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"I am crazy about my work." - Mihika Verma

TellyBuzz brings you the Sunday celebrity Slam book with Mihika Verma.

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The good looking actress Mihika Verma who is essaying the role of Mihika in Star Plus' show Ye Hai Mohbbatein spares time to answer our slam book question.

Birthday:  3rd January.

Nickname: Mihku and there is one more nick name which my brother calls me that is Dinny.

Sun sign: Capricorn.

Hometown: I am born and brought in Mumbai.

Describe yourself: The word that best describes me is a nerd, I see everything in a textbook way. I am a transparent and extrovert person.

Your strength and weakness: My family is my strength who always support me and weakness for me is, I can't live without them.

You're crazy about: I am crazy about my work.

What can easily impress you: If the guy is a gentlemen and he opens the door for me then that is something which impresses me.

Hobbies: Reading and talking (laughs).

A cloud nine moment for you: It was the day when I realized that I am in love.

Do you believe in destiny: Yes, I believe in destiny but I also believe that you are the master of your own destiny.

Song you're humming these days: Menu Yarr Na Mile To Marjawa from the movie Kick.

Any TV show you watch: I follow Ye Hai Mohabbatein and Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya intelligently.

An unforgettable day of your life: The day when my brother was born I can't forget that day and also when I saw his first episode.  

Describe your daily routine in short: I wake up at 7.30 AM, then I shoot for 12 hours after coming back I chit chat with my family and then sleep.  

Your favorite past time during your free time on the sets: Eating, reading and chit-chatting with Vandita (Shruti Bapna).

Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: It would have to be Alfredo's in Juhu, Juhu beach and Juhu PVR.

Craziest fan encounter: When we went to Chandigarh for an activity there is one of my fan who ate 20 chillies to meet me , I was shocked and touched at his gesture.

The best complement ever received: Once one of my close friend gave me a compliment saying that Mihika the best thing about you is that you don't know what you are, that vulnerability makes you more beautiful.

Your inspiration: What works best on me is when someone comes to me and tells me that you can't do it.

You are incomplete without: I am incomplete without my family and love of my life.

Message to your fans: Always be happy, love your family and keep watching our show.


Phalguni Sharma 

Mihika Verma Shruti Bapna Vikas Gupta Mishkat Varma Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  Star Plus 

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jasmeet92 3 years ago It is nice movie and Rajneesh Duggal play a amazing role in the movie and i like this movie.
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HotFuzz 6 years ago Love mihika Verna
Love ye hai mohabbatein
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Nichuss 6 years ago Ye Hai Mohabbatein rocks!
Divyanka Tripathi,karan patel,ruhanika dhawan ,mihika varma and all others rocking in YHM
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
Annthew 6 years ago Nice answers, Mihika. Luv u in YHM. YHM rocks. So does Divyanka & Karan Patel!
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Shee_xaan 6 years ago Ye Hai Mohabbatein rocks!
Ye Hai Mohabbatein rocks!
Ye Hai Mohabbatein rocks!
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shaztea 6 years ago nice answers Mihika... nyc to know she z a family oriented person
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kavmuks 6 years ago Mihika you are doing a good job but as an audience I would like you to improve on variety of expressions. At times subtle facial expression also help in depicting the scene.
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down
ronshaan 6 years ago yeh she is doing nice job in yeh hay muhabbatien ... and ... she is beautiful too
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Cinderella100 6 years ago Love you Mihika Verma in Yeh hai Mohabatein. What lovely chemistry you share with Karan Patel & Divyanka Tripathi
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HotFuzz 6 years ago Mihika Verma you are rocking in ye hai your pairing with mihir
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