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"I am really nice, extremely scarifying..." ~ Vishal Malhotra

"I am a very simple person, neither a normal prankster I play in films nor that exaggerated human being at all"

Published: Wednesday,Nov 05, 2008 13:04 PM GMT-07:00
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How you bagged the role as younger brother to Eesha in ‘Ek vivaah aisa bhi’ ?

Surprisingly it was a role written for me by Sooraj Barjatiya himself, when I was narrated the role I was told that the character was made, with me in mind and I was shocked as it has nothing to do with anything that I have done in the past.

Tell us about your character Anuj in the film?
I am really nice, extremely scarifying... ~ Vishal Malhotra

Anuj is a very simple guy and I would personify him to the degree of niceness which I can’t believe. He has seen how his elder sister, played by Eesha; has sacrificed everything in her life to just make sure that he could stand on his feet. And once he does that,he wants to take over the responsible of the family and make sure everything is alright and run the house himself. Basically rid Eesha’s character from all the responsibilities. However there is a conflicting angle in the film which comes when he gets married. There is a whole conflict between his married life and his commitment towards his sister. So that’s the basic gist about Anuj’s character and how he redeems himself at the end of the film to make everything alright in his sister's life.

What similarities you share with this character?

I am really nice,extremely scarifying and always put everybody else ahead of my own interest.

In this movie you are playing a very mature role, something that is very much different from your past work, so how you coped up with it?

Actually to my own surprise, much easier than I did and I have been doing with my other characters. On a very serious note I am a very simple person, neither a normal prankster I play in films nor that exaggerated human being at all. I am actually simpler than a lot of other people! And to play a simpleton, when I say simpleton it doesn’t mean dumb or not street smart, but just a basic all-round small town nice guy with very basic needs, I believe and identify with those values and that’s why playing this character came really very naturally to me. At the same time I want to say that the excitement I have for the world to see me playing this is far exceeded anything else I have ever done. Reason being that after a series of films I have been given an opportunity to do finally things that I want to do, get away from a stereo type, which I was in the risk on being created of. So even after this everything that you see me in, in my own little attempt is to do things, nothing like what I have done before.

How was it acting with Chhavi Mittal?

Very sweet! I didn’t know Chhavi before this and we got along really well. I have had girlfriends and fiancees in films but this is for the first time I have a full-fledged wife with whom I have child.  Chhavi really made it comfortable, she is married in real life and I am not. Acting married is really one of the toughest things that I have done. I believe a marriage is a good marriage if there is not one moment of awkwardness between the couple. If a fakeness comes into this entire situation it just makes the disbelief very blatant. Chhavi helped me a lot; we hit it off and were very comfortable with each other. We worked on our chemistry together and it came across really well.

I am really nice, extremely scarifying... ~ Vishal Malhotra
This film is a complete Sooraj Brjatiya scoop, which includes family bonding and happiness. Any moment or scene on sets which have really touched your heart?

Every scene I did in this film is something really very unique to me. Especially a ‘Rakhi’ scene which you will see in the film is really close to my heart and turned out really well.

In all how was your experience with Rajshri productions?


So apart from this movie any other movie in pipeline?

I have a film with Ravi Chopra which will come out in January which is called “Banda Ye Bindas Hai”. It has Govinda and me; it is a remake of “My Cousin Vinny” the Oscar winning film, followed by “Jane Kaha se aaye hai”, a Nikhil Advani film starring Ritesh, me and a new girl named Jackie Fernandes

Message for all your BollyCurry fans?

It’s more of a request that try to support me, I have tried to break out and do something different from what I have been doing and I don't think I will be disappointing you.

Vishal has always been great at his performance for every role he has done up till now and so we expect that once again he will prove himself with this challenging role
What you think guys?

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