Puneet Soni- The lucky chap!

Puneet Soni aka Mehul Sanghvi of Basera considers himself truly fortunate to have gained the love of some amazing fans…

We all might have gotten acquainted with Puneet Soni by now for he plays Mehul Sanghvi in NDTV Imagine's Basera. The actor considers himself lucky to have won the hearts of so many people within such a short span of time… some from as far as France!

Puneet says, "It's shocking to see that inspite of my character turning into a negative one, people are liking me. They are being objective and complimenting me on my acting skills. They say that even with such an innocent face I pull off the negative role finely."

Puneet is surprised over the reach of Indian television has across the world. "I was surprised when a fan conveyed to me that she is from France! Apparently she is a French citizen with Indian roots and follows Basera intently," says Puneet.

Puneet has found his comfort zone among his co-stars. He says, "At first when I met a big star like Ram Kapoorji I was a bit nervous. But then he is very humble and puts you at ease. So now I don't feel awkward even while enacting sequences that want me to behave rudely with him."

We wish the actor continuity in his existing good luck!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (3)

hehe even i am from FRance and a big fan of you <3 so do NOT be surprised ;)

14 years ago

He is doing a fine job....But Ketan somehow overshadows him...RK is the best no doubts.. :)

14 years ago

yeah his character might have tuned negative but real life mei he sounds utna hi positive

14 years ago

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