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Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor

as: Keshubhai Sanghvi

{Head of the Sanghvi Family} Tall, well-built, handsome Keshubhai has not even a faint memory of his father’s face. His mother has brought him up the hard way, working in a diamond factory. It was her ...

Rajesh Shringarpure Rajesh Shringarpure

as: Sachin Deshmukh

Sachin Deshmukh{Head of the Deshmukh Family} Born to a farmer in the Bhandara district’s Bhugaon village, Sachin Deshmukh is a self-made gentleman who has come up in life after crossing umpteen ...

Resham Tipnis Resham Tipnis

as: Rasili Parikh

Rasili Parikh {Aatish Parikh's Wife} Irritable nature and a negative approach to everything has made her an unhappy woman who makes others unhappy, too. She is depressed that she has two daughters and ...

Pallavi Subhash Pallavi Subhash

as: Ketki Sanghvi

{Keshibhai's wife} Cheerful and efficient, Ketki is very devoted to her husband. She never interferes in his work. If Keshubhai says something wrong in front of other people, she remains silent and ...

Supriya Pilgaonkar Supriya Pilgaonkar

as: Manda Deshmukh

Manda Deshmukh{Sachin Deshmukh's wife} Born in an average peasant family, Manda has grown up under the care of her mother Kalavanti who was widowed when Manda was eight years old. Manda is very ...