me and I know that we are not allowed to use phones inside. I hope it will be ok.

You are going to be with Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, the two superstars of Bollywood...
I have just read about them on the computer, about what they have done and what they are doing.

Are you ready to sing and dance in the house as a part of the tasks?
I am a terrible dancer.

What if Harbhajan Singh comes in the house?
There were issues before but I can tell you that we get along well and we socialize and we sit and have a drink etc. We really get along well.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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MrRockySingh 9 years ago yipee alongwith Symmo, our "Spare Me " girl Pooja Mishra is coming as translator for Andrew Symonds

Dhinka Chika DHinka CHika

O la O la O la

PM is back

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Shru77 9 years ago Bigg boss contestants tujhe MONKEY se CHIPKALI bana denge !!!
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pesi11 9 years ago @Suneel_kumar
even i noticed the answer ..looks like andrew forgot his english while thinking about hindi ...isn't it funny ..ha ha
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
MarkZingerBurgr 9 years ago @prernatic.
totally agree. this is the worst season of BB. HATE BB. WC ENTRIES ARE SO PATHETIC.2011-12-06 13:01:20
Reply thumbs-up 4 thumbs-down
MrRockySingh 9 years ago So Andrew Symonds is coming to BB5 house tomorrow. All the best

Hope Bhajji also comes to BB5 house
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munz. 9 years ago All the best Symo... Hope they treat you well... :) ill start watching BB just for you...
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MagixX 9 years ago So bad he didn't see it, otherwise he'd run off to Timbuktu. His loss..
Btw, why would an international cricketer like himself choose to do this C-grade show? Dead
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natasha.princes 9 years ago urrgghhh...y the whole wild card entries r worst n wierd lol
Reply thumbs-up 6 thumbs-down
Befikre 9 years ago Dude if you haven't seen a single epi of the show, then why are you coming here? I am sure the CLEVER foxes inside are gonna BOWL you out ROFL
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Harbhajan is out of the Team India, so he has free time on his hand, so send Bhaji in the BBH for some early Xmas fireworks!! LOL.
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